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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Télégramme de Brest, France, on October 6, 1974.

In the middle of the night, in Riec-sur-Belon, a family sees three luminous silhouettes descending from a saucer with red port-holes...

One hour fifteen of the morning, Sunday: a young soldier of Riec-sur-Belon, Younic Le Bihan, who was returning of an evening with friends in Guidel, arrived at his parents' home, 37, street of Penmoor. In a few minutes, this young man will experience the most intense emotion of his life.

It is this sympathetic and obviously balanced boy that the men who came from elsewhere chose to be the single witness, at the time we are writing, of their strange behavior.

Yellow and red gleams...

Younic Bihan pushes the door of the living room and notices without caring too much about it, that the room is bathed of orange light. It takes a fresh drink in the kitchen and goes up to his bedroom whose window are opposite the countryside, towards the bell-tower of Moëlan-sur-Mer. The room is enlightened in red: he turns on the electricity [the light] and, believing that there is a fire, he goes towards the window. It is at this time that it sees within 500 meters approximately in straight line and right in front of him, a machine in the shape of a saucer as large as a house, surmounted by a "cockpit" with acute angles and pierced of large rectangular port-holes which emit an intense red gleam. From the base of the machine, half-hidden by the trees, balls of fire are escaping.

Three beings of human forms...

Younic Bihan, who turned off his lamp and took his binoculars for better observing the phenomenon, is seized by panic when he sees advancing in his direction "while being dandled", he says, three human, luminous just like heated metal that turned to white.

"One went ahead. Two others behind, on each side", the young man says, who rushes to wake up his father and his mother, who will also be witnesses of the scene.

The phenomenon was visible during three or four minutes. At the end of this lapse of time, the members of the family saw a "yellow light" leaving at full speed towards the south.

Even the dog grunted... it felt that something was going on. "I believed," said Mrs. Bihan, still under the blow of the emotion, "that I was going to die of fright."

In the early morning, Younic Le Bihan could determine with a rather high degree of accuracy the zone in which the saucer had landed. This place is at the immediate neighborhoods of a visible stop sign, visible from the window, at the locality "La Villeneuve" on the Riec - Moëlan-sur-Mer road.

No trace was discovered by the interested parties so far.

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