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Some skeptics are still making ironical comments on UFOs. One of the most frequent is "If there were UFOs, how do you explain that pilots do not meet them in the air?" Well they do meet. Sometimes pilots wonder if they will not meet just a little too close...

UFOs chasing jet fighter squadron, Lisbon, 1957:

AFP, Agence France Presse, is the source of this stunning information:

Pilots isolated by a strange luminous phenomenon. Source: the press, November 18, 1957

Lisbon, 18 November (AFP) - a group of jet fighters of the Portugal Air Forces has been pursued by mysterious luminous objects: this is the strange story published in the Diaro Illustrado newspaper by an officer of the Nato air force base. The incident occured this November 4th, but the officier was only recently authorized to reveal the circumstances of the event.

Captain Lenos Ferreira carried out a training mission at the head of a group of three jet fighters between Spain and Portugal, when, above Grenade, he saw a luminous spot, scintillating and changing color from an intense green to a bright red. At the same time as their commanding officer, the pilots of the other aircraft observed the same phenomenon.

The object maintained a constant altitude, while oscillating, the commanding officer ordered a change of course in order to move towards Cordoue and Tage, and he noted that the mysterious machine followed his group. During the pursuit, which lasted forty minutes, the object dropped four luminous rings which flew separately in the sky around him. Suddenly, the object and its satellites carried out a flight dive, throwing panic in the jets formation, then they disappeared. The four planes regained their base at once.

Throughout all this adventure, says Diaro Illustrado, the observers of the air base noted a radio connection loss with the four aircraft in flight. The same day and at the same hour, the weather station of Combre announced an extraordinary variation of the magnetic field.

The four pilots, which have their testimonies published by the newspaper, are all senior pilots with a high amount of hours of flight...


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