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Brownsville, Texas, USA, November 14, 1973

Police patrol car chased by UFO:

In Brownsville, Texas, on November 14, 1973, at 06:30 a.m., two police officers from the area of Cameron, Eddie Gonzales and Frank Lopez, were on their way to drive three prisoners to the Huntsville prison.

They saw a round object, equipped with a red light on the top and a yellow light at the bottom. The object went down and approached within 15 meters of their car, without no noise being perceived.

The object remained at this distance of 15 meters of their cars on a travel distance of 20 miles, while they continued drive.

Officer Gonzalez explained:

"When we stopped, it stopped. When we took speed again, it did the same. We accelerated to 90 miles per hour on a very straight road section, but we could not get rid of it."

Their three prisoners, on the back seats of the car, were panicking, and the situation became obviously difficult to handle for the two police officers. Gonzales thus radioed the Harlingen and San Benito Shriffs Offices and explained what was going on.

Il a alors été informé par radio qu'un autre policier, Arnold Riveas, de la police de San Benito, avait vu également l'objet, près de sa propre voiture de patrouille. Il le décrivit:

He learned back by radio that another police officer, Arnold Riveas, of the San Benito police forces, had also seen the object, close to his own patrol car. Riveas had said:

"The object was within eight hundred meters of our car. It was round and orange and it was approximately 12 meters above Gonzales and Lopez' car."

Lopez and Gonzales have then seen that the object took a white color, shone, and it then moved away from their car, and then started to go away vertically and was lost from sight.

On their report, the police officers at the Sherif's office write that they contacted Brownsville's airport. Their correspondent at the airport indicated that they had had calls by other witnesses, and that they had no knowledge of the presence of any helicopter or plane in the relevant area at the time when the observation had taken place.

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