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The 1954 French flap:

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October 11, 1954, Elliant, Finistère:

Reference number for this case: 11-sep-54-Elliant. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Havre for October 13, 1954 reported from Quimper this observation of October 11, 1954:

Mr. Correntin Couarch, 58, a farm worker living in Elliant, saw in the sky, 200 meters above sea level, "a luminous machine of which he cannot specify the form or the size."

He said that, scared, he had turned off his bicycle light so as not to attract attention and had moved away quickly. At one kilometer, he said, he had looked back and saw the light stopped at ground level.

The newspaper La Liberté du Morbihan gave a more dramatic version by claiming that the light had approached the witness.


[Ref. lhe1:] "LE HAVRE" NEWSPAPER:



(4) Continued from the first page

above Machault a circular craft emitting a fairly bright light, of orange color. The disc, which was about the diameter of a full moon, was moving at relatively slow pace, crossing the sky horizontally.

MELUN. -- Mr. Demarchy, butcher in Seine-Port, and one of his friends, who were traveling by car in Nandy, reported seeing a luminous disc flying at an altitude of about 800 meters. The two butchers left their car and followed the evolution of the craft for about a minute.

QUIMPER. -- Mr. Correntin Couarch, 58-year-old, resident of the village of Elliant (the Finistère), farm worker, saw in the sky, at 200 meters above sea level, a luminous craft which he can not specify the shape and size. He said that, frightened, he had turned off the lantern of his bicycle to avoid attracting attention and walked away quickly. At one kilometer, he said, he looked back and saw the light stopped at ground level.

TOULOUSE. -- In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a baker from Bompas (Pyrénées-Orientales), Mr. Sebelli saw, landed in a street of this village a cigar-shaped object about two feet long, surrounded by iridescent glow.

Mr. Sebelli woke up neighbors who witnessed the fast departure of the craft.

Elsewhere, three young hunters yesterday saw the moves above Gaillac (Aveyron), at high altitude, of a cigar-shaped object in the sky which followed a series of large "S". Each course was accompanied by a noise comparable to a jet of pressurized steam. The craft disappeared suddenly towards the North.

Lastly, in Pont-de-Salars (Aveyron), a person saw in the sky, toward the Couhant, a disc surrounded by a wide luminous circle of an unsustainable shine. Slowly descended toward the horizon, the disc disappeared at breakneck speed.

RIOM. -- During the last night, the police officers Roger Thévenin and Albert Daury, of the Riom urban squad, who were on patrol saw in the sky a cigar-shaped craft that was heading from South to North. Three balls of red fire detached and illuminated for a few moments a part of the sky. The cigar was of a metallic appearance, similar to duralumin.

NANCY. -- During the night from Sunday to Monday, the residents of a farm located a few hundred meters from the village of Moncourt (the Meurthe-et-Moselle), have been excited by an abnormal whistling sound outside. Through the shutters, they distinguished a blinding light that seemed set on a hillside and disappeared soon after by rising vertically. This afternoon, the research undertaken towards the place indicated by the witnesses discovered on a dirt road, traces of intense burn. Samples of rock and dirt were taken to be submitted to experts.

LA ROCHELLE. -- A colonial teacher currently on vacation in the Oléron Island, Mr. Martin, claims to have met two lovely Martian, measuring about 1 m. 70, booted, gloved and helmeted of leather. Both Martians seized Mr. Martin's pend and traced incomprehensible signs in his notebook while trying to make themselves understood. Mr. Martin reportedly carefully kept this manuscript.


October 11, 1954


Near Elliant, a 58 years old farmer was frightened by a strange object which flew to some 200 meters of the ground and which suddenly went down and approached him.

Note: on the photocopy of the article of this newspaper which was given to me by a colleague ufologist, vis-a-vis the word "approached," which was underlined by handwriting, appears the handwritten note "!? NO" doubly underlined.

[Ref. jve5:] JACQUES VALLEE:

296 003.89258 47.99250 11 10 1954 ELLIANT-FINISTERE F 001 I

[Ref. jve1:] JACQUES VALLEE:

The author indicates that on October 11, 1954, close to Elliant in the Finistère, a 58 year old farmer saw a strange object flying to some 200 meters of altitude. Frightened, he fled. At approximately a kilometer of the scene, he looked back and saw that the object came towards him, very close to the ground. He was unable to give an estimate of the size or a description of the shape.


Observation d'un objet sphérique au sol.

QUIMPER. Mr. Corentin Couard, aged 58, resident of the borough of Elliant (Finistère), farm laborer, saw in the sky, with 200 meters of altitude, a luminous machine of which he can specify neither the shape nor the size. He was frightened and turned off the headlight of his bicycle, in order not to draw the attention, and he moved away quickly. At one kilometer from there, he turned round and stated to have seen light stopped at the level of the ground.


The two authors indicate that on October 11, 1954 at an unknown time, in Elliant in the department of Finistere, a farmer observed a strange object evolving at 200 meters of altitude.

The witness was unable to give a description of his observation. He specified that when he turned over he saw the object coming towards him very close to the ground.

The source is given as Le Figaro for 10/13/1954.


4056: 1954/10/11 00:00 1 3:53:40 W 47:59:40 N 3331 WEU FRN FNS 7:6


Ref# 67 BOWEN,Charles (ed.) The HUMANOIDS. Page No. 41 : PASTURE

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Finistère, in Elliant, on October 11, 1954, at an nonknown hour, a farmer observed a strange object evolving at two hundred meters of altitude, and that he was unable to give a description of his observation, ensuring that when looking back he saw the object coming towards him very close to the ground.

The source is indicated as "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... by Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** Alain Lefeuvre publisher 1979".

[Ref. uda1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that on October 11, 1954, in "Elliantbourg", France, an object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed by one witness, a farmer, in a pasture.

The sources are indicated as: "Bowen, Charles, The Humanoids: FSR Special Edition No. 1, FSR, London, 1966; Vallee, Jacques, Computerized Catalog (N = 3073); Vallee, Jacques, Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma, Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1966; Vallee, Jacques, Preliminary Catalog (N = 500, (in JVallee01); Schoenherr, Luis, Computerized Catalog (N = 3173); Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database, Author, Redwood City, 2002."

[Ref. ubk1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

This database recorded this case 5 times instead of one:

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19541011 11.10.1954 Elliantbourg France
19541011 11.10.1954 Elliantbourg France CE II
19541011 11.10.1954 Elliantbourg France CE II
19541011 11.10.1954 Elliant France
19541011 11.10.1954 Elliant France

[Ref. voi1:] "ARCHIVES VIGIE OVNI 29":

Elliant ( 29 370 ), 11 October 1954 ...

Testimony nr. FR 29 370 1954 10 11 .. ..

Available documents:


Elliant is at about 16 kilometers of the city of Quimper.

The inforamtion is too thin for any solid explanation.


(These keywords are only to help queries and are not implying anything.)

Elliant, Finistère, Corentin Couard, peasant, farmer, craft, object, phenomenon, light, ground


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