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The 1954 French flap:

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October 11, 1954, Riom, Puy-de-Dôme:

Reference number for this case: 11-oct-54-Riom. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Havre for October 13, 1954, reported that "during last night", Roger Thévenin and Albert Daury, law enforcement officers of the urban squad of Riom, who carried out a patrol, had seen in the sky "a cigar-shaped craft going from south to north." Three red fireballs reportedly broke off and illuminated for a few moments part of the sky. The "cigar" was metallic in appearance, similar to duralumin.

The newspaper Le Quotidien of the Haute-Loire specified that it had happened during the night from October 10 to 11, 1954, at 00:45 a.m.


[Ref. lhe1:] "LE HAVRE" NEWSPAPER:



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above Machault a circular craft emitting a fairly bright light, of orange color. The disc, which was about the diameter of a full moon, was moving at relatively slow pace, crossing the sky horizontally.

MELUN. -- Mr. Demarchy, butcher in Seine-Port, and one of his friends, who were traveling by car in Nandy, reported seeing a luminous disc flying at an altitude of about 800 meters. The two butchers left their car and followed the evolution of the craft for about a minute.

QUIMPER. -- Mr. Correntin Couarch, 58-year-old, resident of the village of Elliant (the Finistère), farm worker, saw in the sky, at 200 meters above sea level, a luminous craft which he cannot specify the shape and size. He said that, frightened, he had turned off the lantern of his bicycle to avoid attracting attention and walked away quickly. At one kilometer, he said, he looked back and saw the light stopped at ground level.

TOULOUSE. -- In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a baker from Bompas (Pyrénées-Orientales), Mr. Sebelli saw, landed in a street of this village a cigar-shaped object about two feet long, surrounded by iridescent glow.

Mr. Sebelli woke up neighbors who witnessed the fast departure of the craft.

Elsewhere, three young hunters yesterday saw the moves above Gaillac (Aveyron), at high altitude, of a cigar-shaped object in the sky which followed a series of large "S". Each course was accompanied by a noise comparable to a jet of pressurized steam. The craft disappeared suddenly towards the North.

Lastly, in Pont-de-Salars (Aveyron), a person saw in the sky, toward the Couhant, a disc surrounded by a wide luminous circle of an unsustainable shine. Slowly descended toward the horizon, the disc disappeared at breakneck speed.

RIOM. -- During the last night, the police officers Roger Thévenin and Albert Daury, of the Riom urban squad, who were on patrol saw in the sky a cigar-shaped craft that was heading from South to North. Three balls of red fire detached and illuminated for a few moments a part of the sky. The cigar was of a metallic appearance, similar to duralumin.

NANCY. -- During the night from Sunday to Monday, the residents of a farm located a few hundred meters from the village of Moncourt (the Meurthe-et-Moselle), have been excited by an abnormal whistling sound outside. Through the shutters, they distinguished a blinding light that seemed set on a hillside and disappeared soon after by rising vertically. This afternoon, the research undertaken towards the place indicated by the witnesses discovered on a dirt road, traces of intense burn. Samples of rock and dirt were taken to be submitted to experts.

LA ROCHELLE. -- A colonial teacher currently on vacation in the Oléron Island, Mr. Martin, claims to have met two lovely Martian, measuring about 1 m. 70, booted, gloved and helmeted of leather. Both Martians seized Mr. Martin's pend and traced incomprehensible signs in his notebook while trying to make themselves understood. Mr. Martin reportedly carefully kept this manuscript.


And here are the "Martian girls"!

Lacking conversation skills they give autographs

Paris. -- The saucers are inhabited: dozens of French people say so, and the descriptions roughly match: small hairy men, not mean, but using an incomprehensible language and gifted with an uncommon talent for escaping.

Here is now the visit that everybody hoped for: that of the Martian girls. Mr. Martin had the pleasure to be the first to welcome them.

Mr. Martin is currently on vacation on the Oléron island. He is resting, contemplating the waves and the pine trees forest, from the heavy climate of Africa under which he teaches the little black kids to read and write. Hiking is his favorite pastime. The walk he made on Monday will surely stay in his memory. At the turn of the path that smelled a good autumn air, he saw two pretty girls he identified as Martian. They were about 1m70, were wearing boots, glove and had leather helmets. Mr. Martin, barely recovering from his surprize, wanted to start a conservation, but failed to be understood.

Then the two Martians grabbed his pen and his notebook to trace signs that were incomprehensible all the same.

The interview was over.

Mr. Martin reportedly faithfully kept this manuscript. Probably to show it to his young pupils...

The noisy ballet of the Aveyron cigar

Apart from that, the descriptions of the last twenty-four hours are really lacking originality. Let's note all the same the testimony of Mr. Jean-Pierre Mitto, technical agent. "Coming back from Toulouse with two relatives, he said, I suddenly distinguished in the beam of my headlights two small beings who crossed the road only a few meters above my car, I immediately stopped and, to our great amazement, we saw a big red disc take off from a nearby meadow, of a six meters diameter approximately, rising vertically. The craft disappeared in the sky in a few seconds."

The cigar of Bompas (Pyrénées Orientales) spread a commotion in the village, because it landed in the middle of the street, at midnight, however. It is the country's baker, Me. Sebelli, who saws this. In the Aveyron, three hunters followed, above Gaillac, the moves of a two meters long cigar; which followed in the sky a series of big "S". Each move was made with a noise comparable to a stream of vapor under pressure.

Three balls of fire and a red cigar disturbed the night patrol of two police officers of Riom, Roger Thévenin and Albert Daury, and a luminous disc moving at 800 meters of altitude approximately interrupted the travel of two butchers of Melun, who came out of the car to better see the phenomenon.



A flying cigar in the sky of Riom

During the night from the 10th to the 11th of October at 00:45, policemen Robert Thévenin and Albert Daury, of the urban squad of Riom, clearly saw a machine in the shape of a cigar in the sky which followed the direction south-north. Balls of fire were ejected from the front of the cigar and lit it. Three of these balls were counted by the civils servant and in their gleam, the apparatus shone like duralumin. Almost at once after their ejection these balls died out. The total vision of the phenomenon lasted several seconds.


Note: full article here.



A GIANT ROCKET, taking off from a field, was seen by M. Pierre Vidal, cook, residing at Croix Daurade, near Toulouse, and his nephew, Ange Hurle. It disappeared in a bright orange and pale green wake. At the presumed location of the rocket, the grass was covered with a fatty vapor with an oil smell.

A professor of mathematics from Lisieux, Mr. Bon, saw in Saint-Germain-de-Livet, above a wood, a silvery disk seven or eight meters; which rose silently in the sky, rotating on itself. After diving to the ground from an altitude of about 800 meters, it left again at the horizontal at a dizzying pace.

A GENERAL COUNCILMAN, a coffee-maker, a rugby player and a swimming champion, saw above the chapel of Romilly in the direction of Montgelas (Rhone) a flying saucer looking like a ball of fire.

A three meters high bell, moving with twelve meters jumps in an orange glow and emitting greenish sparks, was seen for an hour on the Evreux Louviers railway by an artisan, his apprentice and a farm worker.

A LUMINOUS MUSHROOM, which moved quickly and silently, was seen Monday evening around 9:30 p.m., by Mrs. Drouillard, at La Roche-sur-Yon.

A FLYING CIGAR, of metallic appearance, from which three red balls detached, was seen by Messrs. Roger Thévenin and Albert Daury, guardians of the peace of the urban body of Riom (Puy-de-Dôme).

ANOTHER CIGAR, surrounded by iridescent lights was observed in Bompas (Pyrénées-Orientales) by the baker M. Sebelli.

AN OBLONG-SHAPED ENGINE, moving in the sky as in a big "S" and making a sound of steam under pressure was seen by three young hunters above Gaillac (Aveyron). The same machine was reportedly observed in Pont-de-Salars.

[Ref. aml1:] AIME MICHEL:

Aimé Michel indicates that the two police officers Thévenin and Daury, of Riom, in Auvergne, which carried out their round in the second half of the night from the 10th to the 11th of October, had seen "a craft in the shape of a cigar which moved South to North. Three brilliant balls were detached and flew in quick circles. The cigar, continuing its flight, also disappeared towards the North" in the sky.

He put the sighting location on a map supposed to demonstrate cases are lined up:

Map by Aimé Michel


The author indicates that among the cases with an expulsion then a re-entry of saucers from a big cigar, there is the case of Riom in the Puy-de-Dome, October 11, 1954, reported by Aimé Michel on page 271.

[Ref. jve5:] JACQUES VALLEE:

298 -003.11661 45.80280 09 11 1954 02 00 2 *RIOM-PUY DE DOME F 1232 C 271


The magazine indicates that on October 11, 1954 in Riom, M. Thévenin et M. Daury, policemen, on night patrol, saw a cigar-shaped craft on a South to North trajectory, and that 3 luminous balls detached from the craft. Aimé Michel is indicated as source.


The two authors indicate that in Riom in the Puy-de-Domes on October 11, 1954 at 00:45 a.m., two policemen observed a machine in the shape of a cigar from where balls of fire escaped.

The authors indicate that the source is La Montagne for October 12, 1954.


This ufologist indicates that during the night of Monday, October 11, 1954, at 0:45 o'clock, the peacekeepers Roger Thevenin and Albert Daury, of the urban cops of Riom, were able to observe a "flying cigar" which ejected three "balls of fire".

He gives the source as La Montagne, of Clermont-Ferrand, page 3, of October 12, 1954.


4057: 1954/10/11 00:50 2 3:07:00 E 45:54:00 N 3333 WEU FRN PDD 7:8


Ref#197 WEINSTEIN, D: French Newsclips 1954 Page No. 78 : TOWN &CITY


Godelieve van Overmeire indicates that in 1954, on October 11, in France, in Riom, the Puy de Dôme, at 0:45, two policemen observe a craft in the shape of a cigar from which balls of fire escape.

The source is noted "M. Figuet / J.L. Ruchon in "Ovni, Premier dossier complet..." éd. Alain Lefeuvre 1979, p. 152".

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Puy de Dômes, in Riom, on October 11, 1954, at 00:45 hours, two policemen observe a craft in the shape of a cigar from which three bright balls escaped, which circle quickly. The whole disappears toward the north.

The source is indicated as "M.O.C. by Michel Aimé ** Arthaud 1958".

[Ref. uda1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that on 10 October 1954, in Riom, France, there was a "cigar-shaped UFO moving S-N; three glowing objects detached and moved away. Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Four cigar-shaped objects, about 5 feet across, were observed by one witness in a city (Thevenin)."

The sources are indicated as "Michel, Aime, Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery, S. G. Phillips, New York, 1958; Vallee, Jacques, Computerized Catalog (N = 3073); Vallee, Jacques, Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma, Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1966; Vallee, Jacques, Preliminary Catalog (N = 500), (in JVallee01); Hall, Richard H., The UFO Evidence, NICAP, Washington, 1964; Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database, Author, Redwood City, 2002".

[Ref. ubk1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

This database recorded the case 5 times instead of one:

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19541010 10.10.1954 Riom France NL
19541011 11.10.1954 Riom France 00.00 NL
19541011 11.10.1954 Riom France 00.00 NL
19541011 11.10.1954 Riom France 02.00
19541011 11.10.1954 Riom France Afternoon NL


Possible meteor.


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Riom, Puy-de-Dôme, Thévenin, Daury, police officers, multiple, cigar, North, South, spheres, object, craft, balls, shining, shiny


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