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Close encounters of the third kind:

UFO with humanoid occupants, Hanbury, England, November 20, 1968:

On November 20, 1968, at dusk, between 05:30 P.M. and 05:45 P.M., Mr Milakovic and his wife Mrs Doris Milakovic and their son were driving to Hednesford on a farm road across fields, near Hanbury, England.

They first noticed a rabbit running away in the field on their left, then soon several more rabbits fleeing across the road from left to right.

Looking toward the field on their left, they suddenly saw a brilliant object rising with jerky movements from the field, with white, amber, and green lights and a transparent dome.

At this point, Mr Milakovic stopped the car and the three got out to watch the object. The object slowly flew over their car. Doris Milakovic noticed the air temperature felt warmer as the object flew overhead. The object began moving in a jerky manner, its light become much more intense and Mr. Milakovic felt his eyes burning.

The object continued flying over the field to their right and hovered over a house about 100 yards away, where it did "quiver like jelly." The object appeared to be as wide as the house.

It had the shape of a dark bowl-shaped bottom, with a clear dome on top. The dome was divided into vertical thirds, one third showing white light, one third, amber light, and the final third, green light.

Inside the lit dome area, several humanoid figures were seen moving around, sometimes appearing to bend down as though looking at something below the rim.

The object then left. Now frightened, the witnesses got into their car and drove away fast.

The object made no sound during the entire sighting, which lasted five minutes.


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