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UFOs in the daily Swiss Press, 1954

UFOs reported in Ulm, Germany, 1954:

The following article has appeared in the daily newspaper La Suisse, on August 24, 1954.


The press echoed, lately, ocular testimonys about the appearance of unknown aerial objects (commonly named "flying saucers"), above Zurich and its region.

In Eastern Switzerland also, in the airspace ranging between Sńntis and the lake of Constance, five mysterious machines were seen, flying in formation, during the night.

Last week again, similar appearances were noted in three places. Thus several inhabitants of Coire saw on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, between 18 hour 30 and 19 hour 30, a brilliant metal ball flying at the horizon in direction of [?]llanz, at an altitude of approximately 3000 meters, then disappearing suddenly in a vertical flight.

These observations were made by different people, independent one from another.

Last Saturday, at dawn, residents of Hartumstrasse, in Zurich, observed two brilliant objects in the sky between Dietikon and Zurich, of which one flew over the center of the city. These objects had the appearance of brilliant discs, of dew color in their middle, with clear cut edges. They were seen from 4 hour 50 to 5 hour 05. These "flying saucers" were actuated with an own gyratory movement, as in previous sightings where this was noted. These objects then disappeared in a fast flight in the direction of the south-south-east.

Lastly, on Wednesday evening, shortly after 8 P.M., another red and yellow disc was observed, during ten minutes, above Stein-Sackingen.

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