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This is a secret document, declassified because of the Freedom Of Information Act.

UFOs, physics, electronics and intelligence, 1953:

Isn't this at odds with the Air Force publicized statements that UFOs are not of any Defense interest?

Document references:

Pub Date:May 27, 1953
Release Date:November 17, 1978
Case Number:F-1975-03653
Release Decision:RIPPUB



DATE MAY 27 1953

TO:Chief, Physics and Electronics Division, OSI
FROM:Assistant Director, Scientific Intelligence
SUBJECT:Unidentified Flying Objects

1. Responsibility for maintaining current knowledge of reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects is hereby assigned to your division. By carbon copy of this memorandum, Chief of the Applied Science Division is requested to provide support from a weapons and hardware standpoint.

2. Major files on U.F.O.'s are located in Air Branch, Applied Science Division. A file of key documents and administration papers are on file in the Operations Staff office. Mr. Jackson Heckert of IPS is presently the custodian of certain files on this subject which were transfered to IPS from OSI. It is suggested that Physics and Electronics Division take over custody of such of these files as are necessary for it to fulfill the above responsibility. The Division should also arrange through Mr. Heckert so that material on this subject being forwarded from O/CI will be posted directly to Physics and Electronic Division.


H. Marshall CHADWELL

OSI/GStrong:kv1 (20 May 1953)


Orig and
1 - Addresses
1 - Reqts/SI
1 - IPS/SI
1 - ASD/SI
1 - AD/SI
1 - Subject file
1 - Daily reading file
1 - Chrono

The scanned document:

FOIA document

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