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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a secret document, declassified because of the Freedom Of Information Act.

Flying saucers reported above Budapest, 1957:

This is CIA report is No. 00-W-23602, distributed on August 16 to the Air Force and the Navy, 1952, approved for public release on November 6, 1978.

This is CIA report No. 00-W-3011200, distributed on April 1st, 1957.



1 April 57

Unknown Flying Objects Observed Over Budapest

This is UNEVALUATED information

1. During the early part of 1956, I was told by several engineers, close associates whom I believe to be reliable, that the Ministry of Defence was alerted concerning the over-flight of a formation of unknown flying objects, flying in an westernly direction during that month.

2. My friends related that had appeared to be aircraft, flying in formation at an extremely high rate of speed at aproximately twenty five thousand meters, were observed by radar units of the Home Air Defence Command. Nothing was done to disturb this flight, the probable reason being that the Home Air Defence Command had no weapons at its disposal to reach these intruders.

3. During the same period, May and June 1956, many reports originating from all sections of Hungary cited the appearance of "Flying Saucers." For two or three weeks, reports appeared almost daily, describing these objects as fast-flying objects which could change direction of flight, accelerating and decelerating with [] []. My friends told me of discussions at the War Technical Institute in which Hungary's leading mathematicians, engineers and technicians took part, concerning these objects. It was decided that they did not exist and that if anything, the reports were driven by US propaganda. An official announcement appeared in "[unreadable] [unreadable]" declaring the entire "flying saucer" scare was a myth.

4. An interesting observation of one of my colleagues, however, was "even if they did exist, I hope they are on their way to bomb Moscow."

The document:

FOIA document

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