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The Condon Report:

Here is a memo from the CIA, and its implications.

The source:

The memo reproduced and discussed here is not from some forger of false top secrets documents. This document, released to the public on November 16, 1978, can be ordered and resides at this time on the official CIA Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) publicly accessible web site CIA's Electronic Documents Release Center.

The memo:

Dr. E.U. Condon and other of the Condon Committee visit NPIC, the photographic analysis center of the CIA, February 20, 1967. The meeting is secret.

They are briefed about photographic analysis capacities at NPIC. NPIC has equipment to help analyze UFO photographs, and Dr. Condon is highly interested.

It is then emphasized that Dr. Condon will not tell that UFO photographs analysis of his committee will be done by a service from the CIA. "CIA" will never be pronounced.

NPIC will work to assist Dr. Condon in "his" investigation, but nothing will be written. Mr Lundahl of the CIA tells Dr. Condon to make no reference to the CIA's work. If Dr. Condon needs something from the CIA in an official manner, it will be done so that nobody can suspect that NPIC is making any work that Dr. Condon claims to do independently.

The Condon Report was publicly presented as an INDEPENDENT investigation: the public concern was that US Government agencies such as USAF, FBI, CIA are covering up UFO, and the Condon Committee was supposed to get the data and perform their own, independent analysis.

It it obvious that if a CIA service is involved in the "independent" analysis of UFO photographs, then the Condon Report cannot be claimed to be independent anymore. The bottomline is, it was NOT independent.

And yet, despite all the cheating, you can easily find 2 conclusive photographic cases among the 14 photographic cases analyzed in the Condon Report.

Note to non believing scientists and unaware scientists: did the skeptics tell you any of this when they tell you about the Condon report?

Note to conspirationists: I do not prove here that the CIA did tamper with the photographic data, I prove here that the CIA asked Dr. Condon to hide CIA's participation in the work on photographic analysis. I prove other things elsewhere in this site.

Document reference in the CIA archive:

To:Memorandum For Record
Date:February 22, 1967
Length:3 page
Case Number:F-1975-03653
Release Decision:RIPPUB

The original memo:

FOIA document

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