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The Adickes TWA DC-3 encounter, Goshen, Indiana, 1950:

"High strangeness things reported by highly credible witnesses..."

Case summary:

On April 27, 1950, near Goshen in Indiana, USA, a disc shaped, bright, orange red light followed a DC-3 transport aircraft of the TWA airlines company, Trans World Airways flight 117. The pilots were captain Robert Adickes and captain Robert F. Manning.

Both pilots, stewardess Gloria Henshaw, and at least 11 passengers, including Boeing engineers C. H. Jenkins and D. C. Bourland, executives E. J. Fitzgerald, S. N. Miller, saw the UFO flying along the side of the DC-3, and it was "like a big red wheel rolling along." Each time the pilot moved toward the object, it moved away as if controlled by repulse radar. When the pilot turned, the disc dove presenting an edge-on view, and sped off to the north toward South Bend.

This interesting sighting received a good deal of press coverage, probably because the passengers were alerted to the presence of the unidentified light flying near their commercial flight.

Documents about this case:

Click! The report by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USM ret. and founder of NICAP.
Click! The investigation summary by physicist Dr. James E. McDonald.

Sources and references:

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