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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in Marseilles, France, May 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, May 29, 1954,

The "flying saucers" continue to visit Marseilles

They were seen at Marseilleveyre at l'Estaque and above Pointe-Rouge

After the "flying saucer" seen last Sunday on the mounts of Marseillevyre, around 06:45 p.m., two other testimonys come to confirm the presence in the sky of Provence of a mysterious craft.

A truck-driver of Estaque, Mr. Guy M... stated that he had seen a "phosphorescent gleam"; in the shape of a disc, in the night from Sunday to Monday, towards 01:40 in the morning, whereas he was on the Northern motorway.

He managed to observe this appearance during approximately two minutes, the disc being motionless during this lapse of time above same the motorway, then suddenly, after a turn of 40 degrees approximately, it disappeared at a vertiginous speed in the direction of the sea.

Yesterday an architect reported to us that he had seen, Wednesday around 12:30, a "flying saucer": "I was with the top of the Michelet boulevard, when an orange disc, coming from West-East [!?] slipping by towards Pointe Rouge, appeared in the sky. I could observe this disc during three minutes approximately, its apparent diameter was that of a soccer ball. It went at a pace moderated while oscillating slightly, its edge was of a darker colour, and I roughly estimated its altitude between 2.5500 and 3.000 meters. Suddenly, its pace accelerated, the luminosity increased clearly and the disc disappeared".

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