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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Rouergue Républicain, of Rodez, France, page 4, on November 7, 1954.

The disturbing account of a technician

whose pilot fled in an emergency "cigar"?

    Since the extraordinary offensive of unidentified flying apparatuses these last months, the public opinion is more and more impassioned with the enigma of the "saucers."

    Whereas no really convincing answer was reported so far, it nevertheless reamins that the problem of the "saucers" is from now on tackled seriously, by serious people.

    Even the serious newspaper "LA CROIX" [The Cross] that cannot be suspected has just poured in the saucer file a document which is indeed the most precise and most disconcerting report that we had read so far.

    This document emanates from an American technician, witness of events that occurred several weeks ago somewhere in the United States.

    The author kept the most strict anonymity. "Le Journal" not wanting to "compromise the information closely related to the course of events." Here is the story.

I work near a base of helicopters. One day, whereas I was busy with my occupations, I saw from far away an apparatus of unknown shape land in emergency at the limits of the field. I grabbed a pocket telescope and noticed an apparatus of which the description corresponded to the traditional saucer. A being of human appearance came out, collected stones, ground, grass and took a nest in a bush there. Then the strange character went up in his vehicle which disappeared in a few seconds.

The personnel of the base had not been able to intervene, because all had happened very quickly. These facts caused a deep emotion to all those who witnessed it.

A few days later, a saucer landed in the middle of the field. Its pilot, like the first time, put foot at ground and bent towards his apparatus as if he wanted to check its operation.


Decided to shed light on this strange landing, we rushed in direction of the saucer.

We were within a few tens of meters of the unknown, when he stoof up, saw us and immobilized us by using I do not know what fluid. Then, after having looked at us one moment, he circumvented the saucer, climbed in a kind of "cigar" posed beside the apparatus and took off vertically. Although we had recovered the freedom of our movements, we had not recovered of our surprise.


The saucer had remained on the ground. We did not know what to do, having still in mind the image of the being that had just fled. He was of small size, very squat, and had a quasi simian appearance. His body or his clothing was covered with long hairs. On his face, we only noticed extremely acute and brilliant eyes.

But, the saucer was in front of us. What did it contain? Our engineers decided to undertake its study at once.


It was first of all noted that it was hermetically closed. Not the least trace of a practicable opening. There was a cupola and port-holes but no visible engine. It rested on three hollow stems posed each one onto small skis.

We had to cut out a door with the oxydric blowtorch. We had much difficulties. The metal - unknown - which formed the external carapace of the saucer, was extremely smooth, resistant, and revealed neither stamping nor fitting.

Our chemists analyzed a fragment of it. They noted that they were in the presence of a very heavy alloy, of gold, lead and iron, but starting from these elements and by respecting the observed proportions, they were in the incapacity to reconstitute it.


The interior of the saucer was entirely papered of a kind of fibre being connected with rubber. A rather heavy gas filled up two thirds of the machine: an artificial atmosphere? Fuel?

Some levers were laid out around the port-holes but we could not make anything of it. In the same way we did not find any engine.

It seems that the pilot drove "on all four" right at the floor. We found kinds of "suction cups" corresponding to the place of the "hands" and the "knees". But for each one of those we noted six prints...

Here is what I saw with several of my comrades. We were the only witnesses. The American authorities made the "blackout" on this affair which did not "filter" in the newspapers of the Union...

Should it be said that we were upset by all that we saw and that we cannot forget it?...

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