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This article was published in the daily newspaper Centre-Presse, de la Vienne, France, le 17 août 1998.


A UFO in the sky?

Several residents of Poitiers saw "a very luminous triangle" passing above their heads in the night of Thursday to Friday. But from three different locations in the city. Weird.

    Philippe Bonnet

The newsroom of Centre-Presse received three alarming phone calls on Friday. The first emanated from a correspondent (anonymous) of Migné-Auxance. He claimed to us to have seen "a very luminous triangle" in the sky, Friday morning "at approximately 1 a.m.." He was "with two other people who saw the same thing." They even had "the fright of (their) lives."

A few minutes later, second phone call. From a female correspondant this time. "While returning from a walk in the Saint-Eloi district in Poitiers, I saw a very luminous triangle in the sky, claims this lady. It was neither a comet, nor the lights of the Futuroscope, there were port-holes, it seemed very distant and yet gigantic. It went from Montarissé towards the downtown area of Poitiers." Here again, the phenomenon was seen at approximately 1 o'clock in the morning of Friday. "We were very afraid, continues our interlocutress. I'm still shaking because of this, I closed everything at home."

"Monstrous and huge"

Third phone call, at the beginning of the afternoon. Again a lady. She lives road of La Roche-Posey in Poitiers. "This night, towards 01:05 a.m., I was walking the dog. I saw a luminous triangle which moved very quickly, from Montamissé towards Poitiers, she claims. It was impressive, at the same time monstrous and imposing. She also does not want to be told that it was a comet "or a fragment of I don't know what", she is certain of that, "It was too sharp!" In any case, her vision impressed her. "It is 4 p.m. and I am still very upset about it."

The official services, them, saw nothing and heard nothing. Prefecture, Police force, Gendarmerie, airport of Poitiers-Biard, France Weather Services and the civil aviation could not give us additional information.

It is to note however that the same kind of phenomenon was evoked at the beginning of week by the the Center of Study OVNI-France [UFO-France] and was reported in the whole of the French media. A triangular UFO is said to have been observed by several tens of people, in the night of Monday to Tuesday, above Charleville-Mézières. Then why not in Vienna?

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