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UFOs in the daily Press:

Gaillac, France, 1952:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, on October 29, 1952.

A "Flying Cylinder" surrounded by saucers above Gaillac

Albi. -- Big amazement in Gaillac, in the Tarn. The inhabitants of this city knowned for its vines, saw Monday aat 5 p.m., evolving in a blue sky without cloud, the strange objects absolutely comparable to those noticed last week in Oloron.

Alarm was given by Mrs. Dore, aged 64, residing road of Toulouse, in Gaillac. She was intrigued when she heard her hens quack in a strange way in the hen house. Thinking that some buzzard was circling above her farmyard and caused this fright, she looked up instinctively and discovered the phenomenon.

Her son tried to distinguish the objects, while Mr. Corbières and his wife ran by, and later, Mr. Corbières father, aged 63, neighbors of the Dore family. These people claim that they were probably flying saucers which passed on Gaillac in the direction from south to east. They whirled slowly, grouped by two, and scintillated in the sun. There were first of four of them, then a dozen.

In the middle of the saucers a kind of long flying cylinder appeared, whitish, which let escape a white plume of smoke. At the end of some twenty minutes, the phenomenon disappeared, while white wires resembling glass wool fell on the ground. Two hours after, many filaments of this matter were still hanging on electric wire and the branches of trees, but they became gelatinous and melted.

Again a flying saucer

Auckland (A.P.). -- A "flying saucer" has been seen, yesterday morning, above Nedin, in the suburb of Auckland in New Zealand, by Mr. J.-P. Burke, aviator pilot for eight years.

Mr. Burke states to be awaked by a metallic noise rather similar to that which a jet plane does. Going to the window at once, he saw within approximately 1.800 meters an object which resembled a gigantic cymbal, about the size of a Dakota [DC-3 plane], which was surrounded by a blue gray gleam.

Mr. Burke estimates that the speed of this "saucer" was between 400 and 450 kilometers per hour.

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