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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, on October 11, 1954.


A large bluish disc surmounted of a cupola moving without noise above the road

Calais (A.F.P.).

Several residents of Calais saw Saturday morning, around 09:45 a shining craft that evolved while taking, according to witnesses', odd shapes.

In addition, a motorist of Calais saw, in the night of Friday above the road of Boulogne-sur-Mer, an unidentified craft that he believes to be a flying saucer.

It was 09:15 p.m., told the motorist when towards the left, I saw a gleam coming from the fields and that could be that which the dynamo of a bicycle produces. The gleam, suddenly, dove towards the road, in my direction and a craft of very large size appeared to me. It was of bluish color, as that which released, during the war, windows panes painted in blue. I slowed down clear and extinguished my headlights. The machine passed above the road, it was well a blue disc comprising at the top and clearly visible a cupola. The machine moved without noise. It overflew the road, veered and went away in the direction to Calais. I saw it disappearing and at this time

Continued on page 8 under the headline: THE SAUCERS


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the initial bluish gleam gave place to a white headlight such as it had appeared to me at the begining.

The sky of Alès had its flying saucer

Alès (C.P.).

Yesterday at 11. 45, several people passing on the Pont Vieux [Old Bridge] in Alès saw a flying saucer which after having seemed to remain motionless, whirled on itself, and disappeared suddenly at the horizon while taking altitude.

Among the witnesses for the [illegible] let us quote the name of Mr. Taurelle, room boy at the Riche Hotel.

A flying saucer above an Egyptian airfield

Alexandria (A.C.P.).

Official sources state that a mysterious craft remained in the airs above the control tower of the airfield of Muzha during one hour, Saturday evening.

The craft having the shape of a lengthened "saucer", changed color, going from red to orange, then green to gray, before moving away at a fantastic speed.

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