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UFOs A to Z: Y.

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Some kind of yeti-type alleged mysterious creature said to live in the Shennongjia mountains in central China.

Yokosuka creature

In November 1978 near the port city of Yokosuka, Japan, two Japanese construction workers who were fishing off the coast, according to their claims, saw a three meters tall creature emerge from the water. They claimed that the creature was not a fish, not an animal and not a man and that it stared at them. They said the creature was covered with a thick and scaly skin like a reptile and had two large yellow eyes.

Yongkao, Sha

On July 26 1978 at 09:40, Sha Yongkao, an experienced pilot and flight instructor at the air base of Shansi saw two UFOs while he flew a training airplane over the area of Xianfen. The two UFOs circled twice over his airplane and went away. The copilot also observed the phenomenon. Sha Yongkao asked the control tower whether there was any other airplane than their in the area, and the answer was in the negative. In the second half of February 1979, at 09:10 p.m. Sha Yongkao saw again an extremely bright object, which flew from the south to the north as he was above the city of Houma with his jet fighter. The speed of the object was substantially faster than his. He estimated that the object was at an altitude of 1000 meters. Since he had to concentrate on his own flight, he could not pay too much attention to the phenomenon. He commented that the UFO could not have been an airplane because at this altitude its supersonic speed would have destroyed the buildings windows of the city.

Yorba Linda

California small town where on January 24, 1967, a 14 years old boy saw a cylindrical object by his window on the second floor of his house and managed to take a picture of it.

Yucca Mountain

Yucca Mountain in the US is the site of a proposed long-term nuclear-waste storage facility It straddles the southwest edge of the Nevada Test Site. The Yucca Mountain project is a topic of much political controversy in Nevada.


A metallic element found in nearly all rare-earth minerals, and used in various metallurgical applications, such as the strengthening of magnesium and aluminum alloys. The element was mentioned in the context of a dream by an alleged abductee in Gustavslund, Sweden, in March 1974. The abductee had a dream in which he was told to "search in yttrium."


In 1968 Senor Augusto Arranda was trekking in Yungay, and took four pictures that ultimately made their way to the ufology group APRO.


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