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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Parisien Libéré, Paris, France, page 7, le 19 décembre 1968.

A flying saucer in Brittany?

SAINT-BRIEUC (local corr.) -- Fearing not to be taken seriously, to the travellers of the rapid [train] "Armor" which connects Brest to Paris kept silence during several hours about the "ball of fire" which, the other evening, followed the convoy at a few hundreds of meters high.

The phenomenon appeared as soon as the train left at 7 p.m. the station of Saint-Brieuc: a spherical machine of metallized white color and releasing a certain luminosity accompanied the train on the right, first of all following the sometimes sinuous trajectory of the convoy.

Thinking of dealing with a reflection of light on a window pane, the travellers first paid no attention at all to it, but the general surprise was huge when, once the windows lowered, the strange ball was still being seen.

In several compartments, the curious circus was observed. The "machine" stopped at the vertical of the train in the station of Lamballe and took again its curious advance along the railway. Little before Rennes, it took height and disappeared suddenly behind the clouds. During nearly one hour the travellers of the "Armor" had been puzzled by this mysterious ball of fire.

"You would have said a dog following its master. He could not," affirmed the witnesses, "have been a matter of an optical illusion, even less a collective hallucination, but certainly an unidentified object."

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