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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Centre-Matin, of Montluçon, France, page 1, on October 28, 1954.

The flying saucers come from a planet which its inhabitants call

declares a famous Greek clairvoyant

Few saucers, yesterday. The majority show the traditional form with alternative "cigars" or "4CV Renault". For Mr. Djorkovich, director-assistant of the observatory of Belgrad, it could be a secret weapon invented by the Americans or the Russians.

All that does not come out of the ordinary, but something new comes to us from Greece. A journalist, like his ancestors going to consult the oracle of Delphos, went to see Mrs. Katy Konstandinou, clairvoyant, and asked her what to think of the saucers and the Martians.

After having entered in a trance, the pmodern pythie muttered in a backroon voice: "I rise with difficulty very high in the sky. I see the men of the saucers. They are strange creatures that resemble human but are smaller and have much larger heads. They come from another planet where the atmosphere is very sparse and this is why they remain on the ground only a few seconds, else they would risk to be crushed by the pressure of our atmosphere."

"The flying saucers are made of a very resistant alloy metal, and equipped with a pressurization system. They come from a planet which its inhabitants call "the light in the middle of the sky." It has been a long time that the men of the saucers wanted to visit the Earth."

According to Mrs. Konstantinidou, these "Martians" communicate by telepathy. So they lived in perfect intelligence, no criminal act is possible to them since their thoughts are known by all. They live in barracks out of light wood, eat a kind of cream - always the same and the same for all; sleep only two or three hours per day and reproduce like the men do. They have neither religion nor clergy and communicate bythought with the Supreme Being. When they die, their heart emigrates towards a higher world and their body disintegrates at once. Impassioned by our world, they observe it unceasingly will draw up soon the synthesis of the observations by their travellers and will establish concrete plans to enter in contact with us. But a long time will be spent before the contact is established.

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