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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Lac Chauvet UFO in the French Press, 1952:

This article was published in the daily newspaperLe Méridional, France, pages 1 and 8, on June 1, 1952.

A flying saucer has been photographed in the Auvergne

The craft was between 3.000 and 8.000 meters and I did not hear any sound"
states the geologist who took the photographs

Paris. -- An electrical engineer of Le Puy claims to have seen a flying saucer Tuesday evening. "It was, he said, spindle shaped, after having made a sudden half-turn it took the shape of a disc of gray colour."

But a resident of Clermont, Mr. Frégnale, residing at the Martes-de-Veyre did better: he photographed a saucer. He was hiking in the area of Bessem Friday in search for geological curiosities, when suddenly, whereas he was near Lake Chauvet, he saw a kind of disc that crossed the sky from West to East.

Without wasting time, he directed his camera (which he always has with him when he goes hiking) and

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A flying saucer in the Auvergne

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took four shots of the mysterious machine... With his binoculars he studied the "flying saucer" during a few seconds.

- "It was approximately 6 p.m., told Mr. Frégnale, when I saw the saucer. Being unaware of its diameter, I cannot say at what altitude it flew. Apparently it was between 3.000 and 8.000 meters. I do not think that the altitude could be higher, for then, because of the thickness of the atmosphere, the craft would have had a bluish metallic colour which it did not have.

Four clichés

"I had the time to take four shots very quickly. I saw the machine approximately during 50 seconds and after having taken the photographs I observed the craft with binoculars. According to my observations and calculations I made afterwards, if the saucer were at 3.000 meters it was going at approximately 300 meters per second. If it were at 8.000 meters its speed was larger obvioulsy and could reach 800 meters per second. I heard absolutely no noise.

"The craft - as often told - had the shape of an oval saucer. Below and in the center it seemed that there is a light bulge, but I am not certain. Around the circular part, a brilliant circle appeared. I suppose that above the apparatus, a rotor, or some other gyroscopic system, rotated very quickly, which would explain the reflection that one very clearly sees on the photographs that I took."

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