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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Orly affaire, France, 1956:

This article was published in the daily newspaper New York Daily News, New York City, USA, on February 19, 1956.

Paris is up in the air over flying thing

(By wireless to the NEWS)

Paris, Feb 18. -- a mysterious flying object - sometimes hovering motionless and sometimes traveling an estimated 1.500 miles per hour - was spotted by radar over Paris last night, officials said today.

The aerial whatisit was described as large as any known plane. It also showed red lights.

Recorded at 2 Fields

The object was recorded on radar screens for a few minutes around 11 P.M. at both Orly and Le Bourget Airfields, on opposites sides of Paris, airport officials said. It did not answer radio calls from the Orly Field tower.

An Air France pilot, heading from Paris to London at 5.000 feet, spotted the object's red lights above his plane before it disappeared.

Case file here.

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