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Qingtong, Zhou

On October 22, 1978, Chinese Air Force fighter pilot Zhou Qingtong and a several hundreds of witnesses on the ground at an open air movie theater observed a UFO over their air base of Lanzhou at about 08:00 p.m.. The night sky was calm and cloudless. The huge UFO exhibited bright lights during several minutes. Zhou Qingtong said publicly that the other witnesses were also pilots of the Chinese Air Force and that all were certain that the object was not some aircraft of this world. The sighting lasted two or three minutes.

Quezet, Meagan

Meagan Quezet and her son Andre were walking up the road near their home in Mindalore, Johannesburg, South Africa, on the evening of 3 January 1979, when they saw lights ahead of them. As they got closer they realized that the lights came from an egg-shaped craft standing on landing legs. Some five or six people stepped out of an opening in the craft and spoke to the witnesses in a strange accent. They were normal in appearance with thick hair and beards and wore coveralls. Meagan became afraid that something was not "correct" and begged Andre to run and get his father. The entities suddenly jumped back into the craft; which rose into the air and took off, while Andre gave up running back to the house, turned around and ran back to his mother. During the investigation, regression hypnosis that Meagan was reluctant to go into resulted in Meagan being lured into the craft but was not given a medical examination as she managed to break free and jump out of the craft before this took place. Andre did not want to undergo hypnosis and refused any investigation of the incident.

Quintanilla, Major Hector

Major Hector Quintanilla was the last of the heads of USAF's UFO project Blue Book, taking this post in July 1963 and reporting to Colonel Eric de Jonckheere who in turn reported to Brigadier General Cruikshank. He had a totally negative attitude on UFOs that he considered to be all confusions and hoaxes, which he said as Air Force representative along with Dr Harold Brown and Dr J. Allen Hynek at the House Armed Services Committee inquiry into UFOs. When renowned scientist dr. James McDonald visited project Blue Book in his private scientific investigation of UFOs, he was shocked to discover that Quintanilla had no capacity to investigate and no desire to.

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