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Date:After November 23, 1896
Place:Tulare, California

"One night at Tulare, California, hundreds of witnesses saw something descend and then rise and abruptly veer to the west. Whatever it was emitted red, white, and blue lights." [1]

"Dating from November 1896, these UFO's were mainly sighted in California, but also in Washington State and Canada. In Tulare, California, hundreds of witnesses saw something descend, rise, then abruptly veer away to the west. The object, whatever it was, emitted powerful red, white and blue lights. The Californian sightings ended in January 1897, [...]" [2]

"The cities where observations of the airship were reported after the 23 [of November 1896] include... Tulare... " "[Despite the month's explainable reports] there remains a few puzzling episodes that took place in November 1896: [...] (3)

"According to hundreds of citizens of Tulare, California, of which fifteen are named in news accounts, something in the night sky came down quite a distance, and then went up and took a straight, quick move westward. Red, white, and blue lights were seen in succession." [3]


  • [1] "Mysteries of the Unexplained", Reader's Digest books, 1985.
  • [2] "UFO's, Behind the Veil", article by Brian Allan, Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), 2000.
  • [3] Article by Loren Gross in "The mammoth encyclopedia of extraterrestrial encounters", compiled by Ronald D. Story, Robinson publisher, 2001.
Notes:Insufficient information.
Explanation:Could eventually have been a blinking star.

Tulare station, circa 1895.


Type of report:Second hand from local newspaper.
Number of witnesses:Hundreds.
Number of named witnesses:0.
Witnesses occupations:Not indicated.
Type of location:Not indicated.
Coordinates:Lat. 36.21 N Long. 119.34 W
Coordinates precision:10 kilometers.
Description of "UFO":Has emitted red, white and blue lights in succession.
Description of "manoeuvers":Descent, rise, suddenly veers.
Reactions:Not indicated.
Occupants keywords:N/A
Weather:Not indicated.
Observation devices:Not indicated.
Explanation(s) at the time:.

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