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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 1 and 5, on March 30, 1950.

Parade of "flying saucers" on Italy

Rome, March 29 (S.P.) In various points of Italy, the passage of " flying saucers " was reported yesterday.

In Salo, on Lake Garda, several people state to have seen a disc, large as he full moon, evolving through the sky in the direction of the North-East.

Well further in the south, in Carrare, workmen on nightshift saw four flying saucers, at approximately 4.000 meters of altitude, moving towards the south.

In the area of Catanzaro (Calabria), a group of peasants states to have seen a "flying disc" in the course of the day, it was moving towards the west.

In Sardinia, one saw a flying saucer which remained during 20 seconds above the town of Cagliari. While moving towards the south [sic].

A flying saucer was also seen, at the end of the afternoon, in the valley of Aoste.

Let's not forget to record, in addition, the passage of a flying saucer above the town of Santiago of Chile, where the authorities of the airfield hastened to send a plane in pursuit.

Intense circulation above the Middle East

Haifa, May 29 (S.P.). It is announced that flying saucers were seen above Malta, Saint-Jean-d'Acre and of the north of Israel.

Eyewitnesses claim that those were discs moving towards the north at a very high altitude, leaving behind a thick smoke.

The authorities did not comment on this information.

Note: in 1950 in Europe, not everyone knew that a jet leaves a trail, everyone did not know the characteristics of meteors, and there was no ufologist around to carry out the least investigation or gather sufficient information. The newspapers were thus also quick to mix up all kind of things under the label "flying saucer" without any meaningful information on the reported sightings, even if they explained it all as jet airplanes, balloon and meteors in the next issue.

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