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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal de Sa˘ne-et-Loire, France, page 9, on August 15, 1998.


A resident of Fragnes reports

In one of our previous issue we reported the (supposed) passage of a UFO in the East of France. And what if it had also passed in the area of Chalon? A resident of Fragnes claims to have seen, Thursday evening, something that resembles it.

CHALON. - A technician of quality at Kodak, therefore rational by definition, around 50, well balanced, Bernard Moreau, is not an eccentric, at first sight. And this is why his testimony can be taken seriously and the more so as it matches the one collected Wednesday evening from an inhabitant of the Ardennes who practically saw the same thing (our newspaper of yesterday, page 30).

Thursday evening, the night had fallen since long. Bernard Moreau, lying in a deckchair in the full center of his lawn, surveyed the sky of Fragnes, a few kilometres from Chalon, trying to locate shooting stars. He saw some of them, enjoying this superb cosmic ballet of igniting star dust exploding in contact with the atmosphere. During his observation, not having his watch, he went back in the house and looks at the hour. It was 11:10 p.m. exactly. He goes back outside and resumes his position in his deckchair. And it is at this moment that he saw...

Very fast and silently

It was three lights, moving in the North-eastern direction that caught his attention. Admittedly, that did not last very a long time "some six or seven seconds, not more, but you couldn't miss it" he explained us. If he could not distinguish any contour of the machine, however, he did see three lights flying in formation, in an isosceles triangle. "The distance between the three luminous points was perfect, which made say that they were not planes. In addition, they moved at very high speed, without making any noise, in an absolute silence. No vibration of the air at all", he said.

A short time before, Bernard Moreau had seen, on TV, the amateur document shot by videoers of the Ardennes, first witnesses of the phenomenon. He found many similarities between his observations and the film. That is what he explained to the gendarmes of Chalon to whom he presented a detailed report about his evening.

Are we confronted to an unexplained phenomenon which repeated twice in continuation? Are there other people who saw the same thing? To date, no other testimony came to consolidate the observation by Bernard Moreau in the department, but this does not necessarily mean that nobody saw anything.

    Michel SARRAZIN

In St-Symphorien-de-Marmagne also

LE CREUSOT. -- Two teenagers on holidays at Saint Symphorien de Marmagne also observed in the night from August 10 to 11, an unidentified flying object which crossed the sky horizontally. Fascinated by the shape, the color and the speed of the phenomenon, they went to report their observation to the gendarmerie of Montcenis.

"It was, they said, of a ball of fire larger than a star which moved very fast, leaving behind it a luminous trail comparable to the combustion of a gas." [Good description of a meteor.]

An identical phenomenon was observed at the same hour in the sky of Blanzy. The possible witnesses can contact the gendarmerie of Montcenis at

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