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Date:Summer 1873
Place:Fort Scott, Kansas

"... in the [New York] Times, of the 7th of July [1873] [1], I found something else noted. A similar object [than in Bonham Texas] had been reported from Fort Scott, Kansas. "About half way above the horizon, the form of a huge serpent, apparently perfect in form, was plainly seen." [2]

Twenty-four hours after the Bonham incident, a device of the same description appeared at Fort Scott, Kansas. Panic-stricken soldiers fled the parade ground as the thing flashed overhead. In a few seconds it disappeared, circling toward the north. [3]

1873: "A similar one [similar to the disc that made three turns above the village of Bonham and went away] is observed the next day, above Fort Scott." [4]

The next day after the case in Bonham, Texas, in summer 1873, according to Antonio Ribeira, "the same object" was seen in Fort Scott and caused a panic among the soldiers of the garrison. [5]

Michel Bougeard indicates that at the beginning of July the day after the Bonham case in Texas, a phenomenon completely similar to that case caused disorder in the garrison of Fort Scott or Fort Riley in Kansas. [6]

Loren Coleman indicates that a similar "sky serpent" was seen not long after the case in Bonham above Fort Scott in Kansas by the US Calvary that were stationed there, and by many civilians. [7]

Lisa Hefner Heitz writes in her book on Kansas mysteries that in 1873, a "great flying snake" was reported seen over Fort Scott, Kansas. [8]

"Twenty-four hours after the sighting [of Bonham], a device of the same description was sighted over Fort Scott, KS." [9]


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Notes:Insufficient information.
Explanation:Possible meteor.


Type of report:Second hand from local newspaper.
Number of witnesses:Many.
Number of named witnesses:0.
Witnesses occupations:Military, residents.
Type of location:Not indicated.
Coordinates:Lat. 37.84 Long. -94.71
Coordinates precision:Unknown.
Description of "UFO":Uncertain. Serpent. Snake. Elongated.
Description of "manoeuvers":Uncertain.
Reactions:Frightened. Panic.
Occupants keywords:N/A
Daylight/nocturnal:Not indicated.
Weather:Not indicated.
Observation devices:None.
Strangeness:Insufficient information.
Explanation(s) at the time:None.

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