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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, on October 3, 1954.


The "flying mushroom" prevented the courageous roadmender from approaching within less than 150 meters

Coulommiers (A.C.P.).

Bernard Goujon, roadmender of the Bridges-and-Roadways in Coulommiers, and a fellow worker, Armand Pichet, will from now on believe in the "flying saucers" or at least in "flying mushrooms". Here is why:

"Thursday evening, states Goujon, we were picking, Pichet and me, on the road of Maisoncelles in Meaux, close to the airfield of Quincy-Voisin when, around 5 p.m., within 500 meters from us, it happens that we see a kind of enormous mushroom shining like aluminum."

Bernard Goujon is a strong solid 30 years old chap, coloured, certainly not very subjected to hallucinations, and he does not chicken out. While his comrade hides in a ditch, he rushes through the fields towards the craft.

On three crutches

"As I advanced, he explains, I distinguished it more clearly: it resembled a large mushroom of three meters in diameter approximately, resting on three crutches. On the higher part, there was a cabin on which three portholes were arranged."

Still running, Goujon arrives at a hundred and fifty meters near of the craft, and at this point in time the "thing" happened:

"Suddenly, he says, I felt stopped short in spite of me. I feel

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on all my body, electric ticklings, my sight gets blurry and... I experience the most awful fright of my life."

Numerous testimonies

Thirty or forty seconds passed, then the machine rose slowly, rotated and disappeared at full speed without noise, neither flame, nor smoke.

The account by Goujon was confirmed not only by his comrade Pichet, but also by many cyclists who were on the road and who observed the extraordinary craft too.

All the travellers of a bus also saw the flying saucer of Foussignargues

Bessèges (C.P.).

We reported in our Friday issue under which conditions M. Louis Roche, roadmender domiciled in Revêty, had seen, as well as his wife, a mysterious luminous craft posed in a meadow near his country house.

Many testimonys came to corroborate these assertions.

In the same night of Sunday to Monday, a bus returning from Vals-les-Bains passed in FoussignarguesFoussignargues around 02:30 in the morning and continued its travel in the direction of Gagnières.

At the crossroads, a passenger stopped, Mrs. Julien and one [illegible: of her sons]. These two people regained Besseges by foot. At this point in time Mrs. Julien pointed out to her son a sort of rocket going downward, of yellow and red color with a white circle in the bottom.

During this time, the travellers in the bus which hasted towards Gagnières saw, at the same hour, a red light in the sky.

These various statements correspond to those of Mr. and Mrs. Roche. We made a point of reporting this back with objectivity.

A written question to the Minister for the Air in connection with the "flying saucers"

Paris (A.F.P.).

In a written question, Mr. Jean Nocher, deputy of the Loire, shared with the Secretary of State to the Air the emotion caused in the public by the many and various testimonys concerning the "flying saucers."

He asks him "whether his predecessors at the Secretariat of State to the Air had been concerned, as in the United States and in the U.S.S.R. since long years, to open an investigation on the presence of unidentified flying objects in our atmosphere.

"If yes, he asks him the publishable results of these investigations, if not, he asks him to constitute a largely wide commission with all the interested scientific branches in order to study this phenomenon objectively by separating the truth from the mistales and the possible hoaxes."

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