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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, pages 1 and 98, on January 9, 1954.


Four motorists of Marseilles were overflown, Tuesday evening, in Crau by a "flying saucer"

Our information of yesterday relating to the mysterious round and luminous seen by a fireman of the airport of Marignane, brought us many phone calls... and a visit. That of a Marseilles personality well-known in the circles of the sports and affairs.

The account of this person comes to bring a confirmation to the fact that we reported yesterday. Here it is:

"I was driving by car on the road of the Crau, Tuesday evening, at approximately 10:45 (i.e. the day after "the appearance" of Marignane)., coming back from Arles towards Marseilles. In the car, in addition to myself, were my wife and two other people. I add that the night was very dark. Suddenly, as we had just exceeded the agglomeration of Saint-Martin-de-Crau, we saw in the sky, on the left of the road, a large ball of reddish color, similar to an incandescent fire.

"That lasted a few seconds, and the ball disappeared, giving the impression to have slipped by at a vertiginous speed in a direction perpendicular to our, and to have crossed us."

"It remained of the passage of the object only a kind of luminous trail comparable to the gleam of the headlight of car, which floated in the sky a moment before dissolving."

Could the four travellers have undergone a collective hallucination? On the contrary, the account which was made to us recommends itself by its preoccupation with precision and its objectivity.

"Arrivés à Marseille, a conclu notre visiteur, nous avons pensé d'abord à faire connaître l'étrange vision que nous venions d'avoir, mais nous avons eu peur de n'être pas crus. Or, les révélations du "Provençal" coïncident tellement avec nos propores constatations que nos appréhensions sont tombées. La "soucoupe volante" qui a été vue hier soir à Marignane a fort bien pu renouveler ses mystérieuses évolutions pendant la nuit suivante, évolutions dont nous avons été témoins." "Arrived to Marseilles, concluded our visitor, we initially thought to let know of the strange vision which we just had, but we were afraid not to be believed. However, the revelations of "La Provence" coincide so much with our own observations that our apprehensions fell. The "flying saucer" which was seen yesterday evening in Marignane could very well renew its mysterious evolutions during the next night, evolutions of which we were witnesses."

We deliver this new part to the file, which besides remains open.

    Constant VAUTRAVERS

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