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The Hudson Valley UFO flap:

Ed Burns' sighting on the night of March 24, 1983, in the Millwood:

On March 24, 1983, a very large number of people saw UFOs, probably two of them, in one area of the state of New York. Exactly how many people saw that is not known, but the UFO hotline set up after the sightings by several CUFOS ufologist recorded 300 calls from witnesses.

Here is one of the events that night.

The witness is Ed Burns, of Yorktown Heights, computer engineer senior manager for IBM, since then retired:

At the time of the sighting, Burns handled company contracts with Japan and South America.

Ed Burns.

On the night of March 24, 1983, at approximately the same time when Andi Sadoff was following the UFO, Burns was driving north near Millwood, ten miles in the north-west of Sadoff's location, on the Taconic Highway, Westchester County, State of New York, when he noticed statics on his radio and spotted the formation of lights off to his right. He told [um]:

"Out of nowhere, I got lots of statics on the radio. And I thought maybe I was on the wrong number and I turned the dial again. That's when I looked up and saw this craft."

He told the CUFOS investigators [ns]:

"As I continued to drive, the lights became more profound. Then they came right over my car. I shut the radio off, rolled the window down, and looked out at this huge craft above me. I heard no noise. It was moving silently and slowly."

He described the craft [um]:

"It was a triangular, chevron, ship. And the back of that chevron had to be as large as a football field, at least. It was one solid piece of a chevron shaped ship. And there was no noise. It seemed so close to the ground. It seemed that I could have thrown a rock at it maybe."

The object had lights all around it with thirty to forty colored lights along the back alone, he said to the CUFOS ufologists on the field.

Exactly as Dennis Sant said of the UFO seen a week before, Burns said [um]:

"It was truly a flying city, if that's what you want to call it. I mean it was huge."

And [ns]:

"If there is such a thing as a flying city, this was a flying city. It was not a small craft. It was huge."

Still near Millwood Burns sees a group of at least a dozen people outside several cars parked at the side of the road. They are looking at the object. He pulls up and joins this group and they all watch the object in awe. He told [um]:

"It was so shocking. People were just staring at this thing. I remember one guy, the size of his eyes was so large. It seemed I could talk about it for an hour. I was so excited about it, I wanted to share whatever I was feeling at the time."

And [ns]:

"When I reached the Millwood area, I noticed twelve cars off to the side of the road. I pulled over and stopped, and then all of a sudden this huge craft was right over my car. That's when it was really shocking."

"Then the craft seemed to stop. The different colored lights seemed to go off, and just the white lights seemed to stay on. It was hovering a bit. It was just there looking like it was observing us as we were observing it."

"The guy I was talking to - I was rambling on to him about how excited I was about this strange craft - never answered me. He looked at me once and then glanced up at the craft."

The object was slowly moving north over the Hudson River Valley. Burns was puzzled [um]:

"What was it? I'm not into astronomy, into Mars, I mean I don't know the solar system, but what I had witnessed that night, well, it's not from this planet."

An finally the craft did what no plan can, but something reported in many UFO sightings there and elsewhere [be]. He explained [ns]:

"This craft was there a minute or two, and then it started to move again, going up the Taconic Parkway in a sort of a Z pattern. It seemed to be going very slowly, and then all of a sudden it seemed like it was very far ahead of me."

He was of course presented the story of the hoaxers pilots flying in formation, and he had read about it in the newspapers after his sighting. But he knew what he had seen were no airplanes in formation. He replied [um]:

"What can I tell you? I'll never forget that for the rest of my life. Five airplanes it was not."

Ufologists Phillip Imbrogno
and J. Allen Hynek with Ed Burns
pointing where he saw the UFO
near Millwood on the Taconic Highway.


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