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The 1954 French flap:

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October 1954, Salies-de-Béarn, Pyrénées-Atlantiques:

Reference number for this case: Oct-54-Saliès-de-Béarn. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



The two authors indicate that they discussed with a witness living in Saliès-de-Béarn, of which the newspaper the "La République des Pyrénees" for October 24, 1954, published the account as:

"Mr. Dachary (correspondant of "La République") says:

"- I was in the fields when I heard a big noise in the air. Looking up, I saw in the sky a strange machine evolving at a height which I evaluated as 6000 meters approximately, following an East to West direction. It was a sort of plane's fuselage absolutely without wings, with metallic reflections: to some extent a large cigar, short, seeming larger and with more mass than a jet plane."

The two authors indicate that they asked the witness for the size of his object. They said that he answered:

"First, it did not make a noise... metallic reflections, metallic reflections... yeah, but that does not prove that it is metallic, ha!"

They then ask him: "But, the form? It was a cigar?" and he answers that with:

"Yep, a very short cigar, a little like a rugby balloon... but round!! You see, right!"

They then say that in this case the object would be rather spherical, and the witness answers:

"In the sense that if you want to put it like that, it must have been one of those balloons which they send for weather forecast! Or something of this sort!"

From where it appears to them that the observation was that of a weather balloon, and they make fun of the "high scientific "spheres" which are still busy in studying the shape of the observed objects!"


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