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The 1954 French flap:

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October 5, 1954, Albi, Tarn:

Reference number for this case: 5-Oct-54-Albi. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



Albi - Since the time that we talked about it, they were due to be seen!

Yesterday, around 15 o'clock, two residents of Albi, Mrs. Cadars and Mr. Rouch have, on the old road of Cordes, noted the presence of a flying saucer in the sky of our town.

They are not the only one. Mr. Rouch's wife, for example, had, from a different location, but at the same time, noted the same phenomenon. Here is how Mr. Rouch described for us the saucer which he saw: "It had the aspect, seen from the distance, of an apple. It quickly grew bigger and appeared to me to have a diameter of two meters. It left in its wake like a whitish trail which remained in the sky a long time after the disappearance of the machine. Mrs. Cadars and myself lost the saucer of sight suddenly, because it described a curve at the horizon and appeared to fall suddenly.


At last, flying saucers in the Tarn

Less favored than certain departments, ours had not received yet the visit of these mysterious machines which, in the shape of cigars or saucers, are said to furrow in our skies. It is now done, and the Tarn will not be the department of tardiness. Tuesday towards 3 p.m., Mrs. Cadars and Mr. Rouch, living on the old road of Cordes, in Albi, are said to have seen a flying saucer having the shape of an apple, of a diameter of 2 meters, which left in its wake a whitish trail. No cigar for the residents of Albi. Well, they will satisfy themselves with an apple! Should we take these facts seriously? Future will tell.


The article by La Dépêche du Midi [dm1] and that of Le Tarn Libre [tl1] were republished in an article about the 1954 flap in the Tarn in this ufology magazine.


Not looked for yet. Probable jet airplane.


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Albi, Tarn, Rouch, Cadars, saucer, apple, contrail, trail, white, manoeuver


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