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Additions to this website in 2017:

This page is for you to spot and visit addition to this site. It also serves as a publication diary, to know how the site has evolved.

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See the updates for these years:


10.07.2017CE3: Lynn, USA, 1920.
10.07.2017CE3: Nipawin, Canada, 1933, update.
10.06.2017CE3: Crimea, Ukraine, 1920.
10.06.2017CE3: Parque Miitre, Argentina, 2017, update.
10.05.2017CE3: Avignon, France, 1930.
10.05.2017CE3: Cochambaba, Bolivia, 1920.
10.04.2017CE3: La Combe de Morbier, France, 1926.
10.03.2017CE3: Nontron, France, 1920.
10.03.2017CE3: Boissey, France, 1910 ou 1939, update.
10.02.2017CE3: La Celle-sous-Gouzon, France, 1906.
10.01.2017CE3: Oamaru, New Zealand, 1909.
09.30.2017CE3: Manosque, France, 1812.
09.30.2017CE3: Bouxières-aux-Dames 1909, update.
09.29.2017CE3: Quinsigamond, USA, 1909.
09.28.2017CE3: Atlantic City, USA, 1909.
09.28.20171909 Press: Wanganui Herald, July 28.
09.27.2017CE3: Gore, New Zealand, 1909.
09.26.2017CE3: Alma, Michigan, USA, 1936.
09.26.2017CE3: Parque Mitre, Argentina, 2017.
09.23.20171954 Press, Star Tribune, Sep. 19.
09.23.20171954 Press, Star Tribune, Sep. 14.
09.23.20171954 Press, Star Tribune, Oct. 17.
09.23.20171954 Press, Star Tribune, Sep. 30.
09.22.20171954 Press, Albuquerque Journal, Oct. 19.
09.22.20171954 Press, Delphos Courant, Oct. 20.
09.22.20171954 Press, Shreveport Times, Oct. 19.
09.22.20171954 Press, Linton Daily Citizen, Oct. 20.
09.21.20171954 Press, Terre Haute Tribune, Oct. 17.
09.21.20171954 Press, Baltimore Sun, Oct. 17.
09.20.2017France 1954: Perpignan, Oct 14., update.
09.20.20171954 Press, The Bee, Oct. 20.
09.19.20171954 Press, Marion Star, Oct. 28.
09.19.2017France 1954: Sinceny, update.
09.18.20171954 Press, Muncie Star-Press, Oct. 26.
09.18.20171954 Press, Caller-Times, Oct. 22.
09.17.2017Alsacat, Bischheim 1978.
09.16.2017Alsacat, Burnhaupt-le-Bas 2017.
09.16.2017France 1954: Beuvry-lès-Béthunes, update.
09.15.20171954 Press, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 16.
09.15.20171954 Press, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 23.
09.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Estherville Daily News.
09.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Oregonian.
09.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Ottawa Journal.
09.14.20171954 Press: Palladium-Item, Oct. 11.
09.14.20171954 Press: Miami News, Oct. 11.
09.14.20171954 Press: Muncie Evening Press, Oct. 11.
09.13.20171954 Press: New Philadelphia Daily Times, Oct. 11.
09.13.20171954 Press: Kingsport Times, Oct. 11.
09.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Mexico Ledger.
09.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Chicago Sun.
09.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Miami Daily News.
09.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Idaho State Journal.
09.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Idaho Morning Tribune.
09.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lawton constitution.
09.03.2017Alsacat, Muespach 2017.
09.03.2017Alsacat, Wittelsheim 2017.
09.03.2017Alsacat, Alsace 1944.
09.03.2017Alsacat, Strasbourg 1970.
09.02.2017Kenneth Arnold, Chillicothe Constitution.
09.02.2017Kenneth Arnold, British Columbian.
09.02.2017Kenneth Arnold, Hayward Daily Review.
09.01.2017Roswell, Charles Forgus.
08.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Telephone conversations of Kenneth Arnold with Bob Pratt, 1978.
08.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Courier-Journal.
08.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Press and Sun Bulletin.
08.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, San Mateo Times.
08.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Santa Rosa Press Democrat.
08.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Joplin Globe.
08.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Moberly Monitor.
08.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Standard.
08.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Press and Sun Bulletin.
08.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Salt Lake Tribune.
08.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lincoln Star.
08.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tennessean.
08.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Independent Journal.
08.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
08.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Dunkirk Evening Observer.
08.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Galveston Daily News.
08.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Arizona Daily Star.
08.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Caller-Times.
08.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Sunday Herald.
08.24.2017Alsacat, Bourtzwiller, 1978.
08.24.2017Alsacat, Barr, 2017.
08.24.2017Alsacat, Betschdorf, 2014.
08.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Sedalia Democrat.
08.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Herald.
08.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Register.
08.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Freeman.
08.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, La Grande Observer.
08.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Gazette and Daily.
08.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald and News.
08.21.2017The 'Nazca alien mummies'.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Arizona Republic.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lawton Constitution.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Press.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Abilene Reporter-News.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Star-Tribune.
07.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Dixon Telegraph.
07.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Des Moines Register.
07.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Medford Mail-Tribune.
07.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Nevada State Journal.
07.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily World.
07.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Bend Bulletin.
07.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Albany Democrat-Herald.
07.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
07.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Sunday Herald.
07.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Arizona Republic.
07.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Baltimore Sun.
07.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Minneapolis Star.
07.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Nevada State Journal.
07.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Pittsburgh Press.
07.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.25.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Press.
07.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
07.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Dispatch.
07.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Oakland Tribune.
07.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, La Grande Observer.
07.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, News-Herald.
07.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Courier.
07.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Albuquerque Journal.
07.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Gazette.
07.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, Odessa American.
07.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, Oakland Tribune.
07.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, News Review.
07.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lead Daily Call.
07.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Logansport Pharos Tribune.
07.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Miami News.
07.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Muncie Evening News.
07.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Dunkirk Evening Observer.
07.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Munster Times.
07.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Statesman Journal.
07.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tipton Daily Tribune.
07.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, Muncie Evening Press.
07.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, Palladium Item.
07.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, Rushville Republican.
07.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, Democrat and Chronicle.
07.16.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.16.2017Kenneth Arnold, Medford Mail-Tribune.
07.16.2017Kenneth Arnold, Medford Mail-Tribune.
07.15.2017Kenneth Arnold, Chicago Tribune.
07.15.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.15.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.15.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Clintonian.
07.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Abilene News-Reporter.
07.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.14.2017Kenneth Arnold, Morning-Avalanche.
07.13.2017Kenneth Arnold, Nevada State Journal.
07.13.2017Kenneth Arnold, Medford Mail-Tribune.
07.13.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.13.2017Kenneth Arnold, Harrisburg Telegraph.
07.12.2017Kenneth Arnold, Los Angeles Times.
07.12.2017Kenneth Arnold, Cumberland Evening News.
07.12.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Eagle.
07.12.2017Kenneth Arnold, Greenville News.
07.11.2017Kenneth Arnold, Evening Times.
07.11.2017Kenneth Arnold, News-Herald.
07.11.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tennessean.
07.10.2017Kenneth Arnold, Altoona Tribune.
07.10.2017Kenneth Arnold, Neosho Daily News.
07.10.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Columbian.
07.08.2017Kenneth Arnold, Standard-Examiner.
07.08.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tallahassee Democrat.
07.08.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tipton Daily Tribune.
07.07.2017Kenneth Arnold, Arizona Republic.
07.07.2017Kenneth Arnold, Bakersfield Californian.
07.07.2017Kenneth Arnold, Greenville News.
07.07.2017Kenneth Arnold, Honolulu Star Bulletin.
07.07.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post Gazette.
07.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Palm Beach Post.
07.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Independent Record.
07.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Journal and Courier.
07.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Pittsburgh Press.
07.06.2017Kenneth Arnold, Providence Journal.
07.05.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Capital Journal.
07.05.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald and News.
07.05.2017Kenneth Arnold, Gazette-Times.
07.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Oregonian.
07.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald and News.
07.04.2017Kenneth Arnold, Oregon Journal.
07.03.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily News-Record.
07.03.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald Tribune.
07.03.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Citizen.
06.31.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lawton Constitution.
06.31.2017Kenneth Arnold, Idaho Statesman.
06.31.2017Kenneth Arnold, Montreal Gazette.
06.31.2017Kenneth Arnold, Hartford Times.
06.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald and News.
06.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Mauch Chunk Times-News.
06.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Courier-Journal.
06.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Herald and News.
06.30.2017Kenneth Arnold, Gazette-Times.
06.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, East Oregonian.
06.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Vidette Messenger.
06.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Statesman Journal.
06.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Philadelphia Enquirer.
06.29.2017Kenneth Arnold, Democrat-Herald.
06.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Democrat-Herald.
06.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.28.2017Kenneth Arnold, Neosheo Daily News.
06.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, PalmBeach Post.
06.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Idaho Falls Post-Register.
06.27.2017Kenneth Arnold, Albany Democrat.
06.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Chicago Tribune.
06.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Arizona Republic.
06.26.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Eugene Guard.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Herald.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Cincinnati Enquirer.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Democrat-Herald.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.24.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold in Fate Magazine 1948, update.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Tennessean.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Post-Register.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, News-Review.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Star-Tribune.
06.23.2017Kenneth Arnold, Des Moines Register.
06.22.2017David D. Schindele and the Minuteman missiles incidents, 1966.
06.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, San Mateo Times.
06.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Clovis News-Journal.
06.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Salem Statesman-Journal.
06.22.2017Kenneth Arnold, Press-Democrat.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, La Grande Observer.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Green Bay Press-Gazette.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Corvallis Gazette-Times.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Medford Mail-Tribune.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
06.21.2017Kenneth Arnold, Albuquerque Journal.
06.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, LaGrande Observer.
06.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Herald.
06.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, Democrat Herald.
06.20.2017Kenneth Arnold, Dayton Daily News.
06.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Harrisburg Telegraph.
06.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Times-Herald.
06.19.2017Kenneth Arnold, Daily Times-News.
06.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lubbock Evening News.
06.18.2017Kenneth Arnold, Lansing State Journal.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Eugene Guard.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Statesman Journal.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Gazette-Times.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Plain Speaker.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Bradford Era.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Danville Bee.
06.17.2017Kenneth Arnold, The Daily Capital Journal.
06.16.2017Roswell, Sandusky Register.
06.16.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
06.16.2017Roswell, News Journal.
06.15.2017Roswell, Abilene Reporter.
06.15.2017Roswell, Statesman Journal.
06.15.2017Roswell, Odessa American.
06.14.2017Roswell, Columbus Citizen.
06.14.2017Roswell, Chronicle-Telegram.
06.14.2017Roswell, Beacon Journal.
06.13.2017Roswell, Amarillo Daily News.
06.13.2017Roswell, Cincinnati Enquirer.
06.13.2017Roswell, Minneapolis Star.
06.12.2017Roswell, Corsicana Daily Sun.
06.12.2017Roswell, The Gallup Independent.
06.10.2017Roswell, ABC radio bulletin.
06.10.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
06.10.2017Roswell, St. Louis Stars and Times.
06.10.2017Roswell, Odessa American.
06.09.2017Roswell, Del Rio News-Herald.
06.09.2017Roswell, Daily Messenger.
06.09.2017Roswell, Amarillo Daily News.
06.08.2017Roswell, Press-Gazette.
06.08.2017Roswell, Jacksonville Herald.
06.08.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
06.08.2017Roswell, Santa Fe New Mexican.
06.08.2017Roswell, Cincinnati Enquirer.
06.07.2017Roswell, Palladium-Item.
06.07.2017Roswell, Amarillo Daily News.
06.07.2017Roswell, Press and Sun Bulletin.
06.06.2017Roswell, Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune.
06.06.2017Roswell, Atlanta Constitution.
06.06.2017Roswell, Longiew News-Journal.
06.03.2017Roswell, Ashbury Park Sunday Press.
06.03.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
06.02.2017Roswell, Kevin Randle in IUR, 1995.
06.02.2017Roswell, Abilene Reporter-News.
06.02.2017Roswell, Bergen Evening Record.
06.01.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
06.01.2017Roswell, Clovis News-Journal.
06.01.2017Roswell, Reno Gazette.
06.01.2017Roswell, Las Cruces News.
05.31.2017Roswell, Austin Statesman.
05.31.2017Roswell, Petaluma Argus-Courier.
05.31.2017Roswell, Ogden Standard-Examiner.
05.30.2017Roswell, Tucson Daily Citizen.
05.30.2017Roswell, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
05.30.2017Roswell, Deming Headlight.
05.29.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
05.29.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
05.29.2017Roswell, Albuquerque Journal.
05.27.2017Roswell, Flying disc above Carrizozo.
05.27.2017Roswell, Middletown Times-Herald.
05.27.2017Roswell, Clovis News-Journal.
05.26.2017Roswell, The Guardian.
05.25.2017Roswell, Pampa Daily News.
05.25.2017Roswell, Gallup Independent.
05.25.2017Roswell, Columbus Sunday Dispatch.
05.25.2017Roswell, Press and News.
05.24.2017Roswell: Look Magazine, 1967.
05.24.2017Roswell, Rawin radar targets explain saucers.
05.24.2017Roswell, Daily Tribune, July 9, 1947.
05.24.2017Roswell, Vidette-Messenger, July 7, 1947.
05.23.2017Roswell: Carey and Schmitt 1999, part 1.
05.23.2017Roswell: Carey and Schmitt 1999, part 2.
05.22.2017Aliens at work on Tabby's Star?.
05.20.2017Roswell: Donald Burleson, 2002.
05.20.2017Roswell: Robert Durant, 1998.
05.19.2017Roswell: Kevin Randle on Col. Blanchard's leave, 1994.
05.19.2017Roswell: Don Berliner, 1996.
05.19.2017Roswell: Leo Spear.
05.18.2017Roswell: Jaime Shandera DuBose interview, 1991.
05.18.2017Roswell: A reply to Shandera, 1991.
05.10.2017Roswell: Amarillo Daily News, August 6, 1947.
05.10.2017Roswell: Longview News-Journal, July 13, 1947.
05.10.2017Roswell: Amarillo Daily News, July 9, 1947.
05.10.2017Roswell: Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1947.
05.09.2017Roswell: Albuquerque Journal, June 29, 1947.
05.09.2017Roswell: Galveston Daily News, July 9, 1947.
05.09.2017Roswell: Deming Headlight, August 29, 1947.
05.09.2017Roswell: Amarillo Daily News, August 1, 1947.
05.08.2017Roswell: Albuquerque Journal, July 10, 1947.
05.08.2017Roswell: Hope Star, July 11, 1947.
05.08.2017Roswell: Gallup Independent, July 9, 1947.
05.08.2017Roswell: Gallup Independent, July 7, 1947.
05.07.2017Roswell: Las Vegas Daily Optic, June 27, 1947.
05.07.2017Roswell: The Post-Register, July 1, 1947.
05.06.2017Roswell: Albuquerque Journal, July 6, 1947.
05.06.2017Roswell: Clovis News- Journal, July 6, 1947.
05.06.2017Roswell: Santa Fe New Mexican, July 8, 1947.
05.05.2017Roswell: Gallup Independent, July 2, 1947.
05.05.2017Roswell: Albuquerque Journal, July 2, 1947.
05.05.2017Roswell: Joplin Globe, July 10, 1947.
05.05.2017Roswell: Clovis News-Journal, June 27, 1947.
05.04.2017Roswell: Gallup Independent, July 1, 1947.
05.04.2017Roswell: Albuquerque journal, July 1, 1947.
05.03.2017Roswell: Gallup Independent, June 30, 1947.
05.03.2017Roswell: Clovis News-Journal, June 30, 1947.
05.03.2017Roswell: Las Cruces Sun-News, June 30, 1947.
05.02.2017Roswell: Len Stringfield in 1989.
04.29.2017Roswell: Anna Willmon.
04.29.2017Roswell: Search of witness archeologists, 1994.
04.28.2017Roswell: Joe Briley.
04.28.2017Roswell: Crash sites in the ABQ Journal.
04.27.2017Roswell: Patrick Saunders.
04.27.2017Roswell: Vernon D. Zorn.
04.26.2017Roswell: Ethel Sims.
04.26.2017Roswell: Elmer Landry.
04.26.2017Roswell: Anonymous 1, update.
04.25.2017Roswell: E. L. Pyles.
04.25.2017Roswell: Paul Wilmot.
04.24.2017Roswell: Mr. and Mrs Dan Wilmot.
04.24.2017Roswell: William Woody, update.
04.23.2017Roswell: Ted Bloecher in 1956.
04.23.2017Roswell: Frank Edwards in 1956.
04.22.2017Roswell: Saga UFO Report in 1974.
04.22.2017Roswell: Frank Edwards in 1966.
04.22.2017Roswell: Harold Wilkins, 1954.
04.22.2017Roswell: TRUE Magazine in 1952.
04.22.2017Roswell: RAAF and 509th BG history for July 1947.
04.21.2017Roswell: Barbara Dugger.
04.21.2017Roswell: Ernest Lueras.
04.20.2017Roswell: Dan Dwyer.
04.20.2017Roswell: Albert Duran.
04.19.2017Roswell: Elaine Vegh.
04.18.2017Roswell: 1991, doubts on the debris.
04.15.2017Roswell: Leonard Stringfield, in 1989.
04.15.2017Roswell: Beverly Bean.
04.14.2017Roswell: Carey and Schmitt in IUR, 1999.
04.14.2017Roswell: Vernon Brazel.
04.13.2017Roswell: Paul Brazel.
04.13.2017Roswell: Howard Scoggin.
04.12.2017Roswell: Tommy Tyree.
04.12.2017Roswell: Edgar Izard.
04.11.2017Roswell: Fleck Danley.
04.11.2017Roswell: A comment on the book 'The Roswell Incident'.
04.10.2017Roswell: A 'Roswell Incident' book review.
04.09.2017Roswell: The interview of Jesse Marcel by Bob Pratt in 1979.
04.09.2017Roswell: MUFON Journal in 1980.
04.08.2017Roswell: Bud Payne.
04.08.2017Roswell: Leonard Stringfield, 1978.
04.07.2017Roswell: Robert Lida.
04.07.2017Roswell: Ann Harris.
04.06.2017Roswell: An archaeologist.
04.06.2017Roswell: Francis Cassidy.
04.06.2017Roswell: an anonymous MP.
04.05.2017Roswell: William Anderson.
04.04.2017Roswell: Robin Adair.
04.02.2017Roswell: Chase Brandon.
04.01.2017ALSACAT: La Robertsau 1976.
04.01.2017ALSACAT: North from Strasbourg 1976.
03.31.2017ALSACAT: Rhinau ferry 1977.
03.31.2017ALSACAT: Mulhouse 1971.
03.30.2017ALSACAT: Issenheim 1954.
03.30.2017ALSACAT: Mulhouse 1950.
03.30.2017ALSACAT: Ergersheim 2015.
03.30.2017ALSACAT: Alsace 2016.
03.29.2017ALSACAT: Ingwiller 1945.
03.29.2017ALSACAT: Colmar 1945.
03.29.2017ALSACAT: Wollschwiller 1971.
03.28.2017ALSACAT: Strasbourg or Speyer 1944.
03.27.2017ALSACAT: Erstein 1944.
03.26.2017ALSACAT: Haguenau 1944.
03.25.2017ALSACAT: Saverne 1944.
03.24.2017ALSACAT: Colmar 1955.
03.23.2017ALSACAT: at the Musmiss.
03.22.2017France 1954: La Roulerie, update.
03.22.2017France 1954: Ygrande, update.
03.22.2017France 1954: Fréjus, update.
03.20.2017France 1954: Gondecourt-le-Château.
03.20.2017France 1954: Saint-Martin-aux-Chartrains, update.
03.02.2017France 1954: Orchamps-Vennes, update.
03.02.2017France 1954: Le Cateau-Cambrésis, update.
03.01.2017France 1954: Grenoble, update.
03.01.2017France 1954: Rodez.
02.28.2017France 1954: Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, update.
02.28.2017France 1954: Mertrud, update.
02.27.2017France 1954: Grenoble, update.
02.25.2017France 1954: Origny-en-Thiérache, update.
02.25.2017France 1954: Le Cheylard.
02.24.2017France 1954: Hettange-Grande.
02.23.2017France 1954: Noiron-sur-Seine.
02.23.2017France 1954: Dijon.
02.22.2017France 1954: Pau, update.
02.18.2017France 1954: Lewarde, update.
02.18.2017France 1954: Ecaillon, update.
02.17.2017France 1954: Vernosc-les-Annonay, update.
02.17.2017France 1954: Milly-la-Forêt, update.
02.16.2017France 1954: Ouessant
02.15.2017France 1954: Prémanon, update.
02.15.2017France 1954: La Flotte-en-Ré, update.
02.14.2017France 1954: Charron, update.
02.13.2017France 1954: Taupignac, update.
02.11.2017France 1954: Bénestroff, update.
02.11.2017France 1954: Guébling, update.
02.11.2017France 1954: La Ferté-Gaucher.
02.10.2017France 1954: Le Havre, update.
02.10.2017France 1954: Prouvy, update.
02.09.2017France 1954: Mailly-le-Camp, update.
02.08.2017France 1954: Saint-Marcel, update.
02.07.2017France 1954: Méral, update.
02.06.2017France 1954: Arraye-et-Han, update.
02.04.2017France 1954: Blanzay.
02.03.2017France 1954: Oye-Plage, update.
02.03.2017France 1954: Carrepuis.
02.02.2017France 1954: Mont Ventoux, update.
02.02.2017France 1954: Brest.
01.31.2017France 1954: Hon-Hergies.
01.31.2017France 1954: Fonfrède, update.
01.31.2017France 1954: Clamecy, update.
01.30.2017France 1954: Villers-le-Tilleul, update.
01.28.2017France 1954: Vicq.
01.27.2017France 1954: Figeac, update.
01.27.2017France 1954: Faverges, update.
01.27.2017France 1954: Brive-la-Gaillarde.
01.26.2017France 1954: Saint-Avold, update.
01.26.2017France 1954: Aubenas.
01.26.2017France 1954: Turquestein, update.
01.25.2017France 1954: Wimereux, update.
01.25.2017France 1954: Metz, update.
01.25.2017France 1954: Montrond-le-Château, Metz.
01.24.2017France 1954: Le Crotoy, Hardinval, update.
01.23.2017France 1954: Vigneux, update.
01.23.2017France 1954: Montagny-Sainte-Félicité.
01.21.2017France 1954: Ramatuelle.
01.21.2017France 1954: Guînes, update.
01.21.2017France 1954: Eu, update.
01.20.2017France 1954: Clermont-Ferrand, update.
01.20.2017France 1954: Cabestany, update.
01.19.2017France 1954: Croix de Nivollet, update.
01.19.2017France 1954: Albussac, update.
01.18.2017France 1954: Lille.
01.18.2017France 1954: Tromborn, update.
01.17.2017France 1954: Décines.
01.13.2017France 1954: Saint-Amand-Montrond, update.
01.13.2017France 1954: Cenon, MàJ.
01.13.2017Press 1954: France-Soir, Oct. 12.
01.12.2017France 1954: Sainte-Mère-Eglise.
01.12.2017France 1954: Comines.
01.12.2017France 1954: Omont, update.
01.11.2017France 1954: Marcilly-sur-Vienne, update.
01.10.2017France 1954: Blausac.
01.10.2017France 1954: Biot, update.
01.10.2017France 1954: Hyères, update.
01.09.2017France 1954: Morsbach, update.
01.09.2017France 1954: Beaumont, update.
01.07.2017France 1954: Egleton.
01.07.2017France 1954: Villers-le-Lac, MàJ.
01.07.2017France 1954: Louhans, MàJ.
01.07.2017France 1954: Montrollet
01.06.2017France 1954: Narbonne
01.06.2017France 1954: Sarreguemines, update.
01.05.2017France 1954: Paris
01.05.2017France 1954: Varennes, update.
01.05.2017France 1954: Rehainviller, update.
01.04.2017France 1954: Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac
01.04.20171954 Press: France-Soir, Oct. 12.
01.03.2017France 1954: Marsannay-la-Côte, update.
01.03.20171954 Press: France-Soir, Oct. 9.

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