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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, on pages 1 and 6 (missing), on July 6, 1947.


Entire Crew Of Airliner Views Nine

Saucer Like Objects Maneuver in Air; Over West, Reported Larger Than Aircraft

By The Associated Press

Hundreds of persons throughout the west told Saturday of seeing mysterious sky discs while scattered observers elsewhere in the country said that the bright, saucer like objects zipped high over them in the Independence day sky.

From Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California in the far west, Louisiana in the south, Michigan in the midwest, Pennsylvania in the east and Canada's east coast Prince Edward islands came reports of the strange objects first reported over Washington state June 25 by Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho.

Both ground and aerial observers told of seeing the discs. Early in the afternoon Portland, Ore., police, swamped with calls, issued an all ear alert and within minutes two patrol cars radioed reports that they were watching the discs.

Observers dais that they were certain they were not the 24 P-80 jet planes which were high over that city Friday.

At 2:50 p.m., a group of picknickers at Twin Falls, Idaho, said they saw discs going west. A few minutes later another group was seen and a third group of the discs - the total number was estimated at about 35 - was seen also speeding west. Nearly 60 persons were in the observing group.

At 7 p.m., George Astor of Spokane, Wash., said a group of two hundred persons observed one disc circle for 30 minutes at Hauser lake, Idaho before it zoomed upward and disappeared.

The entire crew of a United Air lines plane said they saw the discs - "like a pancake standing on end" - eight minutes after taking off from Boise at 9:04 p.m., and kept them in sight for about 12 minutes.

Yeoman Frank Ryman of the Seattle coast guard photographed a disc - but it appeared in the negative only as a pinpoint of light.

A Los Angeles pilot and his companion said they were "scared silly" when they saw what they thought was one of the flying saucers moving swiftly north by northeast at seven thousand feet, some two thousand feet above their plane.

At New Orleans, Lilian Laulers said she saw one going northeast over Lake Pontchartrain Friday night. Port Huron, Mich., also joined the reporting group.

And for the first time, reports came from the east. Something round with a luminous halo was sighted over Philadelphia, but Dr. M. K. Leisy said it appeared to be going at about the speed of the wind below clouds.

From Summerside, Canada, on Prince Edward island, came reports of the discs, one was said to be moving south and another southwest.

Flying in Formation

BOISE, July 5. (AP) -- the entire crew of a west bound Boise to Seattle United Air lines plane Friday night reported that they had seen nine flying discs near the airline's route over Emmett, Idaho.

Capt. E. J. Smith of UAL trip 105 which left Boise at 9:04 p.m., said that his copilot, First Officer Ralph

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