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I started this website in March 2000. It has more than 23 000 html files now, but this is still only a small proportion of the amount of documentation, case studies and information I published compared to the mass of information I intend to publish. Thank you for your visit and support!

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UFOs at close sight


I used to overlook UFOs and related phenomena as a mix of hallucinations and hoaxes, of no interesting physical causes worth a minute of time. Then some curious, odd, or stunning facts in the scientific and official information usually spread on this topic amazed me. Missing official archives, but also release of official documents about UFO sightings? Faked pictures, but also radar signatures of UFOs published by Air Forces? Several incompatible official explanations for the same case? The more I looked into it, the more it became interesting and complex. With this site, I hope to share my interrogations, doubts and also information and studies on a fascinating topic.

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