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You can find here various documents, publications and articles about the UFO phenomenon generally referred to from the other sections of this site.


Click!The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of the United States Air Force Project Blue Book. If you do not read it, stop talking about UFOs.

Click!Flying Saucers Are Real by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, ret. 1950.

Click!Presentation at the House Committee on Science and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Dr. James McDonald, 1968.


Click!The UFO phenomenon in the serious press. A collection of fair articles about UFOs originating from respectable newspapers and magazines. Tabloids are full of UFO events, some of them genuine, most of them hoaxes. But still, respected press media have, rarely, published informative articles on the phenomenon, without ridiculization and mockery. It is little known, but some articles have even reached the same conclusion that I have: there are UFOs, and the most logical explanation to some of the cases is that they are crafts of extra terrestrial origin.

Click!The UFO phenomenon in the daily Press. A collection of more than 1500 UFO related articles from daily newspaper all around the world and from all times.

Click!A collection of ufologists' papers, small parts of the small history of ufology.

Click!The UFO phenomenon in the magazines. A collection of articles from various popular magazines all around the world and from all times.

Click!The UFO phenomenon on the TV. A collection of articles and reviews about TV reports and documentaries on the UFO phenomenon.

My articles:

Click! Is ET absurd?, by this website's author.
Click! Mothman stories in Point Pleasant, 1966: facts and fiction, by this website's author.
Click! Comments for the author of "Why don't we see the aliens?", by this website's author.
Click! 5 reasons against the extraterrestrial hypothesis, by Jacques Vallée and my reasons going the other way.
Click! Do ufologist really think that hypnosis is a truth serum?
Click! Air-France flight 3532 sighting, January 28, 1994.
Click! The alleged sighting at Cussac, France, August 29, 1967.
Click! A recent pseudo-case of collective hysteria.

(More in the respective relevant sections of this website, of course).

I read for you:

Click! Review of "UFO Mysteries: a Reporter Seeks the Truth" by Curt Sutherly.
Click! Critical comments on "Ovnis - Les Agents du Changement", a book by Fabrice Bonvin.
Click! Ubik-batman in West Virginia.
Click! "UFOs in space - astronauts saw them - chronology of close encounters of the space conquest", article by Claude Burkel, "Top Secret" magazine, N.25, june-july 2006.
Click! "O.V.N.I - la fin du secret", (UFOs the end of secrecy), book by Robert Roussel, 1979.

More than 50 years of disclosure:

Pilots, military personal and institutional researchers have been speaking about the reality behind some UFO sightings reports, about the origin of the UFO phenomenon, and about the information blacked-out by many authorities, civilian or military, in many countries. For more than 50 years, courageous people spoke, often at their risk. This section of my site is a collection of the information they disclosed. It is not always backed up by hard evidence, it is generally impossible to get the supporting evidence, but it is a fact that these people told these stories.


Here is a collection of various interviews.

Open letters:

Open letters, position statements and answers to open letters:

Click! 40 questions by Joe Firmage, and my 40 answers.
Click! French ufology in 2008, Japanese government and UFOs.

Articles and reports by ufologists:

The UFO phenomenon by serious ufologists. A collection of articles and papers by well known and respectable ufologist with a long experience of the phenomenon. (Please see also the "science section, since a number of ufologist are qualified academic scientists.)

Click! Review of Susan Clancy's book "Abducted: How people Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens", by Stanton Friedman.
Click! The interview of Jacques Vallée by Marie-Thérèse de Brosses on the radio "Ici et maintenant" in Paris, Tuesday February 14, 2006, commented summary, by Gildas Bourdais, March 2006.
Click! A Curious Chronological Cluster of Consecutive Canadian Cases, by Chris Rutkowski, UFOROM.
Click! There is no point in claiming UFOs transcend physics, by myself.
Click! Brothers cut their UFO chase short, by Bob Pratt.
Click! The Dominique Weinstein catalog of pilot UFO sightings, 1300+ cases over 80 years.
Click! The gradual lifting of UFO secrecy, lecture by Gildas Bourdais at the San Marino Symposium, 9-10 march 2002: "UFO, Ufology and institutional recognition."
Click! Current UFO sightings puzzle Saguache County Residents by Christopher O'Brien, investigator in Colorado, 1993.
Click! Aliens down under.
Click! Report on the SEAT's second ET symposium, United Nations 1993 by Antonio Huneeus.
Click! Bud Hopkins about the UFO special on ABC, 2005.
Click! About: proof.
Click! Are UFOs real?, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, USAF UFO consultant, formerly skeptic, answers yes in 1966.
Click! OVNI soit qui mal y pense: Pierre Lagrange is a misunderstood French sociologist, he does NOT think that UFOs are science fiction inspired fantasies.
Click! The science of UFOs: facts versus skepticism: an article by Richard Hall whose goal is to raise a scientific interest in the phenomenon.
Click! The Banality Principle: incommensurability according to Aimé Michel, 1973.
Click! The truth about the Condon Report, the Condon Report rebuttal by NICAP.
Click! Saucers and soldiers, the Amazon scenario examined, UFOs in the Amazon, by Scott Corrales, IHU.
Click! CIOVI Bulletin 1962, UFO sightings in Uruguay.
Click! Down, down, down with censorship, by Donald E. Keyhoe.
Click! Someone's watching over us, by Donald E. Keyhoe.
Click! I know the secret of the flying saucers, by Donald E. Keyhoe.
Click! What radar tells us about the flying saucers, by Donald E. Keyhoe.
Click! NIDS about flying trinagles.
Click! Conceptualizing UFOs, by Richard H. Hall, 2001.

Ufology magazines from all over the world:

Click! APRO Bulletin, July 1957, APRO, USA.
Click! Civilian Saucer Investigation (CSI) Bulletin #4, Fall 1953, USA.
Click! Civilian Saucer Investigation (CSI) Bulletin #3, Summer 1953, USA.
Click! Civilian Saucer Investigation (CSI) Bulletin #1, Fall 1952, USA.
Click! Nordic UFO Newsletter, 1988, N.1, Europe.
Click! Nordic UFO Newsletter, February 1985, Europe.
Click! Nordic UFO Newsletter, February 1983, Europe.
Click! Nordic UFO Newsletter, 1981, #2, Europe.
Click! Nordic UFO Newsletter, 1981, #1, Europe.
Click! UFO Chile, 1967, August, #1, Chile.
Click! UFO Chile, 1967, October, #2, Chile.
Click! UFO Chile, 1968, January, #3, Chile.
Click! UFO Chile, 1968, April, #4, Chile.


Addresses of ufology groups in various countries:

Click! France
Click! Belgium
Click! Canada
Click! United Kingdom
Click! New Zealand

Ufology groups:

Click! UFO Wisconsin, USA.

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