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The seemingly "absurd" extraterrestrial visitors:

A school of thought in ufology argues that UFOs are "absurd"; by that they mean that if these are extraterrestrial beings and their craft, then these extraterrestrial beings have an absurd behavior, hence UFOs are not of extraterrestrial origin but something else, which goes from "forged extraterrestrials created by a mysterious "intelligence" to delude us" to "paranormal events like fairies, ghosts and spoon bending." On the basis of argument going from science-fiction inspired prejudices about what the extraterrestrials are supposed to do and not do, to the alleged basis of a whole series of reports of fairies, ghosts and other events or stories interpreted as "paranormal phenomena", they say that the idea of an extraterrestrial origin as the cause of some UFO reports is "obsolete ufology."

Because I am of a skeptical nature, I thus prefer to examine closely what is put forth as foundation for this idea rather than to accept it as valid without making the necessary checking.

I noted that this so-called "absurdity of ET", and these mixing together with phenomena attributed to the "paranormal", rest on a certain number of errors, sometimes huge errors and a casebook which does not reveal any "paranormal" but very "normal" things, generally indeed without any relevance to the UFO problem.

As it is not enough to just say this, I publish a collection of reasons that are fundamental to my opinions:

1: UFOs, Fairies, Ghost, this is not all the same.

2: Alleged "ultraterrestrial" or "supraterrestrial" beings are hogwash.

3: Objections to the notion of alien visitors have no value.

To be continued...

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This page was last updated on April 13, 2007.