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Fairies, goblins and demons do not use telepathy:

Some authors defending that the UFO phenomenon and stories of fairies and goblins are the same phenomenon, with an aim of saying that the UFOs have nothing extraterrestrial, rest this claim on alleged similarities between UFO reports and fairies stories, so-called "invariants" or "constants".

One of these alleged invariants relates to "telepathy."

These researchers say that what people mistake for extraterrestrial beings communicate by telepathy, and say that fairies, goblins, demons and others such "beings " also communicate by telepathy.

The book by Jacques Vallée "Passport to Magonia", of 1969, oddly titled "Chronics of the extraterrestrial appearances" in French, and founding book of the thesis that UFOs and fairies are one phenomenon and that fairies just like aliens are indeed physically real but non-extraterrestrial. The book never suggested that the fairies use telepathy, it however presents a number of fairies stories. Take this book by Jacques Vallée, as like I did, check for yourself this alleged telepathy communication of fairies:


On 107 descriptions of fairies, demons, gnomes, goblins and other creatures of legend from the entire world presented from the most various sources by Jacques Vallée, there is not a single case in which these creatures communicate by telepathy.

This "invariant" is a pure fabrication.

18300Catholic ChurchSaint AntoineNo.
200Surya SiddhantaSiddhas, perfect men.No.
21Middle ageParacelseMysterious beingsNo.
22BiblicalMontfaucin de VillarsSadaims, Daimones.No.
21AntiquePlutarqueA race of demonsNo.
22Moyen âgeZedechiasSylphesNo.
261491Facius CardanSeven menNo.
271768GoetheLights of goblinsNo.
421846WentzPat Finney and a womanNo.
43-WentzThe Sleagh Maith.No.
44-WentzThe little peopleNo.
46-Paul SébillotThe fions.No.
46-HartlandLittle men.No.
50BiblicalThe BibleTwo angelsNo.
60Leroux de LincyFairies.No.
65Hartland12 Algonquin fairies.No.
66-WentzStrange hockey players.No.
82-WentzA leprechaunNo.
84-VillemarquéKorrigans and dwarvesNo.
85AnonymousThe "moon eyes".No.
85Bob SilverbergThe "moon eyes".No.
851797BartonThe "Whites".No.
87-WentzFairies of Britanny.No.
891850GelinGoblins of the Poitou.No.
901849WentzThe Braves PeopleNo.
91-WentzThe Gentlemen of an islandNo.
91-AgrippaThe Friday demons.No.
93-Brian StrossThe Ikals.No.
94-Gordon CreightonA Hek.No.
95-Piaute indiansThe Hac-Musuwa.No.
961620-A green demon.No.
96830Corneil Van KemperSome Whites Ladies.No.
971691A Scottish savantCreatures in Scotland.No.
100-KirkThe Braves People.No.
100-ParacelseElemental beingsNo.
101-WentzA Morrigu.No.
101-WentzBlack beings.No.
1021014WentzA fairie.No.
107-KirkThe SithsNo.
107-Alfred NoyesThe SithsNo.
108-CampbellPygmies of the cold countries.No.
108-CampbellThe Lapanach.No.
109-MacDougalThe Tamhasg, the AmhuishNo.
109Inde antiqueTysonPigmies of tha Ancients.No.
110Perse antiqueTysonBlack Pigmies.No.
110BiblicalEzechielGammadins, or "courageaous people".No.
110Epoque celteMcRitchieFenlanders [Finland?], Awisk, dwarves.No.
110Epoque celteMcRitchieThe Awisks dwarves.No.
1111400Evêque Thomas BullochA race of dwarves in the Orkneys islands.No.
111McRitchiePeiths, Picts or Piks in Scandinavia.No.
112Prêtres irlandaisDwarves of legend, the Tamhaisg.No.
113CampbellTamhaisgs, the best warriors of the King of France.No.
115297WainwrightThe Picties [Pixies?], Scottish pigmies.No.
115WainwrightThe Papae, Scottish pigmies.No.
116Walter ScottDwarves living underground.No.
1181966KeelA Mothman.No.
1181966KeelA Mothman.No.
1181837KeelA being with a large nose, helmet, short ears in London.No.
1191838J. VinerJack, ogre with the giant steps boots.No.
1191838J. VinerJack, tall, thin, distinguished, with a cape.No.
1441950ValléeAn invisible assaulter.No.
149WentzThe "brave people" in Knoch Magh playing ball games.No.
149John CampbellThe ennemies.No.
149Reverend KirkBrave people, fairies.No.
150Reverend TaylorFairies.No.
1511671HartlandFairies, Trolls.No.
151Reverend KirkA gnome.No.
151Reverend KirkFairies.No.
153HartlandFairies in Nithdale, Trolls.No.
153An ondin or an ondine.No.
154A little man in Pomerania.No.
154Chinese folklore.No.
155HartlandElves in the North of Scotland.No.
156HartlandAn irascible wife at a burial of fairies.No.
1571825HartlandChidren go to fairyland.No.
159A woman abducted by fairies.No.
159HartlandA child by the fairies.No.
159Acient ChinaWang ChiOld men.No.
160HartlandA typical Danish fairy tale.No.
162Brian StrossBeings of another work flying with sorts of rockets in their back.No.
163Gordon CreightonThe Ikals.No.
1631947Brian StrossThe Ikals.No.
173Anatole FranceArcade, a celestial creature.No.
174William Grant StewartThe fairies.No.
174William Grant StewartA female lananshi.No.
174KirkFamiliar spirits.No.
175WentzA fairie in love.No.
1761600Frater SinistrasiAn incubus wants to seduce a woman.No.
184Gnacciuswitches are sleeping with devils.No.
185Saint AugustinIncubus, and goblins of the Gallics.No.
185WentzIncubus and succubus.No.
186Frater SinistrasiThe AntéchristNo.
191ShakespeareThe fairies.No.
1941879A kind of "autel" landed and three luminous characters go down from there, they are Saints.No.
1991531A young Mexican girl of stunning beauty.No.
2041897The 1897 airship.No.
211Gervaise de TilburyA man in a "cloudship".No.

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