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Aliens down under:

An article from the Newsgroup alt.paranet.abduct circa 2000.

See also, CE3 catalogue, Australia, New Zealand.

To answer your question about aliens/abductions here in Australia. Our present population is currently 17, going on 18, million. 30 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly, it was around 11 million. Then, as now, most people live along the coast with the greatest population density obviously being in the cities. Racially, there are Aboriginal Australians, people of British, European and Asian decent, with, of course, a healthy mixture of smaller numbers of people from all over the world, but it wasn't always this way. Previous to the late 1960 there was a racist immigration policy in place that only allowed white people to take up residence in this country. Australians I think are, in comparison to Americans, more cautious and reserved. On the surface Australians may appear very happy go lucky, but overall I think we are less inclined to get involved in things unknown, be they business ventures, or reporting strange, abduction suggestive experiences. Having said this, the age of those reporting abductions are across the board, racially they are usually white, but this, no doubt, has a lot to do with the immigration history of this country.

As mentioned previously, our greatest difficulties are reports from remote locations and reports long after the event. For example, one of the most fascinating and complex UFO/abduction suggestive cases ever reported to us was from a couple in a remote location. The case was so rich in detail, but the couple so physically inaccessable to us, that we were investigating by correspondence. Unfortunately, mid investigation, the couple moved suddenly and all attempts at reestablishing contact have failed. We are not at liberty to discuss this case for we never received clearance to do so, so I'm afraid I can't relate any further information about it. Less complex, but equally as compelling, was a report from an elderly couple also living in a remote location. They were on a caravaning holiday and, late at night, on a dark lonely road, saw a UFO suddenly large before them. Then, abruptly, they were pulled of the road, their engine off, facing in the opposite direction. Obviously something happened. Our Research Director's attempts at arranging an in person meeting were never realized. So, again, confined to correspondence, progress has been slow and difficult. Personally, I find a case, such as this, most fascinating of all. Firstly, because the couple were awake, secondly because they were in a very isolated spot in the dead of night, thirdly because they saw a UFO immediately prior to experiencing missing time. As an example of a report long after the event, there was a small goblin like creature that entered a camping shack earlier this century in Western Australia. If my memory serves me correctly, an elderly lady reported this encounter. It happened when she was a teenager. Her father caught the creature in a fishing net and ejected it from the cabin.

With regards to the types of aliens seen. Again calling on my memory, Janet X, in Adelaide during the 50s, was transported to an alien world by human looking aliens in overalls. Again in South Australia, a human looking alien was seen in the country, in the Clare area, during a period of strange phenomena in that vicinity. Keith Basterfield has these records. Please feel free to jump in and correct me if my memory is in error here, Keith. In 1868, in Parramatta, New South Wales, surveyor, Fred Wm. Birmingham, "had a wonderful dream - a vision...." during which he saw "an `Ark'" and encountered a "spirit" whom he described as being "like a neutral tint shade and the shape of a man in his usual frock dress." Birmingham entered the ark which he also described as "a machine to go through the air." In the "pilot house" he "felt miserably queer - just like one who undertaking a billet or post he knows nothing of. So I remained for some considerable time, when I was aroused as it were from my reverie by the voice of the spirit on my right hand, who said, `Here are some papers for your guidance'." These papers were covered with figures and formulae. Birmingham noted: "...Thinking the formulae and figures of other kinds might be too intricate for my comprehension I said to the spirit - `Oh! Will I want them?' The spirit replied slowly, but with marked emphasis, `it is absolutely necessary that you should know these things but, you can study them as you go on'." Among the "figures and formulae" Birminghams saw were: _ V = 550 + (500 + _/H) / The experience finished as follows: "I again cast down my eyes between my hands as it were on the table considering silently the words of the holy spirit and when I looked about I found I was alone in the ark! So I fell, I suppose, into my usual sleeping state, and waking next morning deeply impressed with that vision of the night..." This case, investigated by Bill Chalker, is, so I understand, still under ongoing investigation by Bill. Considering it happened in 1868, and therefore making allowances for the way Birmingham related to the experience as per his times, I think the case fascinatingly similar to modern day abductions.

I draw upon articles written by Keith Basterfield, based on his investigations and those of colleagues throughout Australia, for the following.

Until recent times, aliens were seen unrelated to abduction as follows:

In 1968, Smithfield NSW, a 21 year old machinist walking home from work, saw, whilst crossing a small park, upon looking up, a very unusual object in the sky which was very close to him - estimated at 200-500 feet away. The witness ran quickly home and got out his telescope and, looking through it, saw the object. It was saucer shaped. On the top half there was a squarish window at which stood a blackish figure silhouetted by yellow light with both arms outstretched on the window sill. On the underneath of the craft were blue and orange pulsating lights rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. (Note: a photo unrelated to the above, but seemingly of a person standing looking out of a window on board a UFO, was taking in Alberton, South Australia, in May/June 1967.)

The following, related by the wife of the percipient, after his death, happened in 1968 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Early one morning the witness arose and went outside. Visible over the nearby Table Cape was a hovering greyish shape which he described as a "zeppelin" (suggestive of a cigar) shaped airship. There seemed to be windows along the "airship" and it moved as if there were people moving around inside.

In 1974, on the road between St Helens and Ansons Bay, in NE Tasmania, an Ansons Bay resident, driving home from St Helens, stopped to light a cigarette when she happened to notice an object in a nearby paddock at ground level. There were a number of lights around the object and "men" were observed going up and down a ramp which lead into it.

In 1976, a 17 year old youth, in Daw Park, Sth Aust, whose radio began giving off static at the same time his dog began barking, went to investigate. Through a window, looking on to the back lawn, he saw a figure which seemed humanoid and which was dressed in a silver suit, white boots, and wore a visor-like object over its head. On the entity's chest was a 30 by 30 centimeter box with a symbol, like a vertical figure of eight, on it. The figure was 165-175 cm tall with normal arm and leg proportions. His suit appeared to be all in one piece.

In an isolated part of Belmont North, a suburb of Newcastle, NSW, not far from the cliffs overlooking the ocean, one night in August 1966, a woman was awakened by a buzzing sound. Upon opening her eyes, she saw a bright light shining in through her bedroom window. Curious, she got up to look and saw, not more that 15-25 meters away, in the space between her backyard and the cliffs, a round object, like a large musical top, sitting right in the paddock beside her home. The woman called to her son, but got no response. She then noticed movement in her garden below, and was shocked to see a person walking towards the house and looking at the ground, as if searching for something. When the being was only about 3 meters away, the woman quickly shut the window. The noise caused the visitor to glance up at her and quickly retreat towards a 45 cm high side fence. The entity reached the fence and stepped over, but continued watching the witness. She rushed and got her son. Together they sped to the window but found both the entity and the object gone. All that could be seen was bright glowing spot, much larger than a star, about 1.6 km away.

The object seen in the paddock was a very large top shape with a light, similar to a car's headlight, on its apex. The light rotated and projected a yellowish-white beam which illuminated the paddock, house and garden, as it swept around. The object itself glowed red and gold and showed a surface pattern like that of a camouflaged tank. It gave out a continuous low pitched buzzing sound. The whole structure was about 5 meters across and 1.3 meters high. A 35 cm lighted strip ran around the object and looked like a panoramic window. There were no supports, landing gear or other protrusions.

The being was described as 105-120 cm tall with body proportions normal by our standards. Its mannerisms and appearance were also normal. The entity seemed to be dressed in an olive-green, skin tight, suit of dull material. The suit, which lacked fastenings, had a helmet of the same material with a face plate of a non-transparent, orange colored, plastic-like substance. The being's hands were not clearly seen, but appeared to be covered with gloves of olive-green colour. The boots were white-gray and looked like basketball shoes.

The whole experience lasted around 15 minutes.

In the Waimata Valley, New Zealand, December 2, 1977, a farmer was awoken by his dog barking and, upon investigation, saw a landed "flying saucer" on the ground. Two humanoids were carrying one of his dogs between them and moving towards the object. They were 143 cm tall and wore close fitting, metallic silver overalls and white, opaque helmets. These overalls were gathered at the ankles with elastic cuffs which extended over red glowing boots. On the entities' hands were large silver gauntlets with flared arm coverings extending half way up the forearms. The white helmets were rounded like large motorcycle helmets and extended from shoulder to shoulder without any markings or openings. Alarmed my this sight, the farmer fired a shot and apparently winged one of the entities for the two beings dropped the dog and the wounded one ran off into some nearby bushes while the other ran into the craft which took off at speed.

Also from New Zealand, but stranger, is the August 1944 or 1945 sighting of a UFO and its occupants. Originally investigated by Bruce Harding. I call upon an article by Harold J. Knapman to relate the following: Mrs C, a nursing sister at Cashmere Sanitorium, went, on her day, off for a solitary walk around the hills at the back of the Sanitorium. Walking amongst low hilly slopes, with hill scrub, Mrs C encountered an "upturned saucer" sitting on a gentle slope. The UFO was on a rise and the witness felt that, although it was "very close to the road," it would have been hidden from the road by the slight rise. Despite being alone, Mrs C walked quietly over towards the object and stopped and stared at it for about 8 to 10 minutes. Thinking it a gimmick from the fair, and seeing "occupants" no more than 4 feet tall, she thought it must be a Japanese device. The "little fellas" she saw were inside transparent cases. One was standing outside and another in the "doorway window," whilst Mrs C could also see the top of a helmet in the "window." She thought the trio were watching the fair and looking at the city lights as they were coming on (it was late afternoon). The occupant outside the craft had no helmet on and was just a green-colored entity, in a transparent oblong, who was not bending over or doing anything in particular - just standing there. Inquisitively Mrs C advanced to within 18 feet of the object, but stood on something and made a slight noise. The entity outside spotted her. His helmet flipped over automatically and he drifted into the vehicle. It intrigued Mrs C that he had no arms with which to pull the helmet down and did not step up into the door opening, just drifted in. "He slid straight into the very small opening," which quickly closed sideways, like a sliding door. Mrs C noticed that the entities "had quite big heads" in proportion to their bodies - nearly almost half body height. The object, was constructed of what seemed to be tiles that fitted together perfectly. They were laid vertically, "long way up - they were tall." The tiles were about 11 to 16 inches high and approximately 8 to 10 inches across. They were light brown in color and had a veneered, wood-grained appearance. The craft was 18 to 20 feet across and 8-9 feet tall, with a metal circle on top that was not a shining aluminium but just "kind of plain, ordinary, aluminium." It looked metallic and seemed like a protective cover that fitted like a glove. Then, on top of the turret, there was a mast-like projection "as long as your arm." It was cylindrical, like a piece of 4 inch pipe. On top of that was a mushroom-shaped, aluminium colored, "cap." This projection and cap arrangement was approximately 18 inches to 2 feet high. Midway along the mast, a blue light shone steadily prior to "lift-off." The base of the object was absolutely flat, dark brown in color, with no lights or markings. Once the occupants were safely inside, the blue light shone and a wirring noise commenced. The craft slowly rose vertically into the cloud and could be seen climbing for a couple of minutes.

Also reported from New Zealand is the case of an elderly woman who at 6.15 p.m on July 11, 1981, whilst stopping on her son's property, retired early to bed. However, upon entering her bedroom, she saw a very bright light shining through the window. Investigating this, she saw a football shaped object in an adjacent paddock which was approximately the size of a compact car. The object which glowed and pulsed, had a light on its lower half which was as bright as a searchlight. Two entities were clearly visible within the craft. One appeared to be piloting from a clear "glass" cabin in the nose whilst the other was standing in a central "glass" tube which extended beyond the top of the craft. This being was using an instrument which resembled a telephone. Both entities were dressed in gray coveralls, had white skin and no hair. The object emitted neither sound nor smell and was approximately 80 meters from the witness. A second smaller object was also visible in the distance. The witness called her son, who, coming to the window, observed the object for about 6 minutes before telling his mother to go to bed and tell no-one what she had seen. Unable to sleep, the woman watched the objects for the next 8 hours as they maneuvered about the fields and sky, descended, hovered, changed direction, ascended, even vibrated, in a random manner, performing many maneuvers at great speed. Eventually they were lost to sight as they ascended "straight up." The objects were viewed on a clear cloudless night and did not leave a discernable physical trace.

With the exception of the 1868 Birmingham case which does seem suggestive of the modern day abduction scenario, sightings of entities up until the modern abduction era have been a mixed bag. Nevertheless, its interesting that aliens were seen adjacent to craft and as well as in them. Their only interest, apparently, was to observe or to seek something unrelated to human affairs, except in the case of the attempted dog napping. They displayed a tendency to cut and run, although I'll include an interesting exception here. Bill Chalker came across an anecdote, handed down within a farming family, of an incident alleged to have happened in 1893 in central New South Wales. A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped aerial object landed in a paddock on his property. As he approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the being - perhaps making some sort of threatening gesture - and the stranger shone some kind of "torch" at him. The farmer was thrown to the ground and stunned. When he regained consciousness, the man and the object had gone. His hand, where the "torch" beam had hit, was allegedly paralysed for life.

Now to the modern day abduction era in Australia:

In 1984 Mark Moravec investigated the experiences of a then 21 year old man. The incident took place in 1974 when, aged 11, the percipient accompanied a 19 year old friend spotlighting (hunting at night) on a 40 hectare property several kilometers from Jindabyn in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. At about 9 p.m. the 11 year old and his friend spotted a bright white spherical light on the ground about 800 metres away. The light appeared to be constant and was estimated to be about 3 meters across and twice the apparent size of the full moon. Although the light was bright, it did not appear to cast much light about it. The light was observed for approximately half an hour. The following night, about 8 p.m., in company with several other friends, they saw the inexplicable stationary light again. About 9 years later, the percipient began having vivid memories of the first evenings sighting. He realized that they had taken about 2 hours to walk only one kilometer. Over a period of approximately 6 months the percipient experienced vivid images but felt that this was material he was not supposed to recall. The percipient related: "I saw myself and my friend approach the light but we weren't walking. We were wrapped in a blue light ourselves. We floated in a door way into a complex room of tubes and benches etc. We were laid on a table. All the while tall thin beings with arms and legs - long fingers (no joints) smooth grey skin and smooth noseless faces watched and kind of squirmed (like when we are waiting in a queue). The room was grey blue (they were light grey) and a bluish light seemed to emanate from the corners of the walls and ceilings. The room was cramped and square... The beings had just enough room to get in between us and around us. They had cream overhead lights to look at us with. We lay there and could see them lean over us. They hooked up wires to our skin and seemed to be able to pull our clothes open without tearing them. They seemed very busy at the time and often would look at each other and pass instruments from one another. As far as I could interpret they were gauging how electromagnetic fields related to my body and the atmosphere. I remember my friend (older than I) tried to resist (he `came round') but they took him away only to return him. His eyes were sunken, he was pale and very cooperative. (He passed out once he layed down.) The tests went on for some time and after literally hundreds of wires had been connected they just took them off, closed up my clothes and left us both. We were not afraid but were not really conscious either. They put us back where we had first seen them and that was that. Two hours had passed since the walk, we had went for about 3 hours... I remember that we regained consciousness after walking across a ridge and spot lighting a horse."

Keith Basterfield investigated the following case, but had difficulty contacting the two percipients for follow up, so details are still sketchy.

On October 24, 1981, two young men, travelling from Broken Hill to Port Lincoln, left Adelaide (Sth Aust) at about 8 a.m., but had car trouble which slowed them down, consequently they reached Whyalla around 9.30-10 p.m. Because the town had shut down for the night, they decided to continue on. A few minutes outside of Whyalla a blue "flare" was seen lighting the sky to the south east. The men stopped and both saw a second light shoot out from beneath the first. This second light moved around and flew up and down gullies and hills before stopping in one particular gully.

The witnesses watched for a while before setting off again. Both talked about what they had seen. Shortly, one of the percipients felt like stopping again and says what happened next is hard to explain. He recalls "drifting off" into a white endless space. A "thing" walked up the road and stopped in front of him. All he could see was part of an entity or figure which looked like it wore an ancient Roman suit. It stood for a while before vanishing. Waking up, the percipient sat quietly until eventually his companion asked, "What happened?" It was near daylight! (What had happened during the 6-7 missing hours?) The man related that he felt like he had not slept for a week. His companion apparently recalls walking into a big white room and also has vague recollections of an entity seen as an outline standing some 15 meteres from the car.

The point at which abductions changed from being missing time events in isolated locations which happened to people while awake to being bedroom abductions of the oftentimes sleeping is hard to pinpoint. It is interesting to note that we see small aliens in old non-abduction sightings, whereas in Jidabyn we see tall thin gray aliens. In none of the cases so far, have we seen the use of telepathy, although there is the suggestion of telepathic communication between the aliens in the Jindabyne case.

I'll note for interest here, a non-abdcution, bedroom visitation that happened on April 12, 1989, at 0025 hrs. Mrs H was aware of lying on her back in bed, looking at the ceiling, with her right hand under her head. Suddenly a strange noise, unlike anything she has ever encountered, started. It was very high pitched, loud and continuous. The noise covered up the sound of her husband's snoring, plus all the external noises. She turned to her right (couldn't say why). On the right side of the bed there was a night table about 40 cm tall, then a wall. On the table was a cup with a little tea in it, a wedding picture, an alarm clock and a box with her gold earings in it. She became afraid and although she felt she could move if she wished, she chose not to do so. By the table there was an entity estimated at 60-70 cm tall. It was semi-transparent, "like looking through a curtain." All around the body boundary was a pinkish color. She noted it wore a bright neon green belt - a green ring (no buckle etc.). It was holding her tea cup and looking into it. The entity replaced it on the table. The woman looked to the head but was unable to describe it. She couldn't describe the hands either. The being moved as if in slow motion. The entity picked up the small box with the earrings but didn't open it. Frightened, the witness moved. The entity replaced the box, touched its belt and disappeared. The noise stopped immediately. It was 0029 hrs.

In the last few years, we have been encountering your classic gray abductors and the Australian experience, at this point in time, does seem to be parallelling the U.S. experience. That is, bedroom abductions, implants etc. There is attendant paranormal phenomena and so these cases are, in fact, more complex than the abductions related here.

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