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UFOs in the Press:

Tabloids are full of UFO events, some of them genuine, most of them hoaxes. But still, respected press media have, rarely, published informative articles on the phenomenon, without ridicule and mockery. It is little known, but some articles have even reached the same conclusion that I have: there are UFOs, and the most logical explanation to some of the cases is that they are crafts of extra terrestrial origin.

Daily Press articles:

Here are several thousands articles of the daily Press about UFOs.

Historical Press articles:

Several not-to-miss articles, milestones in the history of the impact of the UFO phenomenon in the serious written press.

Click! "Do we have visitors from outer space?" from LIFE Magazine with a little help from the US Air Force, USA, 1952, has a conclusion: yes, there are.
Click! "When UFOs land" from Popular Mechanics, USA, 2001, including the pages titles "the fantastic physical evidence that cannot be dismissed".
Click! "UFOs - real?" from Newsweek, USA, 1966.
Click! "Why Don't The Damn Things Swim so we can turn them over to the Navy!", by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt USAFR, from TRUE, USA, 1967.
Click! "I know the secret of the flying saucers" from TRUE Magazine, USA, 1966, by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (ret.)
Click! "Follow the bouncing ball" from TRUE Magazine, USA, 1967, by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (ret.)
Cliquez! "Someone's watching over us", by Maj. Donald Keyhoe, ret., 1967.
Click! "Why I believe in flying saucers" from Popular Science, USA, 1966, including the pages titles "the fantastic physical evidence that cannot be dismissed".
Click! "Navy officer tells how scientists of the US Air Force tracked a flying saucer" from TRUE Magazine, by Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, US Navy.
Click! In 1953 already, Lt. Plantier of the French Air Force is convinced of correspondances between an hypothetical "ideal" craft and the features observed with UFOs.
Click! "Foo Fighters" in NEWSWEEK, January 15, 1945.

Press review:

A review of current and older press articles about UFOs with my comments.

Click! "When pilots see UFOs" from the "Air & Space" Magazine, USA, 1987.
Click! "UFO reports raise questions, eyebrows" from the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, USA, 2001.

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