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UFOs in the magazines:

The UFO phenomenon in the magazines, a collection of magazine articles reporting UFO observations or UFO related information, by magazines from all countries. These articles are linked from their respective dossier on this site. This page is merely a tentative answer to the question "if UFOs existed they would be in the magazines."

Click! Komsomolskaia Pravda USA "KGB has opened his secrets on UFOs".
Click! Popular Mechanics USA "What the government really knows about UFO sightings", etc. three articles.
Click! Europe Europe "To chinese UFO buffs, it's a serious science", a short article about a UFology club in Hong Kong.
Click! Saga Magazine U-K "U.F.O., review", an excellent 14 pages article on the excellent full-length movie documentary by Greene-Rouse productions in 1956.
Cliquez! TRUE Magazine USA "Someone's watching over us", by Maj. Donald Keyhoe, USM ret., 1966.
Cliquez! TRUE Magazine USA "Follow the bouncing ball", by Maj. Donald Keyhoe, USM ret., 1967.
Cliquez! TIME USA "Martians over France", French 1954 Martians in TIME Magazine, 1954.
Cliquez! Paris-Match France "The latest American investigation on flying saucers seriously raises the question: do we have visitors from another world in our skies?", Paris-Match, 1952.

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