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50 years of disclosure efforts:

People unaware of the UFO sightings reports history believe that if there were really UFOs other than explained by trivial causes, military personal would have spoken about it at least unofficially. They believe that it is not so. They are wrong.

Pilots, military personal and institutional researchers have been speaking about the reality behind some UFO sightings reports, about the origin of the UFO phenomenon, and about the information blacked-out by many authorities, civilian or military, in many countries. For more than 50 years, courageous people spoke, often at their risk. This section of my site is a collection of the information they disclosed. It is not always backed up by hard evidence, it is generally impossible to get the supporting evidence, but it is a fact that these people told these stories.

Note 1: this section does not at all imply that there are no hard evidence or official publications. The latter exist, and they are in the other sections of this website, so that the difference between for example, declassified official documents, and personal statements presented here is clearly established. The personal statements in this section are of course not endorsed by the concerned authorities.

Note 2: this section is new. There is little to be found here so far. This is absolutely not because documentation is scarce, but only because I just started the section.

Military personal:

2002 Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, US Air Force (ret.). Lieutenant Colonel remembers how he read a transmission about UFO flyover of ICBMS site and that the UFO shut down the Minuteman missiles.
2002 Captain Robert Salas, Strategic Air Command officer. Officer in command of an ICBMs launch site remembers how a UFO shut down the Minuteman missiles.
2017 Captain David D. Schindele, US Air Force ret. Officer in command of an ICBMs launch site writes book on Minuteman missiles UFO incidents in 1966.
2002 Colonel Ross Dedrickson: US Air Force/Atomic Energy Commission (ret.), Boeing. Retired Colonel working for Boeing as responsible for accounting for all of the nuclear fleet of Minuteman missiles explains how a UFO fired a beam at a space nuclear weapon.
2002 Professor Robert Jacobs, Lieutenant USAF 1369th Photo Squadron. His mission was to film missile launch tests, he filmed a UFO pacing a missile.
2000 Gordon W. Cammell, RAF/RNZAF, ret. Former RAF/RNZAF pilot reports about several 1st and 2nd hand UFO sightings.
1989 Colonel de Brouwer, BAF. Col. De Brouwer, of the BAF, on the reality of the phenomenon and the lack of ivestigations means due to circular logic and fear of ridicule.
1988 Samuel M. Sherman Film producer talks about the Edwards AFB 1695 incident.
1980 Major George A. Filer, USAF, ret. Former USAF pilot intercepts radar/visual UFO over UK.
1976 Carlos Castro Cavero, General A general of the Spanish Air Force is convinced that UFOs are extraterrestrial.
1967 Major Donald E. Keyhoe, ret. Retired US Marines Donald E. Keyhoe, founder of NICAP, was practically the first to act against UFO secrecy.
1952 General Gerald W. Johnson. General Gerald W. Johnson told MUFON about his UFO sighting over Hermanas and El Paso, USA, in 1952..

See also: 50 years of worlwide disclosure by top military personal.


Just this document as an example:

Dr. James E. McDonald, University of Arizona. A brief position article by physicist James E. McDonald, specialist in atmospherics and meteorological phenomenon.

Find more in the science section of this site.

Scientific studies directors:

Dr. Claude Poher of the CNES, director of GEPAN, France. Officially sponsored scientific study of UFO concludes the description of this phenomenon is apparently one of a flying machine whose origin, modes of lifting and/or propulsion are totally outside our knowledge.

In addition, brief quotes of politicians and public personalities can be found here.

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