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50 years of UFO disclosure:

This section introduces statements by people who have been involved with the UFO phenomenon and have tried to cry out loud that UFOs are real, or that UFOs are real and extraterrestrial, and that their government knows it.

Former US Air Force Major an UFO witness George Filer, now MUFON State Director:

Major George A. Filer, USAF ret. is now Director of Mutual UFO Network Eastern. He publishes the weekly UFO reports information "Filer's Files" which you can read on www.filersfiles-ufo.com

George A. Filer

Below is a presentation Major Filer wrote on his web site on October 31, 2002.


Our Milky Way Galaxy has at least 100 billion stars, and in all probability has 400 billion stars. Astronomers have identified over one hundred planets outside our own solar system and a high proportion of the closely examined stars seem to have some type of solar system creating supposition that there are millions, perhaps billions of earth like planets in our Galaxy alone. Carl Sagan once said: "There may be a million worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy alone which are at this moment inhabited by other intelligent beings" (Cosmos, episode XI). We also are finding that meteorites carry the essential building blocks for life, therefore it is reasonable to assume they have spread life throughout the universe like the proverbial angels of God or Johnny Appleseed. A study of several hundred solar-like stars shows signatures of heavy elements in their spectra from which we can deduce that material to form Earth-like planets is probably abundant. Our own sun is a relatively young star and if life exits in space, other civilizations have had millions, perhaps billions of years to advance ahead of us. If even only a few alien civilizations have arisen in the 10 billion or so year history of our Galaxy, most of the habitable parts of the Galaxy would likely be colonized by now.

When I spoke at the University of Toronto, I learned that Astronomer Norman Murray believes that, "The implication, if this result holds up, is that there are Earth-like bodies in orbit around most of the stars in our galaxy." Earth is already sending out satellites throughout our solar system and farther. It is pretty easy to deduce that we will explore much of our Galaxy even at speeds less than the speed of light and find some forms of life. Launching space probes is becoming cheaper and it is reasonable to assume we will choose to launch exploration for various reasons. Earth is rapidly being over populated, so we may choose to develop other planets to settle, or attempt to conquer, or conduct mining operations. Eventually, missionaries may spread our religion and civilization throughout our Galaxy.

It is reasonable to assume there must be a few other civilizations in our Galaxy that most likely developed much earlier than our own. Unless civilizations tend to destroy themselves with their own technology, most alien civilizations would be technologically thousands or even millions of years ahead of us. If these civilizations exist we can logically assume they have or are visiting Earth. Carl Sagan stated in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe"…"I believe that efficient interstellar spaceflight to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy is a feasible objective for humanity. If this is the case, other civilizations, aeons more advanced than ours, must today be plying the spaces between the stars." (page 449.) Astronomer Ian Crawford wrote, His diffusion model leads to "full galactic colonization" in 5 to 50 million years (Scientific American, Nov. 2000, page 8). Several million years is a long time in comparison to a human life span, but it is short in comparison to the life span of main sequence stars. Enrico Fermi, the famous physicist, argued in 1943, "Where are they?" Extraterrestrials should have colonized Earth long ago, but they are not here. Fermi was a prominent scientist, and his question is called: Fermi's Paradox.

My response to Enrico Fermi, is that extraterrestrial probes are visiting us on a regular basis. They may not have shown themselves openly, but humanity is not looking at or analyzing the ample evidence available. Each week for over five years in Filer's Files, I have provided evidence that our Earth is being visited by probes from other civilizations. While I was on active duty in the US Air Force, London Control directed us to investigate and intercept a large UFO. We intercepted the UFO, I saw it on my radar and visually just before it flew away at incredible speed. There are thousands of similar stories where aircrews, ground and airborne radar operators have observed UFOs. It's time for scientists to start looking at the incredible evidence collected daily around the world. NASA Space Shuttle videos are a good place to start. In my opinion we are not alone.

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