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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 1.

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UAO Hovers Over Holloman AFB

On June 4 [1957] at approximately 12:30 a.m. a pale, blue-green globe-shaped light approached Holloman Air Force Base from the direction Sierra Blanca (refered to as "Old Baldy Mountain) in the northwest. The speed of the object was not great, and the outstanding feature of this incident is what the object did when it reached the air base.

During a period of between 10 and 15 minutes astonished civilian and military observers watched the weird object swing to and fro like a pendulum. There was no discernible shape except the light, which was either large at high altitude or small at low altitude.

The light, as though bent on a specific mission, swung in even arcs over the base, then headed for White Sands Proving Ground, to the Southwest, and went over that area, again begun the pendulum-like swing. It was observed by military and civilian personnel at the Proving Grounds also. After 10 or 15 minutes (we couldn't verify the exact time interval) of this maneuvering, the light began a swift ascension and disappeared into the sky over the Proving Ground.

The Director waited several weeks, meanwhile gathering pertinent information, before calling the PIO [Public Information Officer] at Holloman for confirmation. On July 10 at 7:35 a.m. she called and talked to Public Information Officer Major John W. McCurdy. She identified herself, then stated that she had called to inquire about the sighting made over Holloman in June. It was apparent the Major was familiar with the Director's name, for he didn't ask for it again. Neither did he ask about what specific sightings, or details.

Major McCurdy merely said that the PIO had no information or official release on the sighting, and that "technical people would be more concerned" with such a matter. Mrs. Lorenzen then said, "Then you will neither confirm nor deny the sighting?" The Major said that was correct. Mrs Lorenzen then thanked him for his courtesy and hung up the telephone.

The whole situation is somewhat disconcerting, as it only adds to the already sound assumption that the AF is holding back information regarding UAO [1]. Major McCurdy was evidently well aware of the sighting, for he didn't seem curious about it. Usually reliable sources other than the eye witnesses who told us of the sighting, have informed us that radar confirmation was obtained, at last at Holloman if not at White Sands, that a CIA investigator visited Holloman and the Photo Lab, and that films of the object and its manoeuvers were obtained.

Holloman Air Research and Development Center is one of, if not the most, important guided missile testing range in the United States. No planes were sent up to investigate the strange, unknown aerial visitor which hovered for at least TEN MINUTES over the base on June 4. To even theorize that the object was one of our own test vehicles is ridiculous - test missiles are not ranged over the base proper because such tactics would be too dangerous.

This observation is without a doubt one of the most important sightings ever to be made of an unconventional aerial object.

Four Objects Over Kansas City, Kansas

We are indebted to Frank Inderwiesen for the following detailed account of four UAO in flight over Kansas City. Mr. Inderwiesen, an electronics engineer on business in this vicinity, had heard of us and stopped for a chat, meanwhile relating the following:

On 23 May [1957], John Campbell, Theodore Cox, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Barnett, all employees of the main Quindaro Power Plant, observed four round, bluish-silver objects in the sky. Campbell and Cox were getting ready to do some painting, saw the objects and called to Mr. Wilson, head custodian and Mr. Barnett, the janitor, and they also observed the objects.

As they came into view, the objects were in a "box" formation with the first two objects about one diameter of the object apart, and the second two objects also abreast of each other, spaced the same but about 6 or 7 diameters to the rear of the leaders. The observers estimated their speed to be between 300 and 500 mph, based on observations of the speed of the B-47s they had watched.

Suddenly the rear pair of the UAO flipped on edge, made a tight turn and headed northwest. The two forward continued on for a space, then flipped on edge, accelerated to catch up, then resumed formation with the others and the whole formation went out of sight. The UAO to the left in the rear formation was described as red, somewhat like a red neon sign, on top, and this red top was on the inside of the turn when the turn was made.

The observers said the objects appeared to be very thin when viewed on edge, as compared to the diameter. There was no sound and no trail. A TWA constellation [airliner] was about 2.000 feet in the sky, and the UAOs appeared to be much higher. Surface winds were from the north.

The pairs of UAO, after flipping on edge, made a tight turn in a formation like the two rear wheels of an automobile would make in executing a turn. Also it was noted that the objects did not completely return on an horizontal position after the turn, but remained tilted as they faded into the distance. The total time the UAOs were in view was estimated at one and one half to two minutes. The apparent size estimate is compared to a 50 cents piece at a distance of 5 feet from the eye. The time: 8:30 a.m.

None of the observers were flying saucer enthusiasts prior to this observation. Their supervisor, Mr. Peterson, vouched for the character of the observers, and missed seeing the UAOs by seconds, himself.

UAO Seen At Close Range By Airline Crew

Valencia, Venezuela, June 9 [1957]. The crew and passengers of the Linea Aeropostal Venezolana Douglas DC-3 reported seeing a strange luminous object which passed within a few meters of the plane at tremendous speed. The plane was piloted by Captain Vivas with co-pilot Rafael Hernandez and the object was seen on the route between Puerto Cabello and Valencia. All observers agreed that the object was luminous, flat, slightly round and travelling at a fantastic rate of speed. People residing in the region of El Cambur near the highway connecting Puerto Cabello and Valencia also reported seeing the object, thus confirming the plane sighting, but from the ground. (Cr: H. Gonzales, from Ultimas Noticias, also personal radio report).


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