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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 10.

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(Continued from Page 9)

tic story he was in a highly nervous state but not drunk, nor out of his mind", the residents of Pontal who had heard his report, told the press. It became apparent that he was a quiet man, living for his work and his family. He never had heard anything about flying saucers and even refused to discuss the possibility. When pressed for an opinion as to what he thought about the craft and its strange little men, he said "What it was I don't know, but I know I saw it. Everybody laughs at me but I saw what I saw." And so ended another "space-creature story" few people would believe - except those who heard it first hand - a story that will be discounted and forgotten by all but the few who know better.

(Editor's Note: This incident took place at the same approximate time as the "little men" incidents in Venezuela in 1954.)

In general I don't pay much attention to the reports that involved saucer crews. Most of these tales are clearly a lot of nonsense concocted up by hoaxers, screwballs and saucer cultists. Why have I included this one? For just one reason. Before 1954, there had been little similarity between any of the "space-creatures" stories so far published; they were such obvious fakes that they were not worth considering. Since that year, however, a disturbing resemblance between some of the new "saucer-crew tales" became apparent. This residue showing common characteristics still is not large enough, in my opinion, to be accepted as evidence. But these reports have cropped up year after year since that year. The report of Jose Alves is a good model of the kind. Five more like it were recorded in my country in the same period (November - December 1954). Dozens like it had been reported in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Italy, France, Australia, etc. The last one has been put on the wires just now by the F. P [AFP, Agence France Presse]. It happened on the night of May 10, 1957, at Beaucourt-sur-Ancre, a small village in northern France. An alien craft hovered in mid-air near the ground; four little men dressed in white clothes; a silent and swift take-off; five witnesses. And the police who examined the spot - finding two parallel marks on the ground and some black smears of a plastic substance, recently solidified. Did you hear about it?

So that's where we stand. I have shown you three incidents dealing with aerial objects, which cannot be explained by present science as natural phenomena - but solely as artificial devices, controlled an operated by an intelligence. No power plant known or projected on this planet can account for the performances of these devices, you known.

The fourth incident deals with what appears to be PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of the existence of UAOs. To realize the importance of this fact, you only need to remember what Capt. E. J. Ruppelt once said: (True, 34:134 May), 1954): "... may bring you to the possibility that the saucers are from outer space. As staggering as the implications may be, to my mind this is the most acceptable theory - if the saucers exist. There is no other alternative."

The last incident of this series... Well, you don't believe it. It seems just too fantastic. I agree. But... who knows?

I said before I didn't know the real beginning of this UAO story - nor the end. But who knows? That's the riddle. Somewhere in the skies are those who know. Answers may come to us in a generation - OR TOMORROW.

Sleep well, friend.


Horacio Gonzales, one of our Venezuelan representatives, had quite a few items in a recent letter, some of which are offered here:

"An interview with Capt. Matthew Van Winkle, pilot of the PAA airliner which avoided collision with a UAO on 9 March between New York and Puerto Rico, disclosed that Van Winkle had not disclosed all information to the press, and that the object was not a ball of light, but rather a flattened sphere, which shed greenish white luminosity and maneuvered above the plane for a few minutes after the near collision. The fuselage of the craft was cracked and electronic instruments were out of order after the encounter.

On the 23rd of March Luis Petrieira, an agriculturist of Puerto Escondido in the Maracaibo district, in company with others, saw an object plunge into the lake flying low in its vicinity. The Prefect of the Bolivar District and other functionaries were notified, and all planes accounted for. The area where the object entered the water was dragged, but nothing was found. The witnesses still maintain, however, that a flying object did dive into Lake Maracaibo.

On the 8th of April thousands of people saw a luminous body which flew over the coast from Northwest to Southwest over Catia la Mar. The time was around 9 p.m. and the object travelled at a very high rate of speed. The object flew in a horizontal trajectory, had a yellowish color and afterwards DIVIDED IN TWO PARTS, one of which turned red. Length of the sighting: only a few seconds [Webmaster's not: a nice description of a meteor fall] (See Holloman AFB sighting in January issue APRO Bulletin - Page 5, Column 1.)

On the same night, reports coming from Coro state that more than five hundred people witnesses the passage of an oval, luminous object over the City. It apparently passed over Maracaibo, crosses the Paraguana Isthmus, Coro, Puerto Cabelo, to reach Catia la Mar and covered the distance in less than half an hour. Witnesses said the object travelled from West to East and was first seen around 9 p.m. above Roosevelt Avenue in Coro. The audience at a drive-in theater saw the object, which flew over the dunes at great speed. Simultaneously, it was reported over the Coro - La Vela highway by Mr. Jesus Zavala, Air port chief for the district. On that same night, observers in Los Teques saw luminous objects passing over the city of San Pedro de Los Altos. The objects flew at great speed, were discoid in form and were entirely luminous.

News report coming from Barquisimeto also stated that on the night of 8 April numerous individuals saw a luminous body, oval in shape, which flew over the Urdaneta district.. This report receives confirmation by numerous travellers from Carora and Trujillo who reported seeing "an oval object wrapped in flame" which was playing around at incredible speed between Barquisimeto and Trujillo. Object was also seen by residents of Aguada Grande, Baragua and Urucure. On the following day, 9 April, hundreds of students, coming out of school, congregated in the Bolivar Square to watch a luminous discoid object which maneuvered over the city. About half an hour after the passage of this object, a violent current of air was felt all over the area. It slammed windows and doors and tore off galvanized rooftops, and shredded huge trees of their leaves.

On the 12th of April, Lt. Col. Carlos Rincon Calcano (Ret.) Consul for Venezuela in Aruba, said that thousands observed the maneuvers of a strange object over that island. At times the object seemed to be suspended in mid-air. On the same day, persons traveling from El Tigre to Puerto la Cruz, saw a strange rotating apparatus shooting rays of light towards the earth, maneuver over the highway and shoot off towards the south.

On Saturday, 13th of April, residents of Guayamural, on Ocumere del Tuy, were frightened out of their wits when they saw a strange apparatus descending vertically from the sky. Object was described as having a width of about 10 feet and about six feet thick. It made no noise and descended to a height of about 100 feet from the ground; it also produced a terrible whirlwind of air which made trees swirl and sway. It shot back up into the sky at a fantastic speed and out of sight.

New Saucer Group In Japan

A letter from Yusuke Matsumura of the Japanese Flying Saucer Research Group requesting sample copies of the Bulletin reveals the existence of a new UFO group which is badly needed in that part of the world. Despite having members in the Orient, it is not easy to obtain sighting from that area as our members there are English speaking and reading and Japanese and Chinese local papers are printed in the native characters. This new group will be an avenue to better and more detailed reports from the Orient. If the Japanese group's director prove to be as meticulous as they [The Japanese] are in every other endeavor we should expect some really good reporting from that quarter.

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