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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 7.

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coming of a "flying saucer" - said the soldier - textual words.

b) I stepped outside and ran toward Post 4 to investigate the phenomenon. When I still was about half my way, I saw an unknown object moving in the sky. It passed swiftly between Sugar Loaf Mountain and the buildings of the Navy School - following a N. E. course - and was coming fast in a straight line toward the Palace. Its apparent size at first sight appeared to correspond to that of an orange. It seemed to follow a steady course, flying at an unknown height across the background of stars. This round luminous object was emitting a bright yellow glow. Nor sharply defined outlines were visible at the time, neither were any details discernible.

c) When it came near enough to assume the apparent size of a large soccer ball, the unidentified object slowed down abruptly and stopped in mid-air. It came to a stop from high speed - all in about three seconds. It remained stationary over the sea, irradiating a glaring light which spread all over - illuminating the Guanabara Bay as in a moon-lit night.

d) It hovered in that position, absolutely motionless, for a long time - about twenty minutes. Then it suddenly started to move again - at tremendous speed - and climbed up sharply in an oblique direction. During this movement, two small luminous objects were detected, flowing apparently from the lower part of the object. The whole maneuver was performed at a fantastic rate of speed and it required a time of only 4 or 5 seconds (if my computation was right). As the object disappeared into the night, the luminosity observed a few moments before also disappeared and the Bay was again thrown into darkness.

2. The night was cool and there was no wind. The sky was perfectly clear and cloudless at the time of the sighting and many stars could be seen. But there was no moon.

3. The sighting was witnessed by (it follows the name of the witnesses.)

This sighting was kept secret by the Air Force until October, 1956. The Official Report transcribed above was then released by Colonel Adil de Oliveira, Chief of the AF UFO-Research Unit. He made the following comment about the incident: "it's impossible to explain away an incident of this kind. There are hundreds more, thousands more, which, like it, still defy any conventional explanation."

INCIDENT 2. On November 22, 1954, strange events were observed at Santa Maria Air Force Base, in the city of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. That Base has a Meteorological Station transmitting hourly a weather bulletin, to keep informed all military aircraft in operation. That night, at 9:45 p.m., a radio-operator and telegraphist named Arquimedos Fernandes, left the MS and walked toward a small building 100 feet away which had been build to protect the thermometers and other instruments. He was collecting data to prepare the next weather-bulletin. After registering the numbers for the temperature and the humidity, he started to come back to the MS using a flash-light to light his way. But he had to make (in order to complete his observations about the weather) an examination of the sky, too. In doing so, he noticed what seemed to be a dark thin cloud, hovering above some small eucalyptus trees behind the building. He would have neglected that "thing" which seemed to be a cloud - if it wasn't a matter of professional duty. So, he tried to analyse its outlines. suddenly, he discovered an incredible thing... Here is his report, transcribed verbatim:

"The cloud was a black object, enormous in size, shaped like a reversed wash-bowl, with a length of approximately 165 feet seeming to be suspended on the trees. It wasn't motionless, exhibiting a sort of slow oscillatory motion. This served to set the object as a rigid, if not solid body. In confess to be nervous, but that was enough to scare anyone. Keeping my eyes on the object, I ran to the Station. There I controlled my nerves and continued to observe the "thing" through a window. I watched it until the moment it started to move down slowly - disappearing as by sorcery between the trees. But soon it climbed above them again. I could see that it showed a sharp and firm regular outline. On its upper-structure I noticed a small light which I would have called a "blackout-light". The "thing" dived again between the trees, almost in the same place where I had seen it first. No one can convince me that the "thing" wasn't controlled by an intelligence. I was so badly shaken that - for a time - I didn't know what to do. But the object moved again, now glowing faintly in the darkness as if it had assumed a more bright colour. I then came to life and started to call Porto Alegre (by radio). I told my story, spreading a full alarm. They told me to keep watching the object. I returned to the window. The object was there... Again I went to the transmitter but this time I called the AF Flight Control and the Security Service, and made a complete report - answering all the questions and asking for a substitute. At 0:15 a.m., after a long time, the personnel Agency arrived at the Station with my substitute..."

The startling report of Mr. Fernandes was substantiated by the appearance of other witnesses, who also sighted the UAO. At midnight, another radio-operator named Ruben Machado saw it from the window of his room, at the "Canobi Hotel" (at some distance from the Base). It was hovering over the base - a luminous object, larger than the full moon. He called it to the attention of many other persons, who also had the opportunity to see the UFO maneuvering over the Base - before it disappeared to the North. At almost the same hour and from another place, the Varig radio-operator - Mr. Juranir Ferreira - also spotted the UFO over the Base. But it was higher now, having the apparent size of a billiard ball. After some maneuvers, it headed towards the North and was gone...

Next day this sighting was printed by papers all over the country and received wide publicity. The authorities refused to make any comment about it - as was to be expected. In the F.A.B. files, the incident is still classified as "unexplained."

INCIDENT 3. On the night of December 13, 1954, just after sunset, three round, cone shaped crafts passed across the skies of Campinas, one of the largest cities of Sao Paulo state. Moving noiselessly in a tight formation, the "unknowns" shot out of the clouds at high speed and maneuvered over the city for a few minutes - before finally disappearing toward the southwest. They were sighted by dozens of citizens all over the city. The most incredible report came from a woman who lived at Major Solon Street. She refused to disclose her identity to the press because she didn't wish any kind of publicity. She reported being in the backyard washing some clothes when she saw the objects maneuvering in the sky at terrific speed. Amazed, she watched the spectacle. Suddenly, one of the UAO dived quickly in a new kind of maneuver, and came very low over her roof lighting up the surroundings for a few moments. This craft was dull-grey in color, round shaped, and resembled "two plates turned upside down and put together"; one of the plates was fixed but the other was spinning like a top emitting a strong fluorescent light which illuminated the ground around her for a few seconds, like daylight. Then, in an unexpected maneuver, it abruptly rushed up into the right to join the others. But in that moment the woman witnessed an eerie spectacle... A liquid substance had been dropped from the craft, apparently coming from the spinning part of it - and was falling to the ground, like a "silver rain". Part of this material fell in her backyard (the rest over the nearby houses), in a cemented area near the washing tank. Startled, she came closer to see what it was. A brilliant, glowing stain - 10 centimeters in diameter - was spread over the cement. She even tried to touch it, but stopped in time when she felt the heat it radiated. The "thing" was incandescent - white-hot - and giving a boiling sound. Frightened, she called for help. A neighbor, Professor Benedite G. Nascimento (retired), came to the place. He was a man of solid reputation in the town and a correspondent of the local newspaper the "Coreio Popular". By curious coincidence, this man was

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