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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 4.

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Bowing to the wishes of most of the members, the Director has begun work on her book which is long overdue [1]. We feel that UAO enthusiasts have been deprived of some most vital information because she has been unable, due to pressure of APRO work, to undertake this task. We would like to request that the membership keep all correspondence to an absolute minimum, freeing the local staff to do only Bulletin work and routine inquiry correspondence. The Director, who takes care of more than her share of correspondence, could then devote all of her spare time to the immense task of file research and writing.

Few of the membership at large are aware that Mrs Lorenzen made her first UAO observation in 1934, and has sighted three unconventional objects since. Her active interest in the subject begun on June 10, 1947, when she made her second observation of a UAO. From that time until she organized APRO in January of 1952, she carried out her own private research. Her file from 1934 to 1952 contain many sightings which have been hitherto unpublicized because of the space needed in the Bulletins for current developments and reports.

Mrs Lorenzen recognized the rather hysterical explanations for the UAO for what they were in 1947, and, as will be enlarged upon in her forthcoming book, came to the conclusion that man was not alone in the universe before most of the current UAO authors knew that the mystery existed. This book will appeal not only to UAO enthusiasts, but to the laymen and scientists in every field. Aid has been solicited and is expected to be forthcoming from well known and qualified scientists who, although they may not care for name credit, will be instrumental in the success of the book.

Many members are wondering why this book has not been written before, and the Director has stated that she didn't want to present merely another tome made up of old and new sightings, but rather she wanted to present some of the answers to many of the puzzling aspects of the UAO. She feels she has some of those answers now.

After the book is finished, arrangements will be made with the publishers to offer copies to the membership and other groups at a greatly reduced price. If the sale of the book is satisfactory a part of the proceeds will be allotted to APRO's treasury.

* * *

On Saturday, 22 June [1957], Mr. Lorenzen, the Director and their two children attended the movies at the Sierra Theater in Alamogordo to view the motion picture "UFO". They were somewhat surprised that it was not well attended, and hoped that the Friday and Saturday night showings accommodated much larger crowds.

For the layman "UFO" would be an interesting picture, but he would have to be somewhat interested before attending. Many walked out of the movie during the performance, possibly due to the poor quality of "acting". We understand there was no real acting done, as most parts were played by the person being portrayed.

It would seem in view of Capt. Edward Ruppelt's recent book, that the AF is slowly and ponderously, moving towards the truth about the UAO. It is understandable, however, that no sensational statements will be forthcoming until some way of stabilizing the stock market can be found. A stock market which fluctuates each time the President has a stomach upset, would take a nose-dive if any such tremendous announcement as the advent by space travel of extraterrestrials were made. At any rate if the picture "UFO" should come to your vicinity, make a point of seeing it, if not for other reason than to reconvince yourself that USAF is still in there pitching.

One thing stuck out in that picture like a sore thumb: After several experts pronounced the "blips" on the Washington radar in 1952 as "definitely solid," Captain Ruppelt, hundreds of miles away in Ohio, pronounced the blips as nothing more than temperature inversions. Another example of lack of coordination which is so prevalent in a bureaucratic organization such as a military agency. [3]

* * *

Our announcement that dues would be raised, and that those who felt the Bulletin and the information contained therein were worth more than the new $3.50 rate, could show their appreciation by paying an excess, brought immediate results. Things are looking up money-wise for APRO. However, we would like to urge members to renew on time. If your dues lapse and you renew after your file is pulled, it takes quite a little work to get you and your papers back in the "current status."

It is difficult to bring up the next subject on this issue's editorial docket but it must be approached. We have become aware that in cities where there are quite a few members, there is a tendency to band together, exchange bulletins, information, etc. That is good. The think that bothers us is that when such a local group is formed, one person subscribes to an UAO magazine, another to a different and etc. In at least 30 cities in the United States alone, APRO members have dropped out, keeping in touch with APRO news through companion members, and using this technique, at the price of subscription to one UAO periodical, have available all UAO news from 10 or 12 papers. We can easily sympathise with those who want to save the money. This problem was approached in the editorial, May issue. What most of us don't realize is that local members in Alamogordo pay dues although they see the information as soon as it crosses the Director's desk. APRO is not the only organization suffering from financial malnutrition. We feel that if any periodical is worth reading, it is also worth supporting with subscription or membership fees. The upshot of this sort of philosophy will be the eventual bankruptcy of all research groups for lack of support. The "liberal" elements will survive with their irrational claims because there are plenty of the crackpot element to support them. We would suggest that members get behind those papers or organization which they feel perform a service, and support them!

* * *

The projected business trip which Mr. Lorenzen and the Director had planned has been indefinitely delayed. Those members in Central and Southern California who invited the Lorenzens for a visit will be notified as soon as something definite about the trip is established. Many thanks to all for the kind invitations.

The South American Scene

Venezuelan APRO representatives Horacio Gonzales and Joseph Rolas have done an excellent job of reporting the unprecedented rise in UAO activity not only in the interior of that country, but also in nearby outlying districts in Venezuela. Mr. Gonzales feels that a big operation seems to be in progress, and we present here, in two parts, plus comments, the latest sightings in Venezuela.

Sabana de Mendoza, June 4. Violent explosion was heard over 1,000 square kilometers at around 8:00 a.m. Witnesses said the explosion was caused by a luminous ball as big as the sun which flew over Arapuey. Residents of Arapuey fled out of their homes in panic at the sound of the explosion which was accompanied by strong earth tremors. They said that they saw the ball of intense light at a height of about 100 meters. (It must have been a tremendous thing, as the following details will demonstrate.)

Merida, June 4. A violent explosion accompanied by intense earth vibrations was felt in Merida around 7:20 a.m. on June 4, and also in Cachapo, Ejido, Apartaderos, Lagunillas, Mendoza Fria, Trujillo, Monte Carmelo and other towns and villages nearby. Many persons said that they saw a strange red object shaped like a "cigarette" which flew across the skies at fantastic speed at the same time.

Valera, Trujillo State, June 4. Persons coming from Arepuey said that a luminous object had fallen there on the morning of the 4th producing earth tremors over many square kilometers. (Note: The region affected is actually more than 1,000 square kilometers as I measured it myself from the reports of where the object was seen, heard, and the tremors felt. H. Gonzales)

Coro, Falcon State, June 4. At 7:15 a.m., various persons reported seeing a luminous object of great size cross the skies over Sierra de Coro in east-west direction. The object, with luminous lights, and leaving a slight trail, disappeared immediately, but not before giving opportunity for it to be seen perfectly by the people who were at the local airport at the time. Witnesses confirmed the fact that the object was

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