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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 9.

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the plane and to the left, near the coast. It glowed brightly for two seconds and vanished. TWO HUNDRED KILOMETERS AHEAD, when the plane was flying over Guaratuba Bay (in the state of Parana), the light appeared again for a few seconds. This time, the co-pilot, Mr. R. Pinheiro da Silva, saw it too...

At 10:00 p.m. they were approaching the Paranagua Bay (in the same state), when it happened again. But now it wasn't a mere light... The co-pilot was turning around to look at an engine when he saw it. From the coast (at about 90 kilometers to the left), a huge FIREBALL was closing in at a tremendous speed. He alerted the others. The strange UFO - growing in size steadily - looked like a round blob of hot metal sweeping through the night sky. It had an apparent size larger than the full moon. It came from below, straight for the airplane on a collision course. It approached swiftly, getting bigger and bigger... Frightened, the crew waited for the crash which seemed imminent. In the last moment, however, the "thing" maneuvered abruptly reversing course - and pulled away from the aircraft. It zoomed up, made another turn, closed again, and again turned out at the last instant to prevent the collision. This dangerous game was repeated again and again, for about 10 minutes. The nightmarish scene was watched by three frightened men, glued to their seats, with sweat trickling down their backs. Then Mr. R. F. Godinho, the radio operator, came to life. A frantic call was picked up by the ground operators at the airports of Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio. The incredible story was reported. Immediately a full alarm was spread. The AF Security Service and the Air Defence Command were alerted. The Varig Airlines' president arrived hurriedly at the Porto Alegre airport. Commander Ayub was reporting:

"After making several passes at the DC-3, the fireball is now following it. Now it has started a crazy dance around us, changing constantly and rapidly its altitude, course, speed and brightness - always tracking the plane."

In a strained voice, Ayub described the fantastic maneuvers of the UFO around the plane. It swerved in and out, pulled into sharp left and right banks, performed swift turns and reversed course instantly. It climbed up sharply, went into high-speed dives and again leveled out. It accelerated swiftly, or abruptly slowed down. At times, it seems to go suddenly towards the plane, or away from it.

The UFO emitted a very strong light, but this light changed too. It was steady and looked red (or orange-red) and brighter when the alien craft seemed to put on power. When it slowed abruptly, the colour changed to amber, its bright glow dimming noticeably. And when the UFO accelerated rapidly, the glow seemed to take a bluish hue.

The "fireball" left no trail. It seemed to be noiseless, but obviously any observation of this kind was made uncertain by the sound from the aircraft's engines.

After the pilot finished his report, the ground controller called back; he said:

"We have checked and it seems that the object reported is an alien, unknown craft. There is no aircraft in your area. Now, how about switching off your lights and trying escape it? But please, do it keeping in contact with us and reporting everything that happens."

Commander Ayub turned off all he lights of his plane, and started evasive maneuvers through the dark skies. But it was hopeless. The queer and enigmatic hunter certainly knew how to play the game and continued to follow the airliner, and to dance around it - even in the dark. THE CHASE CONTINUED FOR ALMOST TWO HOURS. All the time, the pilot kept contact with the Varig's president and with the ground operators. At the end - near Santos, Sao Paulo - he asked permission to try an emergency landing at Sao Paulo city... "before anything worse could happen." He got it and altered his course. This time the UFO didn't follow the maneuver. Ayub reported its position the last time he saw it.

Another Varig airliner, traveling from Rio to Porto Alegre, was at that moment nearing the area. Commander Edu Michel, the pilot, got Ayub's report and altered course to look for the unknown craft. He sighted it a few minutes later. It was going swiftly out to sea. He was so impressed that it was better to land at once at Sao Paulo airport - as Ayub had done.

Two Air Force officers - a few minutes later - saw the same UFO. They were flying toward Sao Paulo in a N.A. interceptor. They saw it near Santa Cruz, between Sao Paulo and Rio. It was out over the Atlantic Ocean, moving fast. It quickly vanished into the night...

When the first plane landed at Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo, a badly shaken crew was interviewed for three hours by Intelligence officers. Half an hour later came the second airliner. The last to arrive was the N.A. fighter. From the reports, it was clear that all the observers had sighted the same object.

Commander Ayub added that he couldn't judge the size and speed of the UFO, not knowing how far away it was. However, to follow a DC-3 maneuvering ceaselessly all around it and staying close all the time takes a mighty speedy craft. It had too much of a definitely circular shape, but he couldn't tell if the "fireball" was a light on the object or if the whole UFO had been glowing - because of its extreme brightness. The outlines of the alien craft couldn't be seen behind the glare. Ayub concluded the written report of the incident, requested by the Air Force, stating the following:

"I think it is impossible to mistake 'that' for any known man-made machine or device. It was not a jet plane, or aircraft. It was not a balloon. It was not a secret weapon (we have none like it). Nor was it a meteorite, a reflection or a mirage - because none of these things can fly more than 200 Km/hour, following an airplane and maneuvering around it. I think it was an alien craft, one of the so-called 'flying saucers'".

Next day, the UFO story hit the headlines. The Air Force got a flood of queries from the press, as soon as they heard about the sighting. But the reporters were unceremoniously put off - the Air Force wasn't divulging any more information about the incident. A security lid came down tight around it. The incident had been thoroughly investigated and the conclusion still was: UNKNOWN. It seemed just too fantastic and it was better to keep silent...

INCIDENT 5. In the night of November 4, 1954, a resident of Pontal, Sao Paulo, was fishing in the Parde river, near the town. He was a laborer named Jose Alves. He was in a deserted place. The night was dark and silent, and a slight breeze was blowing from the east. Suddenly, he saw a strange craft glowing in the sky. It closed in quietly, the glow growing steadily in size... It was coming down from a westerly direction - and seemed to be "wobbling in mid-air" as it came down slowly toward the ground, very near the spot he was placed.

Jose Alves froze where he was, getting the feeling he was in danger. He knew at once that the weird machine was unlike anything he had seen. And he wanted to run away.

Before he had a chance to run the "thing" was landing - so near he could have touched it if he had walked a few steps forward. It hovered about six feet above the ground - stopped in mid-air, motionless. It looked like something made of silvery metal and shaped like "two washbowls placed on top of each other". It appeared to be about 10 to 15 feet in size. Then, he saw three little men coming out of it. They were about 3 feet tall and had a dark brown skin. They were, those strange creatures, dressed in white clothes and had tightly fitting skull-caps on their heads. They left through what seemed to be a window at the side of the airship, and jumped to the ground.

Terror struck Jose Alves, terror so paralyzing he felt he couldn't move. "DEVILS", he thought, "NO MAN LOOKS LIKE THAT". He felt dazed; his feet didn't seem to be touching the ground, but he knew they were, for finally he realized he was backing out, slowly dragging them backwards, while his eyes kept on the dwarfish figures.

The little men, however, didn't suspect that somebody watched them. They were busy. They collected samples of grass, herbs and leaves of trees; and one of them filled a shiny metal tube with water from the nearby river. Then, they jumped back into the machine, which took off vertically. As before no sound was heard as the eerie craft rose swiftly out of sight.

"When Jose Ales told us that fantas-

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