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This is the APRO Bulletin, USA, July 1957, page 5.

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    The above photograph was obtained at 9:07 a.m., 21 February at Yokohama, Japan, by Mr. A. Komaki. member of Flying Saucer Research Group in Japan. The objects were yellow-orange in color, saucer shaped, traveling rather low and at about 100 miles per hours. See May A.P.R.O. Bulletin for details.

The South American Scene

(Continued from page 4)

huge, luminous and perfectly visible at long range.

Bariquisimeto, Lara State, June 4. For the fifth time there occurred one of the most surprising mysteries of our time: the appearance of a phenomena which was seen during the evening hours and afterwards in the night by various persons employed at the Cement factory of this city. Witnesses said that the object they saw was round and similar to a gigantic luminous disc. All witnesses registered surprise and mentioned the fact that it was the fifth time that this type of phenomena had been observed over Bariquisimeto. The news report emphasized that this was the first time ALL OBSERVERS were in agreement as to the fact that they had seen some kind of MANUFACTURED APPARATUS which emitted one red light and another green and that the object was clearly visible and distinct.

News coming from the city of Carora, Falcon State, reveal that there was general agitation and alarm over the presence of VARIOUS LUMINOUS OBJECTS which flew through the skies at tremendous speed at different times, not only in the afternoon hours of Monday, June 3, but also on the morning of Tuesday, June 4, date of the strange explosion which rocked 1,000 square kilometers between two states. Persons who have come forward to report are Mr. and Mrs Felix Mariano Zubillaga, Messers Flavio Jose Herrera and Francisco Ramirez and others who saw the object emit flashes of blue light.

Coro, June 4. Strange luminous objects which produced sounds when seen over the town of Dabajuro in the evening. The objects were seen by night-shift workmen at the oil-pumping station of Uelamuay. The objects crossed over the region at such fantastic speed that no one could make out what they were. The noise produced was more strident than that of a plane.

Valera, Trujillo State, June 5. Some parts of the earth's surface in the region of San Jose de Palmira mountainous zone in the State of Merida, is sinking and is believed to have been produced and or caused by the strange explosion which rocked the area on the morning of June 4, at which time hundreds of people rushed out in the streets thinking that the tremors were the results of a tremendous earthquake.

Merida, June 5. On receiving news of the strange explosion, the authorities sent out a group of the National Guard to investigate. Captain Vivas and co-pilot Lopez reported seeing a "red hot object" 10 miles off Puerto Cabello cruising at a height of 9,000 meters.

Bariquisimeto, June 5, Lara State. The luminous object which was supposed to have fallen in the Andean mountains of Arapuey was seen to cross the skies of Bariquisimeto going in a north-south direction and was best seen from the sectors of Central hospital, Union, and Duaca Highway. Residents of this region, among whom are Messers Jose Elias Camarco and Roberto Gallardo, told the correspondent that they had seen the object, and ALL described it as ROUND and the outline was that of a GIGANTIC LUMINOUS DISC.

Valera, Trujillo State, June 6. A group of men comprising members of the National Guard and other civilians and guides set out to investigate and search for remains of the luminous object said to have fallen in the Arapuey region. Investigation instigated by Governor of the State, Doctor Vincente Talamo. Luminous object seen in the sky of Carora, in Trujillo State, causing much astonishment. Witnesses said they saw various luminous objects crossing the sky at tremendous speed and emitting flashes of bluish light as they passed.

San Felipe, June 6. At 6:30 p.m. Mr. Ramon Cordido Alom and his mother saw a luminous object of considerable size from their estate residence "La Fundacion". Mr Cordido said the object SEEMED TO FALL between two hills although later it continued its flight through the sky. Fifteen minutes after he saw the object, seven workmen arrived, breathless, and related that they had just seen a HUGE RED DISC flash out of sight in a matter of seconds.

Coro, Falcon State, June 3. At about 7:15 a.m. many persons observed a luminous object cross the skies over the town of San Luis in the Sierra de Coro. Described by Dr. Juan Moralas, Prefect Secretary and estate owner, Mr. Luis Jimenez as being "rocketlike", going at a leisurely speed from east to west and emitting a brilliant light.

Yarituga, June 6. A luminous giant disc-shaped object was observed flying in a north-south direction over this city. Seen from center of town and also from Mataedro and Palzuela districts. Witnesses said it was lost to sight in a matter of seconds, leaving a faint trail.

Anaca, Anzoategui State, June 7. Workmen in oil perforation near banks of the Guario river observed a strange airship flying at a great height and speed towards the south. First thought to be a plane until observers realized there was no air traffic in this region at this hour. This is the first time an object has been seen in this region but what was singular was that the object left a luminous trail and was sending flashes of light toward the earth.

Valera, June 6. A National Guard detachment left at dawn to investigate the region where an object supposedly fell on the morning of June 4 near Arapuey in Merida State.

Bariquisimeto, June 7. Commissions comprising many persons are going in search of another object which supposedly fell in the mountainous Urdaneta district on June 7. After the object was seen to fall, a strange explosion was heard. Reports coming in from this region state that residents are getting panicky because of the fact that for the last five days they have been seeing a round apparatus crossing and re-crossing the skies in the region. Mr. Jesus Rafael Nieto, well known and respected agriculturist of the region, said that since Tuesday the matter was brought seriously to his attention by the light reflected or emitted by some sort of unknown flying apparatus which descended near La Fioresta. On the night of June 6 an explosion was heard and many guides and other persons went into the bush in search of some trail or indication as to what it may have been. Mr. Gigueroa also states that the object passed fairly close to where he was and flew in the direction of the Aguada Grande Mountains.

Another news report coming from La

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