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UFO stupidities:

The amount of stupidities told in the field of ufology, search for intelligent life in the universe and exobiology is impressive. Here are some discussed examples, hopefully for your enjoyment.

Moon crazy:

Resistance against the Martians:

Anything is good to dismiss the UFO question:

The Condign report:

UFOs that go bang!
The UFO at Petit-Réchain.
Condign in the media.

The nutcase file:

Anything is good to promote the UFO phenomenon and ET's:

Reality not fantastic enough:

Much fuss in the media and nothing comes out of it:

Media stupidity:

Scientific stupidities:


UFOs for sale:

UFOs explaine, finally!

I'm a fool! I wasted so much time on these UFOs, and here it was, unbeknownst to me: blammo! The final explanation. I am now wearing a sack, I threw some ashes on my just shaved head and stroll in the streets telling people how dumb I was.

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