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The "Nazca mummies", 2017:

In 2017, a "New-ageish" website publishes a series of video reports about a finding of alleged weird mummies somewhere in Peru. Red flags are not missing, once again. I am telling here the whole story in "reverse" manner: I start with the viral web publicity about the "case", and go back in time to its origin and explanation.

Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist who has been promoting UFOs and aliens largely based on hoaxes and misinterpretation, is the first journalistic source of a news item he told about in a Press conference, a news item first published on the website and then copied - sometimes with expressed skepticism - on many websites.

This time, Maussan said a three-fingered alien mummy with an elongated skull was found on the ancient Nazca site in Peru. He said he heard news about non-human mummies found there, and it prompted a series of video reports by the "Gaia" website from Boulder, Colorado, USA, introduces one Jay Weidner of this "Gaia" website saying his team flew there to investigate, bringing scientists, such as a Dr. Konstantin Korotkov said to be a professor at the St. Peterburg University.

Images show a "168 cm" mummy-like body, all white in color, as if it were made of plaster - it does not look at all to have the colors of any other mummy found there. Maussan says it is covered in a white dust which was used to preserve it.

an image of the alleged mummy.

People are shown lifting it with no caution, and it appears totally rigid, like a plaster caster. The mummy is taken out of a cardboard box, handled carelessly - small fragments fall off - not in a lab but on what looks like a yard or some street.

It has three long fingers at the hands and feet. One Dr. José de Jesus Zalce Benitez, said to be from the National School of Forensics of Mexico, says this is a "unique" feature meaning it is not a human.

The head is elongated with slits in the large eyes, just like many "alien" stories suggest it should be. Korotkov says it has no ears and no nose.

People are seen taking samples for Carbon-14 and DNA testing. The report says one lab used the Carbon-14 method and dated the body from 245 to 410 AD.

X-rays images are shown, and it appears that the mummy does have a realistic skeleton inside, not too different from humans skeletons, except for the numer of fingers and the skull shape.

One Nathalia Zaloznaja said to be an MD PhD, head of the Image Analysis and the Medical Institute "MIBS", indicates that the organs of the mummy are still here, unlike in usual mummification processes

Jay Weidner, a host of the show, says that after the body was found, the team looked in the area and found a petroglyph of a three-fingered humanoid.

The video report described above was published by here:

a picture of a real mummy found in the Nazca region.

A first "update" was published by (See New information therein is as follows:

the alleged "Nazca mummy" as it allegedly appears on an X-ray image shown on

The above image is shown, allegedly being an X-ray image of the mummy. A date appears on the wole image: "19-May-1997". This would mean that this image is 20 years older than the "breaking news" featured by the Gaia website. But other X-ray pictures of the same "mummy" bear the date "May 19, 2017".

Korotkov says DNA was extracted and it showed the mummy is female. One Michael Aseev, Phd, Russia, is said to be the Head of the Genetic Analysis Department of the Russian Academy of Science. He says the DNA is female: "we were able to identify that this is a woman, as the Y chromosome is missing." So this would mean the DNA is human, or very, very, human-like. And I would have expected that Dr. Assev not only told the mummy is female, but told that the mummy is human, or not human for some specified reason.

This would mean that the "mummy" was likely fabricated by using a femal human skeleton, maybe from a real mummy from the Nazca region, with a fake or deformed skull, and the "three fingers" hands and feet would have been made using the longer normal fingers bones of some other skeleton. I would have checked whether the finger bones are also female or not, or checked that the finger bones contain the same DNA than the other bones.

We also see one José de la Cruz Rios, said to be from Mexico, a biologist, Secretary of Health of the state of Campeche, who says the ancient Nazca people had contacts with aliens.

Dr. José de Jesus Zalce Benitez says the three fingers have "5 to 6 phalanges."

One "M. K. Jessie" is said to be a Muscoskeletal Radiologist at the University of Colorado hospital. she says she is very curious "to see what these images look like". She looks, comments that it is a very humanoid skeleton, notices the three fingers have thicker bones than human fingers, and points that there is no sutures in the skull's bone - it seems to be of one piece, unlike human skulls.

We also learn that other bodies, smaller, have been found, that underneath the white "dust" they show a "lizard skin".

The next update is at

It tells another smaller body was found, without a head. Later, it is said other bodies were found "in the same tomb" as the first one but the team was not allowed to take samples (although the video shows otherwise).

The first smaller, headless body, is quite small (0.8m?) and also has three fingers and is in the sitting position. The neck is long and no thicker than a human finger.

Another of the smaller bodies is in the lying position.

A second C-14 analysis was done on one of these smaller "bodies" and gave a "similar" age of 320 to 411 AD at 94.5% probability, says.

One Thierry Jamin, from France, is shown, introduced as an archaeologist and historian, "President of the Inkari Institute" - he just says he investigates.

Samples of the neck and hip of the small headless body are taken. C-14 indicates this body is dated 987 and 1145 AD, about 700 hundred years younger that the first one. It also appears quite different, though also humanoid and three-fingered. Some of its pictures bear the "05-21-2017" date.

Above: two "smaller bodies" were allegedly found.

A next update is at:

It claims the analysis of the "white powder" on the "Nasca mummy" indicates it is natural and composed of diatomeas.

We get a still image of "the inside of the tomb" but there is nothing to see but rocks.

We get an interview of Thierry Jamin, who tells of his discoveries of ancient cities in Peru. We learn that he heard about the "Nazca mummy" by a man named "Mario" who had alreeady made some archeological findings in the Cusco area and Nazca in Peru.

Jaime Maussan tells that "Mario" found sarcophaguses in the tomb. The first one had objects in it and in the second one he found "two small bodies, or two medium sized bodies, and many little bodies, the big body was outside the sarcophagus." We learn that Mario thinks he only explorer 10% of the site and is afraid someone who hears about it would steal the stuff.

We learn a Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco, from Peru, did an X-ray examination of these two small bodies (seen below). The show X-ray picture show skeletons, and, according to the team, "eggs" in the pelvic cavities of one of the, female, specimen. Dr. José de la Cruz Rios explains she has a cloaque like reptiles.

Gaia comments that "we have an humanoid species walking among us that is not mammal."

There is also some sort of opaque object at the chest, on top of the skin, the team says.

Other features are: 11 vertebra, 3 fingers with 3 phalanges at the hands and feet, nails at the fingers, no teeth (something else instead), only one bone in the forearms, and only one bone directly to the feet (more like a reptilian than a mammal), ribs all the way down the vertebra to near the pelvis, skin with scales of "reptilian" appearance.

We learn that no samples could be taken on these two "specimens", and that it was Thierry Jamin who refused that, concerned for damages.

Three fingers?

With the information now at hand, one may have noted this:

Arachnodactyly is a known condition which can lead to abnormally long fingers. But there is no example of a human three-fingers anomaly, no example of human anomaly implying three long fingers of almost the same length both at hands and feet. This would suggest these "Nazca mummies" are not humans with abnormalities, and tends to make me think that the "mummies" are indeed just papier maché and plaster work.

If the X-ray images were genuine, then the hoaxing technique would have been to use a real skeleton - there are many in the Nazca area - and build the "three fingers" from real bones of normal hands, deform the skull or use an already deformed skull, and wrap the whole in papier maché and / or tissues and plaster. This would do for the first "mummy". The others are small that this would require small bones and other materials, but they may be made mostly of real bones, such as animal bones, nevertheless. One can note that we are told the sampling on the samller bodies were denied, conveniently...


If the find was genuine, it would have been very easy for the involved people to prove their claims by following correct science processes:


If this team really believed they had the most important scientific discovery of all times, this is what they would have done.


It has become possible only in very recent times to analyze DNA from mummies. It takes much time and money and the best DNA sequencing techniques, devices, personal. It does not appear too abnormal that all we are told from the "DNA analysis" here is that the Y chromosome is missing, making the first mummy a "woman".

This is actually not DNA sequencing, just microscope operation.

Why does one of the X-ray pictures have a date in 1997 and the others in 2017? It it a sign that someone pasted authentic X-ray pictures captions to fraudulent images?

Above: see the 1997 date, while the name "maria" appears.

The "team" claims they decided to call the mummy "Maria" after it was determined
by "DNA analysis" that the mummy was female.

The characters of the saga:

When outstanding claims are made, it is important to check is the credentials of the people involved: are they what we are told? What kind of people are they? What did they do and claim in the past?

This website's publications on the "Nazca mummies" are introduced as if the website were the one and only primary source for the whole story. Many other websites did echo what they published, but acts as if they were at the origin of the story, in mass media terms, and most comments do accept as the primary source.

The website starts with the message "Together we can empower the evolution of consciousness". You have to be a member (20$ for 3 months) to read the full articles, but much of the content is available for free. The website has sections about "Yoga", "Seeking Truth", "Meditation" - generally "New Age" topics - UFOs are not there. This is obviously not a science website but a commercial website aiming at the "New Age" public.

The website publishes video reports rather than text articles. The "Nazca alien mummy" started with a video report of theirs, and it continued with several "updates", as described above in this page.

Konstantin Korotkov

From Wikipedia, from web sources of both "skeptic" or "New Age" content, it appears that Korotkov is a Russian born in 1952 that promotes the old "Kirlian effect" stuff: special photo techniques are supposed to show some "corona" of some "energy" around the human body. Korotkov promotes this long-known bunk.

He claims people can change the world by changing their own "energy", that thoughts act on matter, etc.

According to his own indications, Korotkov holds a chair at the State Technical University of Saint Petersburg in Russia and is a professor, non-holder of a chair at Holos, actually a "diplomas factory" - those who pay get the diplomas.

He is also a "president-elect" of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) in Curitiba, Brazil. "Bioelectrophotography" is nothing else than the promotion of the so-called Kirlian effect.

He was seen at the Psi-Tagen in Basel, Switzerland, in 2002, organized every year by a "psi" association in Basel, "Basler Psi-Verein", which deals with shamanism, mediumnity, paranormal healings, and so on. In 2011 he takes part in a conference on alchemy.

He is said to have held the function of Deputy Director of the St. Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, and to have been a professor in computer science and biophysics at the Federal University of Technology of St. Petersburg, Department of Mechanics and Optics (ITMO). He would have been a member of the board of the Russian Federal Scientific University for New Medical Technologies, and would currently be technical director of Information Technologies Energy, Inc. in the United States. He is said to be a member of the Scientific Council of the European Society of Predictive Medicine. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Science of Healing Outcomes and the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a periodical listed by Quackwatch as "not recommended" because it is pseudo-scientific.

It is sometimes claimed that he is a member of The Russian Academy of Sciences, but in fact he is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, which is a kind of pseudo-scientific counterpart of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He reportedly published numerous scientific articles and filed 17 patents and wrote 7 books.

In short, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov appears to only be an "expert" in pseudoscientific topics like a form of Kirlian photography, which he uses to "investigate the physical manifestation of the soul leaving the body", etc.

See for example

José de Jesus Zalce Benitez

He had already taken part in an "alien corpse" case in 2015, known as the "Roswell slides" case. Slides showed a corpse, a child according to some, an "extraterrestrial from Roswell" according to others.

On the Internet he is generally introduced with an impressive resume: Lieutenant Commander of the Mexican Navy, holder of a Master of Forensic Medicine from the School of Health of the Mexican Army, a Diploma in Aerospace Medicine from the Mexican Air Forces and the Mexican Ministry of Defense, diploma in anthropology from the National Academy of Antropology and History (ENAA). Since 2009, he would head the Department of Legal Medicine of the Mexican Army.

It seems there is no "National School of Forensic Medicine of the Mexico Army". Zalce is actually affiliated with the school of naval medicine, where only the surgeon's career is taught, not forensic medicine.

So, in appearance he is a bona fide expert. However, with the recent "Roswell slides" affair, he was criticized for having given a precise size to the alleged "alien being" by comparison with other objects on the images for which nobody could really know their size...

Jay Weidner

Appears as host in the videos. He has a long history of making esoteric videos like "chemtrails and the sun", and does not seem like a neutral documentary filmmaker. He holds some quite strong "unscientific beliefs", of course, for example we read:

"For over 6,000 years humanity has not been alone. Inserting themselves into positions of power and using subtle means of manipulation, off-planet rulers (the Archons) have been guiding our history for their own gain. Their greatest fear is that we wake up and wrest control away from them by taking responsibility for ourselves. Jay Weidner reveals who these Archons are, how they retain power and what we can do to escape the Archon trap in this interview with George Noory originally webcast June 16, 2014."

Nathalia Zaloznaja


There is indeed a Russian "MIBS" Institute: "MIBS currently is an absolute leader in the MRI diagnostic field in the Russian Federation."

There is a "Natalia Zaloznaya" there, MRI specialist with 10 years experience, "MD, graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, Residency in Radiology NWSMU). Focused on pelvic, prostate abdominal and brain MRI. Fellowships and trainings: 2010 - International Cardiac Imaging School (ESCR)".

But although she does exist and seems to have the announced credentials, she does not say much in the reports.

M. K. Jessie:

"M. K. Jessie" is interviewed commenting on the X-rays of 3 of the 4 creatures (left image below).

There is no "M. K. Jessie" at the "the University of Colorado hospital". But I found (right image below) she actually is Mary Jesse, MD, a bona fide MD, Assistant Professor, Radiology-Diagnostics at the school of Medicine of the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus:,%20Mary.aspx

She is asked to comment on the X-ray images of three of the found "mummies", the first one, and the pair of "small ones". She never excludes the may be fraudulent, but sees no trace of inconsistency in the skeletons that would betray such a fraud.

Michael Aseev

"Michael Aseev" is said to be a PhD of Russia, head of "the Genetic Analysis Department of the Russian Academy of Science."

But the Russian Academy of Science (R.A.S.) website ( shows only "Aseev Alexander Leonidovich" and "Aseev Sergei Mironovich". I found no trace of a Dr. "Michael Aseev" (neither Mikhail Aseev nor Mikhail Ageev) at all on their website.

At the Russian Academy of Sciences, there is no "Genetic Analysis Department" either, there is an "Institute of Molecular Genetics", with no "Asseev" as its head. See:, image below:

Institute of Molecular Genetics at the R.A.S..

However, a "M. V. Aseev" does appear in several science papers related to the human genome, for example in the Russian Journal of Genetics. M. V. Aseev is actually working, or has worked, at BioGlot LLCSt. Petersburg, Russia, and the D. O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, also in St. Petersburg, Russia.

(See for example at

In short, unlike some "skeptical" web articles claimed, Aseev does exist, he does works on human genetics, he is or was (2014) at an Institute affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. only his credentials were poorly shown in the video report by Just like when they called Mary Jesse "M. K. Jessie".

But waht did he say about our case? Only one thing: the mummy is the mummy of a woman because the Y chromosome is missing.

Thierry Jamin:

There is so much to say! Impossible to me to present everything, but at least, here are the important points.

One Thierry Jamin, from France, is shown, introduced as archaeologist and historian, "President of the Inkari Institute" - he first just says he investigates ancient cities and mummies in Peru etc. We read:

"Since 1998, the French researcher and explorer Thierry Jamin has traveled in southeastern Peru in every direction in the footsteps of the permanent presence of the Incas in the Amazon rainforest and the lost city of Paititi."


In the report, but only in the 5th update, we learn that he was alerted by one "Mario" about the latter's discovery of the "mummies" in a cave. So "Mario" would be the first-hand discoverer and Jamin the first witness of the discovery.

A website critical to the claims here says that "The Gaia documentary has some similarities to an earlier project by Thierry Jamin".

A "skeptical" article indicates that the "Nazca mummies" presented by with involvement of Thierry Jamin brings back to mind that he had been involved in a previous case of the same kind ("The Gaia documentary has some similarities to an earlier project by Thierry Jamin"). In reality, it is one and the same case. (Thierry Jamin is the second to pulicize it, and does it a few months later as will show further on.)

We have:

Here we can see that the "mummies" were "discovered" allegedly in January 2017. And we see images of the alleged mummies that this time... are devoid of this whitish cover stuff that we see on!

One of the images ( shows a "head", without body, strongly resembling the first "Mummy" shown by but with differences in some detail. As if the same "head" had been slightly modified, plaster covered, and reused for the complete "mummy".

Jamin says he wonders whether this is a fraud or not, says that DNA analysis and "carbon 14" dating should determine this, then ensures that "These biological artifacts have already been examined in Cusco by fifteen archaeologists, biologists, doctors and anatomists." He sells an "Alien Project" T-shirt, calls for funding. Further on, he writes that in his project group, one is "convinced of the authenticity of this story..." but still further on he titles: "Hoax or 'historical' event?" and again says his goal is to determine which it is... In his pages here and there, we see the contradictions of the assertion that the story is genuine, may be perhaps be true, is proven, that the group is looking for evidence, that it is not a fraud, that raise funds to finance analyzes tp prove it...

Numerous images and comments appear on the Facebook we page of the "Alien Project" at:

A news page of this "Alien Project" can be found at:

One of the "news" says: "Today, we are going to carry out x-rays of the 3 hands that we were able to find, and then, it is on one of these hands, certainly the ones on the left that has no metal implant, that doctors will take samples for DNA and C14 analysis. "

"Metal implants" in two of the three hands? Are they fasteners to connect various bones assembled for fraud? On the other hand, we find on the site one of these hands radiographed and the metal thing seems to be a kind of large disk that would conceal a part of the bones from the X-rays rather than screws.

How is it that one shows three hands detached from bodies on this news page, and that shows hands attached to bodies? Is this proof of a "spare parts workshop" before assembly? But the dates are not specified with each image, we can also think of a "disassembly" of these hands after the discovery of whole bodies...

As one can see, all this is most doubtful. Thierry Jamin is not at all an "unknown", according to this article of the newspaper El Comercio, Lima, Peru, for April 23, 2013:

France reveals that a fake archaeologist is trying to excavate Machu Picchu

The regional director of the Culture of Cusco, David Ugarte Vega Centeno, said yesterday that the French citizen Thierry Jamin, who intended to excavate in Machu Picchu in search of the tomb of Pachacútec, is not an archaeologist and has no scientific background.

Information was given to Ugarte by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which alerted us to the risk to our cultural heritage.

Véronique Gervais, from the Directorate-General for Research and Scientific Exchange of the aforementioned Ministry in France, met with the Ambassador of Peru in Paris, who was informed of this.

"This office sent us a letter warning that Thierry Jamin is considered a person who can damage our heritage and damage Franco-Peruvian relations in archeology," Ugarte told El Comercio.


The French ministry supported the position assumed by the Regional Directorate of Culture of Cusco, who rejected the request for excavations of Jamin in Machu Picchu.

"We were told that he is an adventurer who poses as an archaeologist and whose intention was to excavate Machu Picchu." Now we were right, we must warn the regional authorities and the media not to be deceived By this 'explorer' who wanted to put pressure on the press," said Ugarte.

Here is some stuff published on Wikipedia FR in their "Thierry Jamin" page:

Thierry Jamin, born on 19 December 1967 in Chartres, is a controversial French explorer, specializing in the search for Inca sites in the Amazon rainforest, and more particularly the mythical city of Païtiti. From 2009 onwards, he headed INKARI (Instituto Inka de Investigacion y Revaloracion Indigena), a Peruvian non-governmental organization dedicated to archaeological research and the help of local populations.


Alien Project

In January 2017, Thierry Jamin announced on the Internet that he had discovered in southern Peru in January 2016 so-called "mummified bodies and organs", that he had been able to obtain some of them and that he then claims that he interpreted as possible "biological relics belonging to unknown terrestrial species or species from outside our planet". On behalf of the Inkari Cusco Institute, he is organizing a fundraising event on the participative financing website Ulule, which allows him, on 12 March 2017, to raise € 39,510 with the aim of "carrying out in various laboratories of international renown the complete analyzes" of these "materials". According to Thierry Jamin's website, "samples of biological materials" were delivered to three laboratories on May 3, 2017. In a video dated June 20, 2017, Jamin asserts, following a supposed X-ray of one (or several) mummies "that it would be a female with eggs in the abdomen and that it could only be an unknown species.



These claims are not supported by any published scientific findings. A study on an Internet blog would demonstrate that there would be no need for DNA studies, that the simple reading of the videos put on line, would make it possible to determine the non-functionality of the skeletons presented. Peruvian scientists believe that these so-called mummies are fakes mixing parts of real old mummies with animal bones and that such manipulations constitute a possible degradation of the national archaeological heritage and a danger to the archaeological site of Nasca. Professor Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi of the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York has denounced the scientific imposture of Nasca's so-called "extraterrestrial mummy."

On July 8, 2017, a group of twelve Peruvian and international experts (bio-anthropologists, specialists in the study and conservation of human remains including mummies) issued a statement through the World Congress on Mummy Studies denouncing the Fraud of the "extraterrestrial mummies" It stipulates that these productions are "undoubtedly pre-Colombian human remains... manipulated and even mutilated to obtain an appearance ad hoc for a commercial exploitation." The communiqué finally denounces the authors of these artefacts and their exploitation, describing these practices as "criminal maltreatment" violating "human dignity deeply", as well as violating "several national and international rules for the defense of the Cultural Heritage".

On July 11, 2017, the conference where the DNA analyzes of the skeletons were to be revealed took place. This conference was finally held in the absence of Thierry Jamin and was orchestrated by the ufologist Jaime Maussan. Thierry Jamin, who was videoconferencing at the same time in order to present his own conclusions, let show on the screen the result of his DNA analyzes, which ultimately revealed that there was nothing extraterrestrial in the mummies presented. The American archaeologist Carl Feagans concluded on his part it is a clear fraud. Anthropology professors John Hoopes and Jennifer Raff of the University of Kansas speak of pseudoscience and non-respect of indigenous peoples.

In the Press:

A case in which "things" or mummies are taken from the Nazca region and examined after sampling by various people sor far as Russia should have normally moved the authorities on the spot, especially when we know that "at least one excavation permit seems to have been refused to Thierry Jamin in 2013 in Macchu Pichu." So I looked whether the local press or the media in Peru had published anything about the case, and it appears they did.

Diario Correo newspaper, Peru, for April 5, 2017:

Archaeologists investigate alleged "extraterrestrial evidence" at Nasca

The staff of the Directorate of Culture of Nazca carry out this investigation after a complaint addressed to the Deputy Minister of Culture. In the first place, no evidence has been found to confirm this fact.

05 April 2017 - Texts: Mr Huayta. Photos: Grupo Epensa

Archaeologist Jhony Isla Cuadrado of the Directorate of Culture in Palpa and Nasca said that after a complaint, the Deputy Minister of Culture asked for information on the possible discovery of "exogenous or alien archaeological evidence".

The research was carried out by archaeologist Alberto Urbano Jacinto who stated that there was no specific place of discovery and that the plaintiffs did not appear in the Reniec [the register of complaints], which made him conclude that there is no reliable information on the matter.

Isla Cuadrado said that "there has apparently been a complaint about extraterrestrial figures in an unspecified area in Nazca." It was asked to make an assessment and the person in charge was archaeologist Alberto Urbano. Having contacted the communications officers and investigating Nasca and Palpa, he stated that there was nothing solid because the complainant did not appear in the Reniec and that those contacted who supposedly knew where the site of the discovery is located never came to town".

NO PROOF. From a scientific point of view, there is no serious element and the location of the supposed evidence is not known.

For his part, archaeologist Alberto Urbano has clarified that "pictures only" were provided, "but the ideal are DNA studies and other tests to be able to publish a second report, because until it is determined by other studies, this can not be determined simply by looking at images."

Peruvian web portal Trome published at on April 29, 2017:

Are there any remains of Martians in Nazca? Here we tell you the truth

A few weeks ago, several web pages about esotericism and the paranormal told of possible discoveries of extraterrestrial remains at Ica. Discover here what the studies done on these beings show.

A few weeks ago, the possible discovery of alien remains in a desert between Nazca and Palpa began to circulate in various web pages about esotericism and the paranormal and generated a great agitation of the inhabitants of Ica. With the rumor of this news, the Ministry of Culture was even obliged to conduct investigations in the area.

A character, identified by the pseudonym of "Krawix" [1], told Trome that he bought part of the pieces from a Nazca peasant who discovered them in 2014 in a cluster of underground chambers buried in clay. In his possession he has voluminous skulls with thin noses and lips and gray bodies up to 23 centimeters which have three fingers on their hands and feet.

After studies with forensic archaeologists, doctors and other specialists, he found that these remains were manipulated and eventually even fabricated by ancient Inca cultures. "We do not know why they made them using old bones of animals and humans," he said.

With a spectroscopic analysis, it was also found that these beings had proteins, carbohydrates and a substance used for mummification on their skin. "This is the first time that these humanoid forms are found in Peru. My goal is to prove who did it, maybe they had contact with extraterrestrials," he added.

In this regard, Johny Isla, head of the Cultural Heritage Management System at Nazca and Palpa, said that a group of archaeologists was conducting research and excavations for about ten days in the region. However, nothing was found, so we can not attest the discovery.

To certify it, he said several tests should be performed, such as carbon 14. "They should tell us the exact place where they found it to study them, as they only sent us photos of the remains." It is even said they are extraterrestrials, but more concretely there is nothing truthful," he concluded.

[1] He is one Paúl Ronceros, see: and further on in my article. I will show that this character is really the key character of the entire case.

The "Peru21" media at wrote on June 27, 2017, as a follow up to a brief article on the discovery of these "alien mummies":

What did the Ministry of Culture say about the alleged evidence?

Perú21 consulted the Ministry of Culture on this conclusion [that one found "extraterrestrial mummies"] because if the conclusions prove that it is really "extraterrestrial" and that it is related to the Nazca culture, this could lead to the reinterpretation of many questions of history, especially of our pre-Hispanic culture.

On the conclusion, Dr. Blanca Alva, director of the General Directorate of Heritage Ministry of Defense Culture said that "after examining the mummies" related to this case, it is "most likely not pre-Hispanic, it is the product of a recent composition" and, therefore, "it is highly probable that they are not an archaeological heritage".

In addition, the Office of Communication and Institutional Image of the Ministry of Culture sent to Peru21 various documents detailing the coordination with the Public Prosecutor's Office to determine the veracity of the alleged mummified documents.

The findings of expert reports by lawyer Alfredo Alberto Urbano Jaciento, Director of Surveillance of Nasca and Palpa at the Ica-Nasca Decentralized Management Coordination Office, are included in Report No. 010-2017-Arqlo OCN-DDC -Ica / MC dated 22 March 2017, indicating the following:

1. It was not possible to determine the archaeological or non-archaeological character of the site (between the provinces of Nasca and Palpa) by ignorance of its exact location.

2. It has not been possible to determine whether specimens or found objects (if any) displayed in the various video links (refers to videos on social networks) provide evidence of extraterrestrials associated with evidence of archaeological nature".

It should be noted that the report's findings include not only the story of Gaia, but also other videos posted by other YouTube users and groups like "Now You Know UF", "Universo Infinito", "Tyler Cusco "and other video interviews about the extraterrestrials by Thierry Jamin, president of the Inakri Cusco-Peru NGO.

It should be pointed out that Jamin contacted the Ministry of Culture about "possible mummified remains of extraterrestrial origin" and it was he who warned that the people who found them use "false names or pseudonyms."

According to Urban's report, these people reported having more than 20 "mummies" of the same type. In several publications, they refer to extraterrestrials as "big brothers", "Starchild" (children of the stars) and publish sentences like "it seems that we must say to the whole world (...) that we are not alone."

It should be noted that the Ministry of Culture has stated that the alleged searches are being investigated for criminal prosecution for committing the "crime of degradation of archaeological monuments" and bearing file number 143-2017.

Third parties studies:

It goes without saying that the case has prompted numerous reviews of various sorts by many people publishing on the web, not related to, Maussan or Thierry Jamin and his "Alien Project".

One of them indicates how the hand with the three fingers could be made from a human hand with five fingers. From the full article, here is the conclusion:

Conclusions. I conclude that the three fingers in the hand are the result of the removal of the phalanges and metacarpals of the fingers I (thumb) and V (pinky). The fingers are elongated because the skin has been cut along the palm of the original hand; in this manner, the metacarpals, usually hidden in the palms of human hands, contribute to the length of the figures in this individual. Other characteristics of the sample indicate that it is a pre-Hispanic archaeological mummy. The radiometric ages indicated by Maussan in one of the videos, which fluctuate between 1000 and 1800 years, are absolutely compatible with the archaeological state of the mother ["Maria" mummy], but they do not testify to the "alien" authenticity of the individual. On the contrary, these radiometric results would prove that they were archaeological objects and that they were damaged. The feet would have undergone the mutilations of the fingers numbers I and V, as well as the cutting of the skin and soft tissues of the foot behind the fingers, producing a foot with extremely long fingers, without a unified support and functionally useless.

Source, full article:

Authors: Nahuel Monteblanco, Pedro Vargas Nalvarte, Iván Meza and members of the Vetrebrates Paleontology Department of the Natural History Museum (UNMSM) of Lima, Peru.

Another article on the web states:


The protagonists of this story are the same as in the previous case. First, the unescapable Mausan. This chap was caught in a thousand previous frauds. He goes his own way, showing the world that wherever there is a scam to get money he gets involved. Second, and to repeat the above story, we find Dr. Edson Salazar Vivanco, who seems to have finally decided to move on to the UFO wagon. Doctors in Peru must be poorly paid.

Then we have new faces, like Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr. Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, both with a history of pseudoscience behind them.

This case is simply a new fake, much more elaborate than the others.

This time, one took a real mummy found in a cemetery perhaps in the Peruvian desert. The air of the extremely dry desert mummified many other corpses, which incidentally were buried in a fetal position and coated, as in the case we are analyzing.

Then, just make some changes so that the mummy does not look human. Remove all the remains of the ears, change the bones of the hands and feet, add additional metacarpals and metatarsals to get the desired length.

Then everything is covered with a white mantle, a clay substance, taking into account the desired shape for it to resemble a gray extraterrestrial.

Mick West, of Metabunk, did a simulation job done with hands and feet.


But in this whole story there is something that attracts my attention. Where is Krawix999 (the protagonist of the previous finds)? Why is he not here to reap the benefits he expected with his famous mummies?

So I went on the web and I found what you will see. He seems to have abandoned the project, and Krawix999 does not show up anymore. He pulled the curtain, but once and for all.



The correct lead is of course that of "Krawix999", this leads clearly shows the hoax as we will see.

Going back to the start:

The true origin of the case.

It is one Paul Ronceros who was the first to show the so-called "alien mummies from Nazca", claiming that they are mummies of extraterrestrial beings. He did it on a series of homemade videos published on Youtube, like that of January 3, 2017. He used the pseudonym "Krawix" or "Krawix999" that we met earlier in my article. He appears hidden by a cap and sunglasses.

Watch, for example, this video, either at its address or directly below:

In this video, he said that friends of his had found the "mummies" in the South of Peru. He said there were two sarcophagi, shows a blurry picture of a part of what is supposed to be one of them. One of the pictures he shows is indicated to be a skull... made of clay!

He shows X-rays of one of the little beings. One of the X-rays shows what is normally the spine, normally made of vertebrae. But here, its is made of two long bones pu end to end instead of vertebras:

This is of course absolutely laughable!

On this same X-ray image, it can also be seen that the attachment of the arm and the shoulder is not articulated. These are just bones put one next to the other! It is just bone taken elsewhere and put together end to end in an anatomically nonsensical manner.

Still on this same X-ray, one sees quite a small number of ribs, while other "extraterrestrial mummies" later shown display a large number of small ribs. One must either consider that there were really all kinds of differently built extraterrestrials in Nazca, or understand that this one is probably one of the first realizations of the hoaxer, and that the following ones are of "better" build. As if by chance, the "extraterrestrial mummies" with too obvious fraud characteristics will no longer be shown afterwards. Someone sorted out the best ones and left the bad ones out...

While for the biggest mummy, that which was first presented by (pretending that the smallest mummies would have been discovered later, which is false) a genuine deformed human skull was used, this cannot be the case for the skulls of the smallest beings. They do not match anything human, even deformed, and there are no real human skulls of such a small size at hands for a hoax.

Well, the key to this mystery of the small skulls of very small beings appears on this same radiography shown above. As the hoaxstar does not have an authentic alien skull or a deformed human skull of such a small size, he had to make a false extraterrestrial skull himself, probably with clay - which is why he mentions a skull made of clay in one of his videos!

And above all, it is for this reason that on the X-ray image he shows, this skull appears opaque to X-rays:

The same applies to the pelvic bone. It was not possible for him to find a real human pelvis bone of the tiny size of his "mummy". The hoaxer therefore shaped a basin bone with something that is opaque to X-rays, probably clay also, whence this coarse, and and above all, opaque basin on the radiography he showed. We also have, again, the lack of an anatomically correct attachment between this "pelvis" and the legs bones.

All the videos by Ronceros, alias "Krawix", on his Youtube account, are at:

Ronceros made these "things", went to see museums, and found that no one believed his story. He then changed his song. They were no longer real extraterrestrials, but "representations of extraterrestrials" made by pre-Hispanic cultures using human and animal bones, he said.

This was hardly successful, so he dropped the whole affair.

But when the other players got involved, the "extraterrestrial mummies" that were so poorly fabricated that they would have betrayed the fraud immediately were put aside, and the thesis that they are mummies of extraterrestrials again replaced his explanation that theey were "representations of extraterrestrials made by the Incas".

In the video to published by "Krawix" on November 16, 2016, Thierry Jamin appears. Another video shows that the "mummies" appeared in the local press by October 6, 2016 already.

Thierry Jamin and his "Alien Project", then Jaime Maussan and his pretense "team of scientists", then grabbed the case. With the dissemination by, the larger web audience "discovers" the case, whereas it had remained little known until then, and people start commenting, usually failing to trace the whole story back to "Krawix" and missing his earlier images of poorly self-made "alien mummies".

In August 2017, no information has yet surfaced on the exact location of the discovery and no one seems to have been able to see this place and the alleged "sacrophages". No duly identified laboratory report is published. No discovery by more "DNA analyzes" is published. No wonder!

Case summary:

The "extraterrestrial mummies" by Paul Ronceros aka "Krawix" had begun to be shown on Youtube by his homemade videos from October 2016 on. These "extraterrestrial mummies" are made of bone remains from humans and animals, mixed together, and parts of clay when there are no real bones that were suitable for the heads, pelvis. The result was "beings" of humanoid appearance without credible anatomical organization, because many of the bones did not fit together and the opcity of the clay parts showed on the X-ray images. The human remains he used are probably archaeological.

In one of the X-ray images, fraud is patent again because the spine is made of two long bones placed end to end, instead of vertebra.

Over time, his technique improved. For example, one of the first mummies had only a few ribs, the most recent have many ribs, until down to the pelvis, in a "reptilian" manner. The hoaxer must have found some reptile skeleton and realized that this "reptilian" looks was going to be a hit...

The context was favorable to such a hoax: not only there are many people who still believe that extraterrestrials must have made the famous giant figures on the grounds of the ancient Nazca area, but also, the area is literally littered with old human bones and mummies are not hard to find there either.

The biggest "extraterrestrial mummy" first presented by Maussan and - acting as if they did not know there were more mummies found already presented by Ronceros on the web - is an archaeological mummy with typical fetal position and a probable cranial deformation, something that is already known in pre-Hispanic cultures.

The radiographs of this larger "mummy" shown in the videos indicate that the entire skeleton consists of human bones, including the feet and hands with three long fingers. These are made of human phalanxes. The fact that these hands have only three fingers, that the bones that hold up these fingers are exactly the same as those of a human who has five fingers, and that there is no other anatomical changes in the bones of the hands and of the feet, show that this is a fraud. The attachment of the three fingers is indeed the same as for a human hand with five fingers, which makes no sense. The manufacturer simply removed two fingers and added phalanges of human fingers to human hands and feet.

Paul Ronceros's hoax first attracted local press and TV in October 2016 after his Youtube publication of homemade videos, which should not have deceived anyone.

The hoax not working too well, Ronceros quit.

Thierry Jamin, who was likely in the country, heard about it, and accordingly started his "Alien Project" to collect funds for DNA analysis and Carbon dating, he said.

Then came journalist Jaime Maussan, credulous enthusiast of all "extraterrestrial" stuff, presenting the case in a Press conference. He set up a "science team" made up essentially of people known in the realms of pseudo-sciences. None of the "analyzes", the sources of which are not given, prove anything extraordinary: the datings are in conformity with those of authentic human remains that can be found in the region. No "DNA analysis" presented shows anything extraterrestrial, on the contrary, the only result given is that the biggest mummy is a woman.

The "small" mummies are vaguely shown with "reptilian" skin, but no analysis at all is published. Skin of ordinary dead reptiles was certainly used.

In fact, Ronceros, seeing his dead hoax publicized again, simply improved his art, making his "extraterrestrial mummies" a little more "credible." And those who re-broadcast the case carefully avoided mentioning that the source of the "mummies" is Paul Ronceros, and refrained from showing the poorly made, earliest "mummies" made by Ronceros.

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